1- World's largest irrigation system is in Pakistan. 2- World's largest deep sea port is Gawadar in Pkaistan. 3- Pakistan is a proud owner of tallest cake world record. 4- World's largest milk processing plant with Nestle. 5- Population of Pakistan is larger than Russia , although the land is much smaller. 6- Pakistani armed force s are internationally ranked sixth largest in the world by 2010. 7- India was kicked out from U19 world cup by Pakistan. 8- Pakistan is the only muslim nuclear power. 9- Sixth nuclear power of the world. 10- Pakistan is ninth super-power nation of the world. 11- Pakistan is notable for having one of the best trained airforce pilots in the world. 12-Pakistan has world's youngest civil judge , Muhammad Illyas. 13-Pakistan has seventh largest collection of scientists and engineers. 14- About 50% of the world's footballs are made in Pakistan. 15- Pakistan's national anthem tune ranks first in the top three tunes of the world. 16-Fourth largest broadband internet system of world is in Pakistan. 17-The youngest certified microsoft technology specialist is a Pakistani who is only 12 yrs old. 18- Second laregst salt mines of the world are Khewra Mines in Pakistan. 19- Largest producer of chickpeas. 20- Pakistan has sixth largest population in the world.