One Tree Hill Best word to describe contest ! [Round 85]

sk91 posted on Oct 13, 2009 at 04:37PM
I made something like this on Lost spot and it's pretty popular since OTH fans are so creativ and smart I guss they'll have great fun playing at this game ;p

Rules are very simple: I put one character name and you have to give me 1-3 words with describe him/her best.
After 7 days or when there will be at least 5 different contestants I'll make a pick. The winner will revieve props and his name will be on WINNER LIST :P

How to make one? It's easy! Write:

*Character name* - *describtion*

One contestants can have only one entry


Winner List
Round 1: Lucas Scott Chandlerfan: Broody
Round 2: Peyton Sawyer Georgia93: Fighter
Round 3: Nathan Scott loves-oth: Husband, Father, LEGEND
Round 4: Brooke Davis xoheartinohioxo: Brilliant, Beautiful, Brave
Round 5: Haley James Scott mswaldass: Heart, Joy, Strenght (HJS)
Round 6: Dan Scott Kirkir: Sinner Seeking Forgiveness
Round 7: Rachel Gatina nikiebaby: "Friendly"
Round 8: Antwon 'Skills' Taylor girly_girl: Dawg!
Round 9: Deb Scott monLOVEbrucas: Rehab logo
Round 10: 'Mouth' McFadden Jessica4695: loyal Dancing Queen
Round 11: Karen Roe othobsessed92: Fighter, Strong, Independent
Round 12: Jake Jagielski monLOVEbrucas: Sexy Baby Daddyy
Round 13: Linsay Strauss backtoblack: runaway bride
Round 14: Keith Scott Kirkir: Lucas's Right Father
Round 15: Mia Catalano gossipgirljade: Waste of space
Round 16: Julian Baker Shanice_12: Sexiest Movie Maker
Round 17: Bevin Prince AMYonetreehill: The blonde moment!
Round 18: Jamie Scott Team_Brooke: Jimmy Jam
Round 19: Millicent Huxtable girly_girl: Girl gone bad
Round 20: Chase Adams girly_girl: Ex Clean Teen
Round 21: Samantha 'Sam' Walker katie_07 : honorary Davis
Round 22: Tim Smith> Jessica4695: Nathan's bravest stalker
Round 23: Nanny Carrie ns_23: Psycho McSlutty Nanny
Round 24: "Whitey' Durham Rolemodel2011: Voice of reason
Round 25: Victoria Davis Nibylandija: Bitch[toria] please
Round 26: Owen Morello ns_23: Bad Italian
Round 27: Taylor James Chlarkfan: the black sheep
Round 28: Quentin Fields girly_girl: A fallen Raven
Round 29: Nikki Rolemodel2011: Psycho Stalker Bitch
Round 30: Chris Keller Jessica4695: God loves him
Round 31: Quinn James Chandlerfan: Beautiful Mess
Round 32: Cleyton Evans Jessica4695: lost his Soulmate
Round 33: Ellie Harp oth_leyton_tla: Hello, Goodbye
Round 34: Ian Banks Rolemodel2011: Tortured Creeper
Round 35: Alex Dupre LilyRoeScott: Beautiful Disaster
Round 36: Felix Taggaro oth_leyton_tla: Friend With Benefits
Round 37: Gigi Silveri girly_girl: Sweet turned sluty
Round 38: Season 1 oth_leyton_tla: Where It Began
Round 39: Season 2 Rolemodel2011: All downhill.
Round 40: Season 3 kellyerin87: heart of OTH
Round 41: Season 4 kellyerin87: Ends and Beginnings
Round 42: Season 5 Dansea08: Four Years Later
Round 43: Season 6 oth_leyton_tla: Dreams Come True
Round 44: Season 7 kellyerin87: OTH 2.0
Round 45: One Tree Hill kellyerin87: Love, Drama, Friendships.
Round 46: Nathan & Haley Nibylandija: Always & Forever
Round 47: Lucas & Peyton Nibylandija: True Love Always
Round 48: Brooke & Lucas kellyerin87: Chemistry, Obstacles, Passion
Round 49: Peyton & Jake XNaley_JamesX: Someday
Round 50: Brooke & Julian Jessica4695: someday is today.
Round 51: Keith & Karen kellyerin87: Love, Tragedy, Lillies
Round 52: Quinn & Clay Jessica4695: survive anything.
Round 53: Clay & Sara kellyerin87: Count Of Two
Round 54: Mouth & Millicent Jessica4695: too much screentime.
Round 55: Brooke & Owen Dansea08: What's underneath the clothes
Round 56: Peyton & Nathan XNaley_JamesX: Better as friends
Round 57: Lucas & Lindsey kellyerin87: Couldn't Conquer LP
Round 58: Deb & Dan Chandlerfan: Disaster and Destruction
Round 59: Haley & Chris 123Naki456: What The Hell?
Round 60: Brooke & Chase Jessica4695: clean teen lovers
Round 61: Mia & Chase Chandlerfan: Dear God, Why?!
Round 62: Nathan & Lucas PurpleMonkey82: Brothers for life
Round 63: Brooke & Peyton bdavisrock: Hoes Over Bros
Round 64: Lucas & Haley Drisina: Brother & Sister
Round 65: Haley & Brooke PurpleMonkey82: Tutor&Tigger
Round 66: Haley & Peyton kellyerin87: They're a team.
Round 67: Brooke & Rachel Dansea08: Frenemies
Round 68: Nathan & Clay bdavisrocks: Sexy Super Agents
Round 69: Nathan & Brooke PurpleMonkey82: In another life
Round 70: Nathan & Peyton Chandlerfan: Needed More Screentime
Round 71: Mouth & Jimmy kellyerin87: Friendship turned tragic
Round 72: Mouth & Brooke Chandlerfan: Brain meets beauty
Round 73: Julian & Nathan Brightsparkle: Unlikely
Round 74: Quinn&Haley PurpleMonkey82: Sisterly Love
Round 75: The School Shooting (3x16) Dansea08: Breaking Point
Round 76: Naley wedding (3x22) BRUCASBELIEVER: Beautiful Disaster
Round 77: The Championship (4x09) bdavisrocks: Heartbeats
Round 78: Quentin's Funeral (6x03) energizerbunny: Wear Cape. Fly
Round 79: Leyton Wedding (6x23) Dansea08: Finally!
Round 80: Gang at Rivercourt (4x21) freakiin_ruby: We were here
Round 81: Blackout (3x13) Bangel90: Thundering Hearts
Round 82: Naley pregnency (s4) NicLovesBrucas: We are Family.
Round 83: Lincas wedding (s5) BRUCASBELIEVER: Only Fooling Myself
Round 84: Events of episode 3x09 <pick in;

