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theWOLFPACK15 posted on Nov 17, 2010 at 01:59AM
Scroll down to see if your cat is there if not then follow instruction at the top of the picture.

(theWOLFPACK15)Pantherstar-beautiful black she-cat with yellow eyes.(Mate: Coonmask)
(theWOLFPACK15)Jetstream- Dark grey tom with pale green eyes.(mate: Nightfog)

Medicine cat:
(theWOLFPACK15)Questfeather- pretty Silver and white tabby she cat with blue eyes

Medicine cat apprentice:


(TeamPeeta649)Coonmask-a large gray tabby tom with black paws, a black mask over his eyes and gold eyes(Mate: Pantherstar) (app. Forestpaw)
(theWOLFPACK15)Rivershade - Silver tabby She-cat with black stripes and Green eyes. (Mate: Frogleap)
(theWOLFPACK15)Loneheart-Black and white tom with green eyes.(Mate: Squeaksong)
(Teampeeta649)Squeaksong-a small long-furred, tan she-cat with white paws and sea blue eyes.(Mate: Loneheart)
(smartone123)Frogleap-gray tom with frog green eyes (Mate: Rivershade)(App.Flowerpaw)
(smartone123)Lazyfoot-silver tabby she cat with blue eyes
(theWOLFPACK15)Scorchfire-Grey tom with a dark grey spot around his right eye, Dark grey paws, left ear, and tipped tail, with amber eyes (App.Copperpaw)
(Dovemoon)Angelwing- a beautiful small pure white she-kit with blue eyes
(smartone123)nettleleaf-silver tabby with striking green eyes
(smartone123)glintfeather-red-brown she cat with black stripes and hazel eyes
(theWOLFPACK15)Thunderbeak- large black tom with gray stripes with dark green eyes (Mate: Redrose)
(smartone123)Redrose-beautiful long haired red brown she cat with deep green eyes (Mate: Thunderbeak)
(Dovemoon)Grayfang- a large gray tom with yellow eyes and is blind in one eye
(theWOLFPACK15)Northstorm-Handsome grey tabby tom with brownish black stripes when exposed to the sun and amber eyes.(Mate: Rivermist)
(smartone123)Lakefrost-gray/blue tom with ice blue eyes (App. Leafpaw)
(TheWOLFPACK15)Chasebreeze- black tom deep blue eyes
(smartone123)Tigergaze- ginger and black stripe tom with green eyes
(TheWOLFPACK15)Talon- Golden tabby tom, battle-scarred pelt, nicked ear, with emerald green eyes (App. Bumblepaw)
(Dovemoon)Owlfeather-Dark grey tom with thick black markings down his back with brownish paws and yellow-ish eyes.
(Jen-Law)Slicksilver - a white, sleek tomcat with green eyes and a black splotch on his back, brave and a little bit cocky
(KatieK102)Brindefoot-Pretty white she-cat with brown patches, brown paws, muzzle, and green eyes (App. Smokepaw)
(Tuktu)Caperstep-a pretty white/cream she-cat with light purple eyes
(theWOLFPACK15)Sunfrost-Ginger and white tom with amber eyes (App. Blizzardpaw)
(TeamPeeta649)Cresentsky-Black she-cat with a white cresent shape around her eye (App.Cinderpaw)
(TeamPeeta649)Rainsplash-Grey tabby she cat with white paws and white underbelly and muzzle (App. Frostpaw)
(TeamPeeta649)Driftstorm-White tom. (Mate: Tigergaze)(App. Fleetpaw)
(KatieK102)Dawnleaf - Pretty bright orange she-cat with deep green eyes and faint stripes
(Bluefire777) Wolfsayer- black Tom with a white mask over eyes and nose with ice blue eyes
(theWOLFPACK15)Swiftclaw-marbled black and white tom with amber eyes
(smartone123)Brightwhisker-red brown tom with dark green eyes
(wildwolfheart18)ravenstorm-jet black she-cat with dark gray marking that looks like wings on her back, ice-blue eyes


