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PARKED - Cathal & Fred - Never Let Me Go

Colin Morgan | Colm Meaney talks PARKED (and Colin)

Colm Meaney talks PARKED - and Colin Morgan... uhm... Morrison (;P) at TDS on October 7, 2011.

Cathal & Fred - Are we there yet

Some sweet moments of these two characters

Cathal-Safe and Sound

This is beautiful... but sad! ;(


cathal | so cold

"you ever seen a leaf fall off a tree? it's a beautiful thing..."

...and once again beheld the stars. {parked}

Music: "Long, Long Time Ago" composed by Javier Navarrete (what better music for a sad video than the soundtrack of my other favourite movie that never fails to make me cry like a baby, Pan's Labyrinth? ^^'') Clips: Parked

Cathal - Waking up is harder when you wanna die (Parked fanvid)

WARNING - Do not watch if you haven't seen the movie. This is a tribute to Colin Morgan's character in the movie Parked. The song is called Elizabeth on the Bathroom floor by Eels.

Cathal's beating

Cathal's last moments