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eragon1971 said …
There are 28 episode that I know of!! Can't wait for more!! I love this show!!:) Posted over a year ago
portnoy44 said …
Does anyone know what kind of lizard Oscar is supposed to be? Also curious what kind of dog Roco is!

I love the animation nods given to Looney Tunes & its shorts, as cartoons should be! There's adult layers to the stories in details: magazines & billboards, a military episode, LOTS more. Oscar is very quixotic. Never gives up! HYSTERICALLY FUNNY!! Visually gorgeous. Well developed characters - EVEN THO THEY DON'T TALK!! Great writing, proves cartoons CAN be written for & enjoyed by ALL AGES!! Posted over a year ago
realflow100 said …
the fox is so stupid and silly LOL XD Posted over a year ago