Naimatullah Shah Wali Who was a renowned Wali some 900 years ago and he predicted about the future of the world by his poems in persian.

Unlike some other predictions, all the predictions he did through his poems have been exact. For example whatever he said about Mughals, World war etc etc, exactly the same happened.

For Pakistan he already predicted that a muslim country will first have a fight in 1965 it will go on for 17 days and at the end of the day Pakistan will be in a better position than a leader of a non muslim country will go to a communist country to sign a peace agreement with the muslim country ( talking about shastri who signed agreement in tashkent). Than in 1971, East muslim country will be the main battlefield and lots of muslims will die and it will be separated.

So for us people this is past. SO lets come to the present and future. According to him Chitral gilgit tibet and china will become the batlefield. And North East country ( most likely china) will provide arms and ammunition in the month of moharram to the muslim west subcontinent ( pakistan ) and a war will start with a Hindu country ( sorry my indian friends this is not what i m saying but this is exactly whats written in his poem ) which will go on for 6 months and after six months Muslims will win with the help of Arabia. Iran and turkey. UP state of india will also become part of Pakistan and Muslims will be again ruling in the whole India. May be whatever he said is not true but whatever he said so far have been true