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Clavicula posted on Oct 30, 2011 at 09:23PM
We are the fans, we are the ones who support Paramore in good and in bad times. We are one big family <3
So I thought we need a forum, where we can discuss things, where we can become friends and where we can welcome new fans and do stuff like that^^
But I need all your help to keep this thing active, so start writing and never stop xD

We are the fans, we are the ones who support Paramore in good and in bad times. We are one big family
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over a year ago Clavicula said…
Icon #2 without text xD
Icon #2 without text xD
over a year ago Clavicula said…
Icon #3
because I someway really like it :)
Icon #3
<br />
because I someway really like it :)
over a year ago Clavicula said…
Tell me what you think, guys ;D
over a year ago Li_Le said…
that's why I HATE uniform XD

aaaaa, let's make the new spot! I wanna see photo of urself guys! XD
I'll put mine too of course ;D

and yes! I have tumblr too Lidi! follow me ---->
do u have it too Michelle?

and I LOVE horror movie too! I can watch it alone in the night XD

I'll put an icon suggestion :D
btw, I love ur banner with text and the 2nd icon! cool ^^d

this one, I LOVE this icon :*
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that's why I HATE uniform XD<br />
<br />
aaaaa, let's make the new spot! I wanna see photo of urself
over a year ago Clavicula said…
big smile
Well, right now I only have time for a quick answer^^
I DYED MY HAIR AGAIN xDD cause I found a orange colour today, buuut it got more reddish than orange, I wonder how it will look tomorrow in the day light and what my classmates and friends will say^^

my tumblr:

You're icon's great Lynn ;DD
over a year ago Michelle121094 said…­ly
Here is it. now, we have to promote it =)
SO upload photos of u guys =)
do what u want =)

Yeah, I know tumblr from my best friend. I don't have a tumblr.
but I always read the blog of my bff. its awesome =)
but I dont know if I should register me there. ;)

over a year ago Clavicula said…
big smile
Yeaah we have a spot ;DD
I just started to upload a few pics^^
over a year ago Li_Le said…
awesome! *.*
I followed u! xD

eummh, guys! I can't find the spot :/
over a year ago Clavicula said…
thaaanx <3
Followed you too ;D
great tumblr *___*
I LOVE the butterfly icon thingy ♥.♥ (I don't now how to call it xD)

omg it vanished ;O
yesterday it was there and now it's nowheree ö__Ö
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over a year ago Michelle121094 said…
i dont understand. what happened? should I create the spot, again? ^^
over a year ago Li_Le said…
hahahaha, yeah I love it too. BNE butterfly :D

hmmp, yeah I think u should create it again Michelle.
over a year ago Clavicula said…
Sorry, I had lots of things to do for school, so I hadn't much time for fanpop...^^

I think you shouldn't create it again, because we're only three parawhores here and we should find more people for this forum b4 making a spot xD But it's only my opinion, if you create it again, I will of course promote it ;D
over a year ago Michelle121094 said…
i already created it again :D
but after a day, it was disappeared, again. I dind't understand. so ...yeah,before we create it one more time, we have to find more parawhores ;D
over a year ago mrsalexrybak said…
big smile
I'm a Parawhore :P
over a year ago Clavicula said…
omg another Parawhoore *___*
Welcome ;D
I'm Leandra but you can call me Lidi like most of my friends do^^

@Michelle My sister thinks it could be the spot motto, maybe the people think it's another Paramore spot...
over a year ago mrsalexrybak said…
Thanks for the welcome :)
Nice name @clavicula
Does the spot link for the club Paramore Family work now,because I tried it and it didn't work.
over a year ago Clavicula said…
Thanks ;D
what's your name?

I doesn't work because the spot gets deleted everytime we make it... -.-
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over a year ago mrsalexrybak said…
big smile
Oh ok..
My name's Katia,I'm from New York in America.
I first saw Paramore on MTV,Misery Business was on.
Ever since then I've loved Paramore!
My favorite Paramore song is Careful.
And Paramore is the best band ever!
over a year ago Li_Le said…
heyy GUYS! ohh long time no talk with u all!
eh hey Katia! nice to know u! :D
I'm Lynn, from Indonesia, 19 years old :)
over a year ago mrsalexrybak said…
big smile
Nice to meet u 2 guys!
over a year ago Clavicula said…
ah NY *___*
Sometime I'll go to NY ;D I really wanna go there ^^
I first saw it on MTV too, Decode. *.*

I'm really busy with school these days because it's soon Christmas ;D I'm so excited *.*
over a year ago Clavicula said…
3 days no talk ;O

I've done now the most important things for school ;D Next week english test and shortly b4 christmas maths test are the only things left I think and I'm pretty good in both subjects, so there won't be any problems (:
Are you busy with school too?

@Michelle when should I start the banner thingy?
over a year ago Li_Le said…
heyy girls! sorry I'm not here for several days. got busy with my English camp program in my campus :D

how are u? is there any news about ur life or Paramore? :D
over a year ago Clavicula said…
English camp program? What's that? Sounds interesting ;D

Beside my cold I'm fine^^ And I want snoooow for christmas *__*
I want it so badly xD But yesterday it rained... no snow :/
How are you?
over a year ago mrsalexrybak said…
I have a cold now :(
They take forever to go away!
Do any of you guys like any other bands apart from Paramore?