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Patrick Stump sleeping/talking to Melissa Greggory?

There is this girl here at work that says that she is talking (romatically to patrick) constantlly talks about him - and says that she is sleeping with him.

Is this true?

We are in Chesapeake, Va.
 omecak posted over a year ago
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Patrick Stump Answers

patsnumone said:
hell no he is sexy and single and wants a real woman not a lil girl!!!!

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posted over a year ago 
Nipo said:
No, because, even a year ago, he was dating to Elisa Yao. He and she got married on Sept. 29th, 2012. He wouldn't cheat on his girlfriend/fiancee; he's not like that. Plus, he lives in Chicago, so, how would he be sleeping with some chick, especially when he's on tour with Fall Out Boy? She is lying/was lying and you shouldn't listen to her. She's just trying to make you jealous
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posted 12 months ago 
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