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The fans pick: Skipper?
The fans pick: Booty scratch...(field tripped)
The fans pick: Mort and Rico
The fans pick: His usual way
The fans pick: Karl
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TheRatKing1 said …
literally amazed how dedicated yall are. I've been too busy to be on here, and there's so much nostalgia on here! also, am I going nuts, or did they bring something similar to meebo back? remember meebo? that chat thing that vanished four years ago? Posted 14 days ago
SJF_Penguin2 said …
* Saw "Hello, Dollface" recently. I wonder why Miss Perky's manufacturer chose to advertise on Shirtless Ninja Action Theater. Are there many viewers besides Rico who are into both dolls and shirtless ninjas?

* After nearly eight years of writing PoM fanfics, I have decided to hang up my hat writing for the fandom. My 21st and final PoM story, Off the Shelf, I published in June on, DA, and AO3. It is now available on Fanpop too, published today (July 1). Posted 26 days ago
SJF_Penguin2 commented…
* I am slowly reviewing old notes of fandom things I had once thought about doing/contributing, to decide which things may still be worth adding to Fanpop and other places. However, anything old that is not done by the end of the year I will probably never do. The fandom is so small now, a consequence of time that even Kowalski would have trouble stopping. 26 days ago
WillyThePenguin said …
Hey, I don't have a beard Posted 1 month ago