(KatieK102)Forestpaw - Handsome large black tom with dark gray paws, chest and underbelly, and forest green eyes
(theWOLFPACK15)Copperpaw-Russet furred tom, with a lighter colored tail, born with no eyes
(TeamPeeta649)Flowerpaw-Tortoiseshell and white she-cat blue eyes.
(TheWOLFPACK15)Smokepaw- Black and white tom with blue eyes.
(Bluefire777)Autumnpaw- soft brown colored she-cat with dark brown paws and nose bright green eyes
(Dovemoon)Cinderpaw-Grey she-cat with blue eyes
(TheWOLFPACK15)Frostpaw-small blue grey she cat with white speckles on her nose and back like frost with white paws
(Dovemoon)Bumblepaw-Dark grey tom with dark tabby markings
(TheWOLFPACK15)Leafpaw- Light brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes.
(TheWOLFPACK15)Fleetpaw-White she-cat with grey tabby legs, tail and mask, Ice blue eyes.
(smartone123)Blizzardpaw- Fluffy white-cream tom with grey/brown ears and forhead and tail, blue eyes.

(Dovemoon)Jayheart- small beautiful grey tabby shecat with light blue eyes
(smartone123)Rivermist-pretty gray white she cat (Mate: Northstorm)
(Teampeeta649)Stormheart- small dark gray she-cat with black spots with cloud blue eyes (Mate: Scorchfire)
(Bluefire777) Darksand- black and golden tortoiseshell she-cat with yellow eyes
(TeamPeeta649)Nightfog- a beautiful black she-cat with gray spots, long legs and purple eyes(mate: Jetstream)
(Teampeeta649)Cloudmist- a lightly gray she-cat with black paws, tail tip and ear tips with purple eyes (Mate: Talon)

Adopted Kits

(KatieKH102)Hiddenkit - Dark gray she-cat with white patches and white mask, and dark blue eyes (Adoptive parents: Driftstorm & Tigergaze)

(Jen-Law)Pepperkit - an orphaned fluffy black she-cat with amber eyes, very skittish and shy


Stormheart's kits
(TheWOLFPACK15)Fogkit-Light grey tom with a striped tail, with green eyes
(TheWOLFPACK15)Cloverkit-White she-cat with black spots and blue eyes
(KatieK102)Shadekit-Dark grey tom with black splotches and gold eyes

Jayheart's Kits:
(smartone123)Sharkkit-Grey/silver tom with very light and pale tabby markings with blue eyes
(Dovemoon)Moonkit-Small beautiful Grey/silver she cat With light blue eyes
(TheWOLFPACK15)Blackkit-Black she cat with distinct blue eyes

Rivermist's Kits
(Smartone123)Thistlekit-Handsome long furred black tom with very pale silvery gray tabby markings, green eyes
(theWOLFPACK15)Mudkit-Dark brown tom with black spots and amber eyes
(Dovemoon)Whitekit-Pretty white she-cat with green eyes and light gray shade on her back to tail tip


(TeamPeeta649)Bane-large dark grey and black tom with one gold eye and one blue eye (Mate: Maple)
(TeamPeeta649)Maple-small tan she-cat with black paws, tail tip, and ear tips, a white belly and purpleish-blue eyes (Mate: Bane)
PantherClan shares boarders with MountianClan

If you joined the clan and came back to RP them and they are not here then go to this page and read the instruction at the top.­oru­m/p­ost­/19­6..­.er­s
<b>Scroll down to see if your cat is there if not then follow instruction at the top of the picture.<
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over a year ago smartone123 said…
Pads over"hi I'm tiger paw"flicks his flank gently to let him know how far her was-tigerpaw
over a year ago Tuktu said…
*Nods but then realizes he can't see* Yeah -Caperpaw
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago smartone123 said…
"wanta a tour so u can get use to the clan?"-tigerpaw
over a year ago theWOLFPACK15 said…
That's cool. (turns to Tigerpaw's scent)Um sure... I guess. I'm Copper by the way.-Copper

