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Paul(NewBoyz231) Opinion Article

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Opinion by CrashFan06 posted over a year ago
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Paul is Just So Awesome, So Here is an article i wanted to write for him!!

He is Totally;
✔XTina Obsessed
✔Selena Fan
✔Yoshi Lover
✔Video Game Obsesser (Like Me xD)

Things That We Have In Common;
✔Yoshi Lovers
✔Video Game Obsessers
✔Selena Gomez Lovers

In Otherwords Paul You are Awesome..And You are my Bestie..And Forever! =D

He's Fave Musicians..
✔Katy Perry!
✔Jessie J
✔Pixie Lott
✔Cheryl Cole
✔Other Random Singers!

Love ya a lot dude
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Leon. I..I..
I Can't Think of anything To say about how much I love you for writing this..

Dude, You are so awesome to me & your'e my bestie..in real life too XD

Love ya! (No homo lol xD)
posted over a year ago.