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The fans pick: Trunks and Pan (Panks)
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trunksbriefs said …
‘My world crashed around me
I don’t know where to start
Picking up the pieces
Of my lonely broken heart’

‘I thought I have succeeded
But obviously some pieces still lay
Broken on the floor of my heart
Making me remember that day’

'So now my attempts have failed’

‘And there’s nothing more that I can do’

‘For all I want to say is’

‘I Trunks truly love you’

-Son Pan Posted over a year ago
Trunks4ever said …
I love dbz/gt and trunks and pan are a couple because trunks is very over protective of pan and pan always loved trunks cause how long she known him Posted over a year ago
Trunks4ever commented…
oh and they balance each other out over a year ago
trunksbriefs commented…
true tht over a year ago
1dbzfan said …
I AM SO GLAD ONLY A FEW PEOPLE LIKE TRUNKS AND PAN WORST COUPLE EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted over a year ago
Trunks4ever commented…
that is so not true jerk :p over a year ago
1dbzfan commented…
:.( I FEEL RELLY BAD over a year ago
tarazutara commented…
You sh over a year ago