(walks back into the den)-Questfeather

(wraps tail around her)-Thunderbeak

(Licks her head)They'll be beautiful.-Scorchfire
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago TeamPeeta649 said…
*leans against him* Even though I won't know that. -Stormheart
over a year ago smartone123 said…
"ok come on"taps his back so he can get up"I'll show you the nursery"-tigerpaw
over a year ago theWOLFPACK15 said…
(nuzzles her) but you dont always have to see to see the real beauty.-Scorchfire

(gets up) just lead the way.-Copper
over a year ago TeamPeeta649 said…
*nods slightly* -Stormheart
over a year ago smartone123 said…
walks to it and explains that its for queens to nurse kits and take care of them till 6 moons when they become a apprentice-tigerpaw
over a year ago theWOLFPACK15 said…
(Licks her cheek)They'll have your determination.-Scorchfire

Why wait six moons? Wouldn't it be better to train them at birth?-Copper
over a year ago TeamPeeta649 said…
*smiles* And they'll have your intelligence. -Stormheart
over a year ago theWOLFPACK15 said…
(Purrs and twines tails)-Scorchfire

(white flakes begin to fall down from the sky)
over a year ago TeamPeeta649 said…
*feels the snow land on her pelt and shivers slightly* I've heard snow is very beautiful. I hope they don't inherit my blindness so they can at least see its beauty. -Stormheart
over a year ago smartone123 said…
"cause your too weak and could get hurt we take care of people who cant find their way until they can"-tigerpaw
over a year ago theWOLFPACK15 said…
(Presses against her putting a paw over her's)-Scorchfire

over a year ago smartone123 said…
"ok apprentice den"leads him over-tigerpaw
over a year ago theWOLFPACK15 said…
This is where you move to when you reach 6moons?-Copper
over a year ago TeamPeeta649 said…
*leans her head against his shoulder* -Stormheart
over a year ago theWOLFPACK15 said…
(Licks her head)We should head in.-Scorchfire

(Looks at the falling flakes)Woah... What is it?-Fleetkit

(Bats at them as they fall)I don't know but they're cold.-Strikerkit

(Watches the kits in curiosity)-Sunpaw
over a year ago TeamPeeta649 said…
*nods and heads into the nursery* -Stormheart

*pads out of the apprentices den and stretches, looking up at the snow* Snowing already? Leaf-bare came faster than I expected. -Driftpaw

*runs out at the word snow* I love snow! It's so pretty! -Cresentpaw

*follows her out and stretches* -Rainpaw
over a year ago theWOLFPACK15 said…
(heads to the warriors den)-Scorchfire

(Nods and wipes his face)Yeah. It better leave quickly too. I don't like it.-Sunpaw

(puffs out fur)I wonder if it'll stay like this forever.-Fleetkit

(Pounces on her sister)I hope not.-Strikerkit
over a year ago TeamPeeta649 said…
*takes an open nest* -Stormheart

*shakes out his snow white fur* I do. It's my time for hunting. -Driftpaw

*watches the snow fall* -Rainkit & Cresentkit
over a year ago Dovemoon said…
What have I missed? a lot huh...
over a year ago theWOLFPACK15 said…
(X3 Yeah. Though nothing THAT important)

Well it's a good thing then. at least I wouldn't have to notice you through it. Gives me a break from you. (Nudges him playfully-Sunpaw

(bats at her ears)I would be a master at hide and seek! you would hardly find me.-Fleetkit

(Laughs)Who says I'll look for you?-Strikerkit
over a year ago TeamPeeta649 said…
*cuffs his ear lightly* Yeah, too bad I have to see you all year around. *purrs* -Driftpaw