One Tree Hill Best word to describe contest ! [Round 85]

sk91 posted on Oct 13, 2009 at 04:37PM
I made something like this on Lost spot and it's pretty popular since OTH fans are so creativ and smart I guss they'll have great fun playing at this game ;p

Rules are very simple: I put one character name and you have to give me 1-3 words with describe him/her best.
After 7 days or when there will be at least 5 different contestants I'll make a pick. The winner will revieve props and his name will be on WINNER LIST :P

How to make one? It's easy! Write:

*Character name* - *describtion*

One contestants can have only one entry


Winner List
link Chandlerfan: Broody
link Georgia93: Fighter
link loves-oth: Husband, Father, LEGEND
link xoheartinohioxo: Brilliant, Beautiful, Brave
link mswaldass: Heart, Joy, Strenght (HJS)
link Kirkir: Sinner Seeking Forgiveness
link nikiebaby: "Friendly"
link girly_girl: Dawg!
link monLOVEbrucas: Rehab logo
link Jessica4695: loyal Dancing Queen
link othobsessed92: Fighter, Strong, Independent
link monLOVEbrucas: Sexy Baby Daddyy
link backtoblack: runaway bride
link Kirkir: Lucas's Right Father
link gossipgirljade: Waste of space
link Shanice_12: Sexiest Movie Maker
link AMYonetreehill: The blonde moment!
link Team_Brooke: Jimmy Jam
link girly_girl: Girl gone bad
link girly_girl: Ex Clean Teen
link katie_07 : honorary Davis
link Jessica4695: Nathan's bravest stalker
link ns_23: Psycho McSlutty Nanny
link Rolemodel2011: Voice of reason
link Nibylandija: Bitch[toria] please
link ns_23: Bad Italian
link Chlarkfan: the black sheep
linkgirly_girl: A fallen Raven
link Rolemodel2011: Psycho Stalker Bitch
link Jessica4695: God loves him
link Chandlerfan: Beautiful Mess
link Jessica4695: lost his Soulmate
link oth_leyton_tla: Hello, Goodbye
link Rolemodel2011: Tortured Creeper
link LilyRoeScott: Beautiful Disaster
link oth_leyton_tla: Friend With Benefits
link girly_girl: Sweet turned sluty
link oth_leyton_tla: Where It Began
link Rolemodel2011: All downhill.
link kellyerin87: heart of OTH
link kellyerin87: Ends and Beginnings
linkDansea08: Four Years Later
link oth_leyton_tla: Dreams Come True
link kellyerin87: OTH 2.0
link kellyerin87: Love, Drama, Friendships.
link Nibylandija: Always & Forever
link Nibylandija: True Love Always
link kellyerin87: Chemistry, Obstacles, Passion
linkXNaley_JamesX: Someday
link Jessica4695: someday is today.
link kellyerin87: Love, Tragedy, Lillies
link Jessica4695: survive anything.
link kellyerin87: Count Of Two
link Jessica4695: too much screentime.
link Dansea08: What's underneath the clothes
link XNaley_JamesX: Better as friends
link kellyerin87: Couldn't Conquer LP
link Chandlerfan: Disaster and Destruction
link 123Naki456: What The Hell?
link Jessica4695: clean teen lovers
link Chandlerfan: Dear God, Why?!
link PurpleMonkey82: Brothers for life
link bdavisrock: Hoes Over Bros
link Drisina: Brother & Sister
link PurpleMonkey82: Tutor&Tigger
link kellyerin87: They're a team.
link Dansea08: Frenemies
link bdavisrocks: Sexy Super Agents
link PurpleMonkey82: In another life
link Chandlerfan: Needed More Screentime
link kellyerin87: Friendship turned tragic
link Chandlerfan: Brain meets beauty
link Brightsparkle: Unlikely
link PurpleMonkey82: Sisterly Love
link Dansea08: Breaking Point
link BRUCASBELIEVER: Beautiful Disaster
link bdavisrocks: Heartbeats
link energizerbunny: Wear Cape. Fly
link Dansea08: Finally!
link freakiin_ruby: We were here
link Bangel90: Thundering Hearts
link NicLovesBrucas: We are Family.
link BRUCASBELIEVER: Only Fooling Myself

Are you in?

[Round 85]

Describe: Reunion in 5x01!
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over a year ago TheBoySawAComet said…
^ it doesn't matter... it's still an insult. and there WERE people that DID say a lot worse about Peyton. if Peyton can get called a "two faced bitch", then Brooke being called a slut is pretty fair if you ask me
over a year ago monLOVEbrucas said…
shut the fuck up.
over a year ago xoheartinohioxo said…
^ it doesn't matter... it's still an insult. and there WERE people that DID say a lot worse about Peyton. if Peyton can get called a "two faced bitch", then Brooke being called a slut is pretty fair if you ask me

Ummm excuse me?? Who said a lot worse then that about Peyton?? You are so full of shit! As usual you can't even tell the truth over something this trivial.

nikiebaby: Backstabbing Bitch
monLOVEbrucas: Two-Faced

Those are the ONLY negative options for her, and not that i think they were needed, because I don't. Hence why i picked neither, no offense girls. BUT, both of those WERE used to describe her at one point.

