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Legendary is their Middle Name.
Not Quite as Catchy.
Nothing to see here.
North Wind Vs. Dave.
Can you find all for Penguins in this scene?
My favorite character
Dr. Blowhole
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The fans pick: Kowalski & Private
Kowalski & Private
Skipper & Kowalski
The fans pick: Nah, despite that, he still obviously cares for others far more than himself.
Nah, despite that, he still...
Duh! He has MIRROR TIME and...
The fans pick: Portal/Portal 2
Portal/Portal 2
Other (state which and why in...
The fans pick: Yes!
I think I have, but I can't quite remember it...
The fans pick: I don't like any of the changes
I don't like any of the...
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3 fans have answered this question
1 fan has answered this question
1 fan has answered this question
1 fan has answered this question
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TheRatKing1 said …
IT"S FINALLY DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY SERIES FINALE!!! Please read this. I worked long and hard to complete this. Posted 19 hours ago
TheRatKing1 said …
my final episode /should/ be typed up and posted at the end of this month, once i'm finished getting the essays for my college applications done. any of you fanguins preparing for college too? Posted 2 days ago
peacebaby7 commented…
I wish you luck. I'm in my Junior year this year, so I've been poking around in the matter. 2 days ago
TheRatKing1 commented…
What are you planning on studying? 19 hours ago
peacebaby7 commented…
I want to major in music. I joined chorus four years ago and fell in love with it. How about you? 12 hours ago
Aww man great to see this club is still active! How's everyone? Been a loooooooong time since I've had a visit! Just because I'm on my other website with my Wander Over Yonder fandom don't mean I forgot about u guyssss! I'm excited for the new POM movie! Baby Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private are so cute in the 2nd trailer! Posted 4 days ago
i might even get a lil more active on this website again but let's hope i won't get too busy with schoool 4 days ago
peacebaby7 commented…
Well, hey, stranger! Good to see you're still a fan. :D 12 hours ago