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Nina Dobrev's Instagram Video from Paul Wesley's birthday

Стефан и Елена - я буду ждать тебя любимый

[ Paul Wesley x Nina Dobrev | SPARKS FLY ]

paul wesley & nina dobrev | hold it against me

Paul/Nina Dobsleyღ || Boyfriend ||

Dobsley: "You had my heart inside your hand"

Dobsley - Gotta be next to you (Nina and Paul)

love of my life, my soulmate | nina + paul

Just a dream(Paul-Nina)

Nina dobrev & Paul Wesley


dobsley quotes about stelena

Paul and Nina and Ian ; You make me smile ♥

Paulina/Dobsley: You're my Shelter

Paul and NIna: Two is better than one

[ Ships In The Night || Paul Wesley + Nina Dobrev]

'The Vampire Diaries' Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev on 'The End of the Affair'

Paul Wesley / Nina Dobrev // Almost lover

Nina Dobrev & Paul Wesley - Something about you

Paul | Nina - obsession

TVD Season 3 madness Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder

paul wesley Nina dobrev as paulina: family tree

» paul + nina | everything ‹3 :) !

Nina & Paul● than you'll will ever know

Paul Wesley/Nina dobrev: "Come back when you can"

On Loctation with The Vampire Diaries

Paul Wesley/Nina Dobrev chemistry:"This is home"

smile; (paul&nina)

paul wesley/nina dobrev ; don't let me go

I can finally see...Nina&Paul

Paulina- Ours to keep by Kina Grannis

Paul Wesley/Nina dobrev: "Obsession"

Bubbly: Paul&Nina.

Paul Wesley_Nylon Party_AXTV_2010.1.30

☼ Nina addicted to Paul's ear ☼ Stelena [FUNNY]

Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev

Paul and Nina

Paul Wesley/Nina Dobrev: "Time of our lives" (Stefan Elena/ Katherine Stefan)

Paul 's POV(paulina love)

Nina's POV(paulina love)

Paulina- you got me

Paul Wesley/Nina dobrev: "Shiver"


TVD_2x15_The Dinner Party_Extended promo

TVD_2x15_The Dinner Party_Promo

Paul Wesley&Nina Dobrev cute moments: "Only one" (with lyrics)

Paul and nina chemistry

Paulina/Dobsley: "I whip my hair back and forth"

IAN+NINA+PAUL - higher!

Vampire Diaries - Paleyfest 2010 - Paul Wesley / Nina Dobrev / Ian Somerhalder

TVD_2x14_Crying Wolf_Promo

Robsten & Dobsley ● Futuristic Lover

Paul&Nina ;; two is better than one

paul wesley/nina dobrev ; use somebody

►Paul/Nina Might.Be.Bad.

The Vampire Diaries - Who will be the major threat to Stefan and Elena's relationship in Season 2

I Don't Wanna Miss a Single Thing // Paul, Nina & Ian

Ian,Nina & Paul//For Your Entertainment

Paul and nina- one sweet love by sara barielles

Paul/nina: "Could I have this kiss forever"

Vampire Diaries: Paul Wesley & Nina Dobrev - Stefan & Elena

Paul Wesley , Nina Dobrev ♫ Firework

Nina Dobrev // Paul Wesley - Touching on my

Paul/Nina: " a litlte fragile"

dobsley (paul/nina) ; we belong together

Nina Dobrev & Paul Wesley // Sparks Fly.

There's real chemistry between Paul W. & Nina D.

Paul and NIna cute moments Part 1

TVD_2x11_By the Light of the Moon - Promo

Paul & Nina & Ian || Teenage Dream

Paul on KTLA Morning News_October 20, 2010

SCREAM awards :)

Nina/Paul-You set me free

Paul/Nina-I'm yours

Paul Wesley & Nina Dobrev ● Meet me halfway

Paul and Nina ● I GOT YOU

Ian/Nina/Paul - Built to last-

Perfect Two/Paul|Nina

● you're my sweetie pie; paulnina}

Paul & Nina// Starry Eyed

Everything - Paul/Nina

Paul/Nina || Like a Star

Paul ♥ Nina

Paul and Nina are Super Duper CUTE ♥

Nina Dobrev \\ I Gotta Feeling

Paul / Nina

Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, and Ian Somerhalder on KTLA Morning News

Vampire Diaries Signing @ hmv Oxford Street, London

Paul/Nina - Slow me down

Paul/Nina || "Baby if I got you I don't need a parachute"

Airplanes - Paul/Nina

Who Owns My Heart - Paul/Nina

Stefan and Elena Scenes 1-10

The Vampire Diaries Elena and Stefan "Carry Me Through" CW Series

Ian, Paul e Nina Scream Awards

Vampire Diaries Photo Shoot with Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley

The Vampire Diaries ITV2 Interview - Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder

Behind the Scenes - Nylon Magazine - Part 2

Nylon Magazine [BEHIND THE SCENES] - Photoshoot with Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley

Nina Dobrev,Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder behind the scenes interview for Nylon Magazine part 3