Gotta love how much of a hypocrite you are! It's actually quite entertaining to watch you keep on doing the shit you swear you never do!
over a year ago J-C said…
xoheartinohioxo said: "Those are the ONLY negative options for her..."

Wrong, here's some you missed:

Jessica4695: PMS
Janni: tortured-"skeleton"
PrettyGirl93: *sob*
xoheartinohioxo: Curly hair & venom

And some negative comments in the pick:

sophialover - "FIGHTER? She`s such a quitter.."
monLOVEbrucas - "Or backstabbing bitch =]"

Ok I was going to let this going but you guys are attacking a real person here. monLOVEbrucas and xoheartinohioxo, you guys are taking this way to personal, you might want to politely excuse yourself from this forum.

You know what Brooke (a fictional character who doesn't exist and can't cry or have hurt feelings) calls people slunts, bitchs, whores, sluts, etc, all the time on the show. Plus she has been described as a slut on the show. Honestly, If I had said that about any other character, no one would have cared.

over a year ago xoheartinohioxo said…
First of all, the comments are different from the options.

Second, PMS = Peyton Marie Sawyer. Something Brooke jokingly called her. It is NOT negative!

tortured skeleton - I don't see how that is really mean. Yeah, she's saying Peyton is extremely skinny, but she didn't called her an insecure slut now did she?!

*sob* - How do you know she wasn't saying *sob* because she misses Peyton??

And mine?? Are you kidding me?!? It's from a quote Keith said!

KEITH (about Peyton): She caught you looking at her sketches, scared the hell out of both of us, all curly hair and venom. And you told her that her art mattered, and she needed that. She needed the quiet satisfaction of knowing that someone believed in her.

So please, try again because your excuses are weak.

And as for "if i had said that about any other character..." You're wrong!

The fact that you try and rationalize it with that is all the more proof that it's fucked up. And it's funny, because if I'm correct, more than one Brooke/Brucas fan agreed that the negative choices for Peyton were unnecessary. Funny how you guys ignore that stuff.
over a year ago comet-love said…
Brooke and Peyton are both great, okay? Jeez.
Haha, and people have said a lot of mean things about Peyton also, so one negative comment about Brooke shouldn't matter that much. Calling Peyton a bitch is unnecessary, and so is calling Brooke a slut! It's just a difference in opinion, it doesn't matter!

"BUT, both of those WERE used to describe her at one point."
Slut was used to describe Brooke at one point too, but that was before and this is now! :P
over a year ago sk91 said…
God people! What's wrong with you? It's just a game! Nothing more... everybody can hate\dislike or love\like particular character so I'm going to accept all describtions but B.Davis(it'sa not a describtion)... If somebody consider Brooke as 'slut' , Peyton as 'Backstabbing Bitch' or Lucas as 'Broken Condom' then OK 'couse it's HIS\HER feelings.. if you don't feel like this just choose option which you like the most.... o_O


AS J-C said they all are just a fictional characters!

And I'm NOT taking any side 'couse I LOVE both Brooke and Peyton...
over a year ago Shanice_12 said…
^^ I agree. Please stop fighting you guys. I agree with xoheartinohioxo but we have got to stop this. I guess everyone has his opinions...but I don't really like it when people describe a character that way, considering that Brooke and Peyton are my fav characters!

But whatever...if that's how you feel.......I just hope nobody picks those! :/
over a year ago xoheartinohioxo said…
All I'm saying is this, NOBODY ever described her as an "obnoxious insecure slut" on the show. So yeah, i think it's bullshit.

You say you don't want any arguing but if you continue to let people put bullshit like that, arguing is all you're going to get.

But like Shanice said, if that's how you feel... Whatever.
over a year ago Lisiii said…
Aaah, please stop it!!! :-( If you guys think that description about Brooke is inappropriate, you don't have to pick it afterwards! It's as simple as that. This is a free country, it would be boring if we all had the same kind of opinions. So, although I don't think of Brooke as an "obnoxious insecure slut", maybe some of us DO think she is. But they're still OTH fans...or at least I hope so xD
I really don't see the point of this argument :-/ But it would be great if you could settle it so that other OTH fans can suggest some more words for describing Brooke, even if they are not quite positive ones. 'Cause I really like this sort of "game" (:...
over a year ago Shanice_12 said…
I like this game too..and i didn't mean to fight..i just thought it was really inappropriate and i shared my thoughts. I don't really like to fight with anyone..we're all OTH fans. But saying stuff like that really bothers some people and i personally don't really think it's that fair to describe Brooke that way cause a lot of fans adore her.
--That's I'm out! I'll just wait for the pick and that's all..I won't say another comment :)
over a year ago alessandra_28 said…
the game is officialy ruined because of this unnecesary fgiht!! you cant do anything whitout fighting on this spot??
over a year ago sk91 said…
link winner is loves-oth. CONGRTATS!

