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Fan fiction by Caty2009 posted over a year ago
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The sun was shinning brightly over the small, suburban town of Twinleaf. It was still early, with many residents still in bed. This held true for a trio who had returned to Twinleaf in wake of the recently closed Sinnoh League. It was here that they would plan the next steps of their individual journeys.

The bedroom was suddenly overrun with the sounds of a Starly-shaped alarm clock, signaling that the day was to officially begin. A sleepy arm weakly hovered toward it and silenced it before returning to its place under the covers.

"Piplup, piplup!" Piplup chimed, attempting to wake its sleepy trainer.

Dawn stirred slightly, but didn't even get as far as opening her eyes.

"Mmm, just a little longer Piplup..." she mumbled, still very much asleep.

Piplup jumped onto the bed. It had been through this routine countless times over there journey across the region together and it not knew exactly how to remedy this dreary situation. Piplup powered up its beak, causing it to extend slightly, and gave its trainer a round of its Peck attack. The attack seemed to do little at first, but was soon met with startling...