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Ouran HSHC
Ouran HSHC
Ouran HSHC
Ouran HSHC
Ouran HSHC
Ouran HSHC
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The fans pick: no
The fans pick: tamaki-senpie and haruhi
tamaki-senpie and haruhi
Hitachiin twins and haruhi
The fans pick: Operation Haruhi and Hikaru's first date
Operation Haruhi and Hikaru's...
the sun, the sea and the host...
The fans pick: With short hair
With short hair
The fans pick: yes.
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Ouran High School Host Club Wall

tori200211 said …
Just one thing

Wouldn't they Know hurhi's a girl in the first episode. Because of her voice Posted 3 months ago
bouncybunny3 commented…
She has a pretty low key voice compared to the other girls. 2 months ago
sargent101 commented…
you are so right 1 month ago
tori200211 commented…
My friend has a low key voice. And really short hair. But you can tell she's a girl. And since she joined our school in winter boys & girls wear the same clothes so you wouldn't really be able to tell boys from girls (Therociticly, Can't spell) But I knew she was a girl right away, with out knowing her name 1 month ago
Mana-Kairen said …
WOW! OHHC IS so nice!!! I recomended it to a friend who got soooooo very addicted to it!!!! Posted 4 months ago
beth123456798 said …
I really wish people would read the Manga!!! There's SO MUCH things left out in the Anime! It's 16 books and it's worth the read! If you only saw the Anime, you don't know who the crap Reiko Kanazuki and what made her so special in the last few books! Hey, I bet a little over half of you don't know who married Mitsukuni! Oh well, excuse my little rant. *sigh* Please, just read the Manga. Posted 5 months ago
animebutterfly0 commented…
*SPOILER* honey sempai marrys a girl who dosent appear in the anime. SO DONT GET YOU HOPES UP PEOPLE IT ISNT ANY ONE YOU KNOW 5 months ago
x_smileyAqua_x commented…
I've read all of the manga :) burned through them, actually XD 15 minutes ago