[Round 4] link

[Round 5] Character: Haley James Scott!
<a href="page.html"><b>[Round 3]</b></a> winner is <b>loves-oth</b>. CONGRTATS!

<b>[Round 4]</b> <a
over a year ago kristine95 said…
Haley > Fighter!
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago othobsessed92 said…
tutor girl 24/7 =D
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago bl0ndy said…
Haley - Rockstar
over a year ago BruCaS_LoVE said…
unique <3
over a year ago Shanice_12 said…
Wife, Mother, Rockstar ♥ // Haley James Scott
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago Jessica4695 said…
Tutor Wife
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago kellyclarkson12 said…
Haley-Compassionate,good hearted,strong,smart,never giving up
over a year ago mswaldass said…
Heart, Joy, Strenght {Haley James Scott}
over a year ago kellyerin87 said…
Haley- Holier Than Thou

Sorry I couldn't resist, that's just the vibe that I constantly feel from her character these days lol, but maybe that's just me. just throwing it out there!
over a year ago TheBoySawAComet said…
^totally agree kellyerin. I was going to suggest judgemental, but your suggestion sounds slightly less negative
over a year ago alessandra_28 said…
Haley- The Bomb!
over a year ago Georgia93 said…
i have this weird feeling that kellyerin and theBoysawtheComet are the same person! It's like you fucking agree on everything and annoy the crap out of everyone. Could you stop being such bitches and comment negatively on every damn thing but Leyton? We get it. YOU LOVE THEM. XD
anyway..back to the game.

Haley- Smart&Mature!
over a year ago Cas_Cat_2 said…

Meanwhile all the good ones were said again. xD
I have to think about it. LOL
over a year ago kellyerin87 said…
no offense Georgia93, you don't know what you're talking about. Just because TBSAC and I have the same views on LP doesn't mean we are the same person. She has made quite a few commets and points that I don't agree with. I'm not involved in drama nearly as much as she is. There are quite a few people in this site that tend to share the same views on certain topics, that doesn't mean they are the same person... that's ridiculous. But if you still insist on thinking we're the same person, then I guess I can't stop you lol. But I know the truth, and that's all that matters. That's all I'm going to say about it
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over a year ago Janni said…
i don't know if you will count this.. but i'll give it a shot:

"Sees the good in people"
over a year ago Chandlerfan said…
Haley - Stoner Girl

(I couldn't resist, considering I just saw that epi again XD)
over a year ago OCFan123 said…
Hale-Tutor Mom
over a year ago ns_23 said…
Hales, Beautiful, Rock-Star ♥
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago livexthexlife92 said…
tutor girl, tutor mom, ROCKSTAR <3
over a year ago J-C said…
Singer, teacher, cheesy.
over a year ago cissy121 said…
Teacher, Singer, Mother
over a year ago Amy-x said…
Beautiful Heart <33
over a year ago Brucas4OTH said…
Wife, Mum, Amazing <3
over a year ago nikiebaby said…
Teacher Girl
over a year ago xoheartinohioxo said…
Bunny Beauregard
over a year ago XNaley_JamesX said…
kind-harted tutor mom!
over a year ago livelovelaugh said…
oh thats not my option im just laughing at all the retarded comments!
over a year ago laughingGrl said…
tutor (secretly stoner) girl - haley
over a year ago Cas_Cat_2 said…
Multi-talented girl

(this is lame, but i couldn't come up with a better one. =/)
over a year ago Lisiii said…
badass mom, wife & rockstar <3
over a year ago sk91 said…
link winner is: xoheartinohioxo. CONGRATS!

[Round 5] link

kellyclarkson12, livexthexlife92, laughingGrl, Lisiii - too long.

Janni - even though it's too long I'll give a shot, because at least it's different than the other options ;)

[Round 6] Character: Dan Scott!
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<a href="
over a year ago bl0ndy said…
over a year ago kristine95 said…
murderer with style! xD
Yes, I do think Dan is awesome!
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago Jessica4695 said…
tried everything 4 forgiveness

last edited over a year ago
over a year ago ritergrl said…
over a year ago Cas_Cat_2 said…
Evil & hilarious inteligence.

[please tell me if this entry counts. =]]
over a year ago monLOVEbrucas said…
Hilarious in a sick way

or Mr. one liner

last edited over a year ago