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The fans pick: #4
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The fans pick: Legolas
Will Turner
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Try and have a civalized conversation
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Elsafrost11 said …
guys this club is what i call OBSESSION! just because he's cute doesnt mean you go all GAGA! i mean geez take a breath!! you obsessed people are getting gross! stick to the people you might accualy have a shot at marrying! not celebrities you will probably NEVER meet!!! you guys are so weird!!!!!! COO-COO!!! Posted 19 days ago
Elsafrost11 commented…
btw, i forgot to add yesterday........its fine when you just think he's awesome and maybe have a little bit of a crush on him. i mean who doesnt? but when you start getting really obsessed that becomes a problem! i know its not my life and you can do anything you want in yours, but i was raised in a Christian homa aand i dont think thats very Godly............but thats my opinion as a christian. and i know im not the kin 19 days ago
Elsafrost11 commented…
sorry i got cut off, and i know that im not the king of everything,(well im a girl so queen of everything) so sorry if im sounding like a complete snob! 19 days ago
Elsafrost11 commented…
i meant point, not pint sorry! 16 hours ago
rebeccagwenxo said …
Orlando is a great man. I've been a fan since I was 7 years old. forever watching his films. i adore him.

I would like to think I'm a big fan.. BUT NO stalker, I'm just very fond of him.
I was in a tattoo parlor oct 2014 I was just meant to have a small tattoo. I came out with a portrait of Orlando on my shin. I've been trying to put it all over social media in hope he would see it, but its so difficult to get it across.
- rebeccagwenxo add me as a fan and follow my instagram. thanks :D x Posted 27 days ago
hanhclubbl02 said …
Hi all, i'm new member. Add Fan me ^^ Posted 2 months ago