Are you in?

[Round 85]

Describe: Reunion in 5x01!
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over a year ago Chandlerfan said…
Lucas Scott - Broody


(Great idea btw! I love these kinda forums =])
over a year ago girly_girl said…
big smile
And great idea!!
over a year ago Georgia93 said…
over a year ago xoheartinohioxo said…
big smile
Squinty McSquinter

nice idea =]
over a year ago Janni said…
recycling bin! (don't know the exact word, but where they take one thing and use it again... not the garbage bin, but something that recycles xD)
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago irene_p said…
Undetermined concerning women
over a year ago othobsessed92 said…
Lover boy lol
I was thinking of Broody but we already have that!
over a year ago Jessica4695 said…
over a year ago ns_23 said…
over a year ago J-C said…
Married to Peyton.
over a year ago monLOVEbrucas said…
Broken Condom!

(Broody was taken and its smart!) LOL
over a year ago sk91 said…
Lucas: Womanizer
over a year ago sk91 said…
[Round 1] PICK

[Round 2] Character: Peyton Sawyer!
<b>[Round 1]</b> <a href="/site/go?url=
over a year ago monLOVEbrucas said…

Sorryyyy had to do it. {i took the bitch out, two-faced is strong enough]
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago BruCaS_LoVE said…
Lucas angel :)
over a year ago frsbg said…
Strong and artistic
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago backtoblack said…
over a year ago Cas_Cat_2 said…
(LOL Mon)

Tortured artist.
over a year ago vbchick21 said…
over a year ago Georgia93 said…
over a year ago nikiebaby said…
Backstabbing, twofaced Bitch.

(As once said by the great Brooke Davis)

oooo some people are so touchy, its just a game
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago Georgia93 said…
you should, at least, know the word order!
over a year ago ritergrl said…
Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel
over a year ago Jessica4695 said…

last edited over a year ago
over a year ago Chandlerfan said…
Peyton Sawyer - Blondie

(I'm running outta ideas here, all the good ones have already been said...)