My main purpose of writing this article is to present my Interpretation of the hit 1993 Paul McCartney song "Off The Ground".

I will go through the entire song line by line, and will discuss, my interpretation of them. I will also make use of the Sigmund Freud book, "The Interpretation of dreams", which was a ground breaking Masterpiece in the field of Psychology, Philosophy and Thought.

I am a huge Beatles fan and have a large collection of Beatles Memorabilia. I have seen Paul McCartney live in concert three times, and everytime I hear the classic song "Off The Ground", it fills me with great joy, and gives me great comfort, in dealing with the everyday struggles of life, especially nowadays in today's Twenty First Century World, which is full of Terror and Uncertainty.

"There must have been a lot of heartache, for you
to sink so low"
What this line is referring to is the fact that without understanding and love, nothing is possible. Too often in our daily lives we may feel that our way is the only way. This can only lead to breakdown in relationships, and social turmoil and unrest.

"There must have been a ton of pressure,
Only answer if the answer's no"
Because too often we have a philosophy of life as it is "my way or the highway", we fail in our attempts to even consider viewing life from another person's point of view."
Too often we become so dogmatic in our views, that the result often is too difficult to discuss, needless to say life becomes so full of clashes, and strife, that everyday life can seem utterly unmanageable, and we can become completely upset, frustrated and bitter, for even the smallest of things.

"I need loving"

"You need loving too"

"Doesn't take alot to get off the ground"

So, in order to live a peaceful life, it is very important to understand each other.

We may not like, or even love one another.

This is a separate issue.

For example, if we cannot get along with certain people, then it is very important for our own self-esteem, and in order to reduce further clashes to agree to peacefully exist without them in our lives. Otherwise, our life will be in total shambles. It is my personal belief, that each person has a god-given right to love and to be loved by others. If this is not there, life is unliveable, in my view.

"Doesn't take alot to get 'off the ground'"
Throughout his life, and especially after the acrimonious break-up of the Beatles in 1970, Paul McCartney's life had taken a sudden turn for the worse, as he had a severe crisis of identity.

For the first time in his life, he was without a band, and was professionally speaking, completely on his own.

Financially too, Apple Corps. had gone bankrupt, and its new owner was Allen Klein, a friend of George Martin, and noted Record Industry Attorney.

Almost, for the last 40 years, Paul McCartney has written songs and played with everyone from Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Elvis Costello, Carl Perkins, the Dixie Chicks, etc.

He is still trying to find popular artists to play with, even at the ripe old age of 67.

In the 1993 video for 'Off The Ground', Paul McCartney is seen to be flying around over the World, and especially over water, finally returning to his band and wife Linda.

According to Sigmund Freud's classic book, "The Interpretation of dreams", flying represents a search for one's true identity, and water represents eternal youth.

In the case of Paul McCartney, especially after the assassination of John Lennon on 1980, this has been true.

In 1997, after the death of his wife Linda to breast cancer, Paul McCartney again lost a crucial part of his life. Since his marriage to Heather Mills had ended in divorce, Sir Paul McCartney is currently struggling to keep his commitments as a father, to 4-year-old Beatrice, and his commitments as a traveling superstar singer songwriter. It is also important to remember that Paul McCartney had lost his mother, Mary, also to breast cancer, at the age of 15. So, his struggle for identity has been lifelong.

"There must have have been alot of magic when the World was born"

"Let me be the one you wish for, the one you call for, when you're all alone"

Although Sir Paul McCartney's life has been constantly full of magic, from his days at the Cavern club, Hamburg, Beatlemania and beyond, the one dream of Paul McCartney that has not quite come true is having a permanent lifelong lover.

"Though it takes a lot of power to make a big tree grow"

"It doesn't need a pot of knowledge, for a seed knows what a seed must know"

What Sir Paul McCartney is referring to by the word "power" is education, spiritual growth and self-confidence. The tree that he is referring to is his own life.

"It doesn't need a pot of knowledge for a seed knows what a seed must know"

What this means is that no amount of education and general knowledge can make a person successful in life unless he/she has the seed of self-confidence.

If a person is ingrained with the seed of self-confidence, from an early age, then anything is possible in their life.

Sir Paul McCartney's own life is an excellent example of this.