We as a group look onto our planet as dieing or ruining. We insert ourselves into battle, for freedom. We wonder why this is happening. We hold on to things with truly no value riches, technology ,power. Have few truly love anymore, How we would leave others to die. Has the term Humanity become an insult to ones who look and see the world in its true form, crying for help. It’s not dieing were Killing it. Do you really have to steal and cheat, if others would help you wouldn’t need to do these things. We don’t care about it or we would of saved our planet, lives ,and Hope a long time ago. To be called an animal is almost a good thing, Don’t see them murdering each other, Throwing trash out, Or even cursing and abusing each other.
If you had any faith left in God, You would TRY to save our world, The world is not ending were Ending it, it’s sick For once let’s heal it.

Colby D Davis.