It was the morning after the proposal both Pacey and Joey were lying in bed snuggling Joey was the first to wake and peeked over her shoulder to see her soon to be husband smiling then heard him say “Good morning love” Joey turned over and eased her way into Pacey’s arms then they kissed Joey said “I love you Pace thank you for last night it was amazing” Pacey smiled and said “I am glad you loved it I wanted it to be perfect for you” Joey looked deep into his eyes and said “Pace do you want me to show you how perfect last night was?” she then pushed Pacey on his back and then holding him down things began to get intimate “Pace, in about 10 seconds I’m going to start kissing you. And if you don’t want me to. Well, then I guess you’re just gonna have to stop me. Ten my Love...” Awhile later Pacey said, “It was that amazing?” with a short pause “Well I guess I’m gonna have to surprise you more often” smiling at his bride to be they kissed then proceeded with the day. Later that night while cuddling they decided it was time to start planning first with the location “Well Pace I have the perfect place that I think would be perfect for us...” Joey said with a short pause “How about our favorite beach in the Florida Keys?” Joey waited anxiously for a response Pacey smiled “That is the perfect place Jo” kissing her shortly after “Have you thought of a date?” Pacey asked “I do have a date in mind but I would like to know if you can guess it?” Joey said with a smile hoping to hear him say the same date she had in mind “It wouldn’t happen to be May 24th would it?” Pacey said with smile “Yeah Pace it is you wouldn’t happen to remember why that day is so special to me would you?” Joey asked glowing “Of course I remember Jo it’s the day you told me you loved me for the first time and that you wanted to go with me to Florida” Pacey said with sincere emotion even shedding a tear then kissed Joey “Pace, I want that day to be ours forever” Joey said with shared emotion “Your amazing Jo and I agree that day should be ours forever so lets make it” Pacey said leaning in kissing Joey. The wedding was only a month away throughout the week they made it a routine to discuss wedding plans every evening both deciding they wanted to say there own vows, having the wedding at sunset, and keeping the guest list small and simple leaving just a few more details to figure out. It was Friday “So Pace have you decided who you want in your party?” Joey asked slightly nervous “Yeah it’s done. Dawson is my Best Man, Jack and Doug are my Groomsmen” Pacey said with a smile “How about you Jo?” Pacey asked “This works out great Bessie is my Maid of Honor, Andie and Audrey are my Bridesmaids” Joey said with a nervous smile “Jo you don’t have to worry this is all gonna work out great” Pacey said with a confident smile “I hope you don’t mind but I already picked our colors light blue and white” Joey said while snuggling close to Pacey “No that’s fine love” Pacey said kissing Joey on the forehead “I’ll let the guys know for the tuxes. Have you picked out your dresses yet?” Pacey asked curiously “Yes and No you can’t see mine.” Joey said knowing where this conversation was going with a smile “Patience is good Pace here’s a picture of what Bes, Andie, and Audrey will be wearing” Joey showed a picture from a magazine “Nice choice Jo. Are you sure I can’t have one peek at yours?” Pacey asked with a smile “No” Joey kissed Pacey smiling back. The following night Pacey wanted to decide on the first dance song, and the Honeymoon “I think our first dance should be to “Back at One” by Brian McKnight what do you think Jo?” Pacey asked with a kiss “Sounds good Pace” Joey said lying in Pacey’s arms “The Honeymoon is gonna be a surprise sorry Jo no hints” Pacey said with a smile “Not one hint Pace?” Joey looked at Pacey with a pleading look “Sorry Jo my lips are sealed until after the wedding” Pacey said with confidence “We’ll see about that Witter…” Joey said with a smile departing to the bedroom with Pacey for the night.
Season 3 "True Love" air date May 24th
bridesmaid dresses
Joey's dress as Pacey describes her "simple, elegant, & beautiful"
location of the Wedding