I think brooke and lucas are the best couple. I think this because she loves him still from season 1 and he has loved her too. They are ment to be. Peyton hurt brooke twice!! let Brucas be together sighn the petion in www.savebrucas.com
They fell in love and let them be in love. Their love is as strong as jack and rose on the Titanic. Lucas loves her and he would still be with her if he knew how she felt about him. Lucas love her so please let him love her. She wrote 82 letters over the summer one evrey day. She never mailed them because she was afraid to get hurt like last time. He forgave her for being with someone else. They were in love. They had trust, caring and happines in their relationship. People only look at brooke and say shes a whore. But SHE LOVES HIM!!! She gave him her heart and trusted him with it. She loves him like he loves her. She was hurt from the first time and the second so let her have her love back.