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Opinion by sionainn95 posted 1 month ago
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The start of something wonderful

In March 2012, I went to Paris for the first time in my life. Looking back, I find it hard to believe that it took me so long to visit Paris, especially considering my passion for France and all things French... Nevertheless, the first time I visited Paris was on a school trip with the Art department in my sixth form college. We travelled by train to London and then took the Eurostar to Paris and stayed for a long weekend. We visited all the main sights and spent a lot of time looking at artwork in galleries; it was an art trip, after all. We went to the Sacré-Cœur on our last morning in Paris and I distinctly remember how I felt when I was sitting in my own bedroom at home that afternoon.

Paris felt like a dream. It didn't seem real that I was at the Sacré-Cœur that morning and then at home in Warwickshire only a few hours later. Though I know I walked through some streets that smelled of urine, saw old women begging in the street and was harassed by men trying to sell me cheap souvenirs, all of the bad memories had drifted away... I was left with memories of the fun I had exploring the city with my...
Review by Claudia4599 posted over a year ago
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Eh bien, bonjour. Je vis à Paris. Je sais la chance moi. Hier je suis allé au Père-Lachaise, le meilleur cométaires dans l'ensemble de Paris.

La plupart des gens n'y vont pas si vous ne vivez pas à Paris. Aussi, je suis allé au Louvre pour un voyage scolaire, il ya quelques jours. L'un des meilleurs musées dans toute la France. Si vous n'avez pas été là ... et vous devez aller! J'ai vu la Joconde et Madonna sur les rochers. J'ai probablement y retourner l'année prochaine, mais qui ne sera pas aussi amusant. triste. C'est un endroit impressionnant.