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The fans pick: If taking a dirt nap means hitting the hay for the night
If taking a dirt nap means...
Your royal nose plug is a...
The fans pick: Nope!
I recall the words but don't...
The fans pick: Yes, they are perfect for each other!!!
Yes, they are perfect for each...
No, they are too differe- nt!!!
The fans pick: all of the penguins together
all of the penguins together
The fans pick: Yeah because they are so adorable!
Yeah because they are so...
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SJF_Penguin2 said …
Today is National High Five Day. Or as the penguins call it, National High One Day. Up high, Fanguins! Posted 1 day ago
Skilene17 commented…
High one! 1 day ago
27Kowalski commented…
High five, everyone! 1 day ago
Skilene17 commented…
* High ones everyone* 50 minutes ago
TheRatKing1 said …
come on guys! Post some more stuff to 1000 things we learned from PoM to get to 1000! we only have 300 more things to go! Posted 6 days ago
Skilene17 commented…
Just did :) 6 days ago
Lt_Kowalski said …
I've not been on this profile here in so long. I feel bad. I know it's late now. I cannot sleep so I wanted to check in. Plus I am using my iPad right now and it's a little difficult to log in. I shall TRY to be on this more. I was thinking of closing this profile but this is one of the firsts I've created and met amazing fans on! I'm not sure... :( But I do hope you all are well and safe. Again, I feel bad for not interacting here as much as I used to... Posted 7 days ago
mostar1219 commented…
Don't feel bad. I sometimes think I should feel bad for being inactive, but then I remember growing up and exploring different fandoms. Don't worry 7 days ago
TheRatKing1 commented…
plus twitter is just so addictive ;p 6 days ago
Private_Private commented…
It's understandable, don't feel too bad, Kowalski :) 4 days ago
Skilene17 commented…
Private's right, don't feel bad. We all still love you, especially the fan girls. ;) 3 days ago