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The Politics of "Parks and Rec"

29 Moments That Prove Andy Dwyer Was Secretly A Genius

20 Times You Felt Bad For Laughing At Jerry Gergich

42 Times Ron Swanson Was The Freakin' Man

Top 10 Hilarious Ron Swanson Moments

leslie knope || she's a genius

15 Times Ron Swanson From "Parks and Rec" Was The Realest

29 Moments That Prove Andy Dwyer From "Parks and Recreation" Was Secretly A Genius

Top 10 Most Hilarious Parks and Recreation Moments

ben & leslie || something beautiful

Parks and Recreation - Strawberry Swing

ben & leslie || best part of me

parks and rec | young volcanoes

Inside Out London Film Premiere with Amy Poehler

Ben & Leslie | Never Stop [OAOTC]

The Office/Parks & Rec | Living Louder

andy & april | still into you

Parks and Recreation | midnight sun

Ben + Leslie | sweet disposition

Ben + Leslie | she makes me want to believe

Leslie Knope: An Extraordinary Journey

parks and recreation + game of thrones references

Ben&Leslie | Better With You

Leslie&Ann | Thank You

Andy&April | Be My Honeypie

chris&ann | love somebody (v4ac)

domino | april & ben

Parks and Recreation | Mad love

Parks And Recreation | Our Way

Ben&Leslie | Love They Say

Ben & Leslie | All This Time

ben&leslie | perfect two

Stay, Stay, Stay - April&Andy (parks&rec)

Ben & Leslie | Ho Hey

Ben & Leslie | Good To You

Walking On Sunshine - Parks&Rec

satellite | ben & leslie (5x05)

Ben & Leslie | Sooner or Later

Adam Scott and Rashida Jones: Be the First to Vote in Iowa

Parks&Rec ;; I don't feel like dancing

"Parks and Recreation" Cast Accept Peabody Award

"Parks and Recreation" Stars Talk Ben's DC Offer

Preview - Parks & Recreation Wins Best Comedy Series (The Comedy Awards 2012)

The Comedy Awards 2012 Press Room - The Cast of Parks and Recreation

Parks&Rec | Everybody Loves Me

parks and rec | strawberry swing

She's Got Me Dancing - Parks&Rec

Parks and Rec Promo - The Comeback Kid

P&R | hometown glory

Ben Wyatt || Human Disaster

Good Life | Parks & Recreation

Treat Yo Self State Fair 2011

Parks and Recreation 2011! Amy Poehler!

Aziz Ansari Presents: Parks and Recreation

NBC Halloween promo

Tom Haverford | club can't even handle me

i need you more than ever before (ben/leslie)

Parks and Recreation in IMAX 3D

Shake It - Parks&Rec Cast

it was there the whole time (ben/leslie)

Ben/Leslie || I'm Letting You Fly

[ PARKS & REC ] place your hands

Amy Poehler Talks "Parks and Recreation" Success

valentine | ben & leslie

Parks & Rec || Raise Your Glass

April/Andy; With You I'm Brighter

DP/30 Emmywatch: Parks & Recreation, actor Nick Offerman

Ben/Leslie || Stolen

Nick Offerman casts Tammy 1 for 'Parks and Recreation', talks Ron Swanson and Duke Silver album

Adam Scott talks Ben & Leslie, "loose" Ben, and 'Parks and Recreation' fan support

Amy Poehler talks 'Parks and Recreation' mayoral race, Ben & Leslie, etc

Mike Schur discusses early plans for 'Parks and Recreation' season four

Chris Traeger LITERALLY wins at life.

D r o p p e d;; [P+R]

Best of Jean Ralphio

straight in a straight line | ben & leslie

Leslie/Ben - Be My Thrill

Leslie/Ben - Right Here, Beside Me

Leslie/Ben - Super Duper Cute

Leslie/Ben - Colleagues with Benefits

April & Andy - "Realize" - Parks and Recreation

Ron Swanson's Ringtone

Jabba the Hutt/ Parks and Rec

Parks and Recreation Theme

TV Guide, Hollywood 411: Aziz Ansari Interview (April 09)

Parks and Recreation: Season 1 Episode 2

"Canvassing" Promo #2

"Canvassing" Promo #1

Parks and Recreation: Season 1 Episode 1

Amy Poehler on Jimmy Kimmel (April 09)

Parks and Recreation April 9th Promo

Parks and Recreation Preview

Amy Poehler's New NBC Sitcom