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List by moolah posted over a year ago
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Ok read the first one mainly.:D it's cute:D

BeccaKariganTV (1 day ago)

I met this guy that I had a huge CrushCrushCrush on and I thought was he was The Only Exception and All I Wanted was him, but then he started Playing God so I told him to be Careful because his Ignorance would get in the way. But then I got fed up with it so I felt the Pressure to tell him That's What You Get when you hurt me. So then I screamed HALLELUJAH! like if you get it ;)

TheProductofsociety (1 day ago)

Even though I dedicated this song to the son of a bitch who lied to me,almost gave me an std,got me into a fight with my family,got me out of school,and broke my heart I still love this song,its beautiful.FUCK HIM :)

silenceiskeytosucces (18 minutes ago)

All paramore fans should check out the band My Arcadia!! <3 Visit my channel ^_^

bryguy1960 (27 minutes ago)

Review by Alexyss_Cullen posted over a year ago
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All Info For Paramore Found Here

Paramore's music has generally been regarded as "emo" and "pop punk". Joshua Martin had written after an interview with Hayley Williams, "The band isn't just a short pop-punk girl with red hair and a spunky attitude. Their music is like them, it's aged differently. It's sped up, and slowed down. It's emo without being whiny, or bratty. Almost a very literal anti-Avril Lavigne." Alternative Press magazine had commented that the band was "young sounding", while consistently being "honest." Paramore's first album All We Know is Falling had an arguably more "formulaic pop-punk" sound that was "delivered particularly well" and the combination of the two had created a "refined rock infused pop/punk album." The band's second release, Riot! was said to explore a 'diverse range of styles," however, not straying far from "their signature sound."
Alternative Press and various other reviewers have noted that the band's stage performances have helped boost them to larger fame. Alternative Press states that Williams "has more charisma than singers twice her age, and her band aren't...
Guide by rachaelwsz posted over a year ago
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After seeing this incident which happened to tooch and a few other incidents, I think it's high time for me to write a guide for the Paramore spot. Well, generally, all the Paramore-related spots and clubs.

I'm going to touch on 3 topics in this article:
1. Image crediting
2. Keywords
3. Repeated contents


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