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Opinion by cleorocks112 posted over a year ago
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    Claire kicked and screamed but she just couldn't get the creature off of her. Orbin heard the cry for held and dashed away to help Claire "Claire?" He looked in the back seat and she there with a strange guy covering her mouth with a napkin and a knife to her throat, suddenly his eyes turned white and Orbin thoght "ohh noo the the.." but he couldn't even thought of the name or else it would get more power from Orbin's fear of him.

Claire woke up and screamed but the creature made her stay still with his grip. Orbin spoke "O.K I don't want any trouble I'll just go inside and leave the situation alone ... NOW!!!" suddenly Orbin's sister Alex grabbed the man from behind and started speaking in a weird way "koona beloncus disafuntius funtulli jarea." which meant 'Krona belongs in the disastrous fullish area" which is Hell "noooooo you will all be burned in the depths of hell I will make sure that I'll be the one to send you there myself!" "Hi my name is Alex I'm Orbin's sister, he's told me a lot about his precious little Claire-bear." "come on Alex let's be serious about what just happened." come on big brother can't you just relax for a minute."...
Article by cleorocks112 posted over a year ago
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Today is the 4th of July lets get some celebration pictures out here!!!!! the next thing I like for this page is to start new discussion. mainly just add picks for the start and send new info for anyone to read. you can put anything on this page just because 1.I don't care
2.nobodies going to care
3.everyone's going to be putting things on here

this site is just like an extra site to do anything you want to do and post what you want to post as long as it is not disscusting pictures. it is mainly to let go and relax. ;)