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The fans pick: 5#
Decorating the zoo.
The fans pick: Scaredy-cat Marlene
Scaredy-cat Marlene
The fans pick: I laugh too.
I laugh too.
I will slap them.
The fans pick: Skipper and a tank
Skipper and a tank
Rico and all the explosives in...
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peacebaby7 said …
So, they have the POM Movie on Netflix streaming, and I just had to share the description with you guys because I almost died laughing when I read it. It says, "A mad-genius octopus uses a snack machine to kidnap a crew of courageous penguins. Things just get weirder from there. If it's goofy and witty you're after, your search is over."

Please tell me I'm not the only one that finds that hilarious. Posted 5 days ago
Number1SkippFan commented…
I don't think they tried their hardest coming up with that description, but that is pretty funny XP 3 days ago
peacebaby7 commented…
@Number1SkippFan: Probably not, but it's pretty accurate too. XD 3 days ago
peacebaby7 commented…
@27K: Yeah. XD @Skilene17: Totally! XD 2 days ago
Number1SkippFan said …
This site is still active? Like, exactly how I remember it? I haven't been here for so long!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! <3 Posted 8 days ago
peacebaby7 commented…
Yeah, it's still a little active. Not as much as a few years ago when I first joined, but there are still some loyal fans around. Good to have ya back. :) 5 days ago
peacebaby7 said …
Happy Anniversary to the following episodes:

From 17 August, 2009:
Roger Dodger

From 18 August, 2009:
Otter Gone Wild
From 19 August, 2009:
Cats Cradle
From 20 August, 2009:
Monky Love
From 20 August, 2011:
The Hoboken Surprise
From 21 August 2009:
Tagged Posted 10 days ago
peacebaby7 commented…
And a memorable quote: "Too much sugar? What does Skipper know about sugar? I love sugar and I'm the best recon man ever! I see a fire engine! Wee-woo-wee-woo! Arrg! I'm a pirate! Wow! A caterpillar! My name backwards is eat a virp! What's a virp? Is it sugar? I love sugar!" 10 days ago