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 Skipper's favorite store :D
Now, THIS is a reaction to the POM Movie trailer/teasers.
Tom McGrath and Skipper ready for duty, SIR!
Tom McGrath and Skipper hugging!
POM Movie info
John Malkovich and Skipper getting along
Benedict Cumberbatch and Skipper getting along
Benedict Cumberbatch and Skipper getting along
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penguinlover13 said …
At Comic-Con it has been said that, "Smith, Darnell, and McGrath say that Penguins of Madagascar exists in the world of the films and is a sequel to Madagascar 3. The TV series is 'an alternate reality.' ”
I don't know about you guys, but that is depressing news to me. Idk if they said this when the series started, but I found just found it and had to share.
For those of you who also didn't know this, I'll post a link if you want to read it. If I find a video interview I'll put that up too. Posted 23 hours ago
juhpink commented…
It is drepessing to me too, I cannot see the reason why they would want to separate the series from the films... We were all waiting to see a little more about the series and it was our only chance... :/ If it doens't give any work, please post them here ;-)!! 19 hours ago
peacebaby7 commented…
Yes, I read this in the link you posted. I don't know if I'd say I'm 'depressed,' but I did find it upsetting. I was always hoping for a storyline on how the penguins and lemurs ended up going back to the zoo, but if the series is an alternate reality, I doubt there would even be one. At least, in canon. In my mind, the series and movies will always be connected. Furthermore, I don't see how they aren't connected. I did hear rumors about the series and movies not being connected, but I don't understand that concept. There have been references to the "Madagascar" movies within the series, although most minor, except for Alex in the second Blowhole special. I don't know, but as I said, in my mind, it's connected. 16 hours ago
penguinlover13 commented…
I'm really disappointed that the movies and the series are separate from each other. I couldn't really explain my feelings in my post due to the character limit, but I completely agree with you guys. And peacebaby, I also agree that it's not really "depressing" so to speak; bad choice of words on my part. I have a strange sense of humor and it obviously doesn't translate well over text, haha. But anyway, the fact that the TV series and movies aren't connected really stinks, and it doesn't make much sense given the numerous references to the movies, like you said. I mean, Alex was in the Blowhole special and even mentioned their escapades from the movies, or at least strongly hinted at it. I hate that they're two separate stories, but I'm with you peacebaby, they're connected in our minds. :) 15 hours ago
mouseandowl commented…
I lile that they're seperated, because I didn't like the Madagascar movies that much. I do wish that the PoM movie would follow show continuity, though. 9 hours ago
GoTeamSkipper said …
I haven't been on here for over a year, just came on to delete my account (sorry, you'll be down a fan ): ) but I didn't realize there was a movie trailer! I must go watch it. Stay awesome penguin fandom! Posted 7 days ago
peacebaby7 said …
Happy 4th Anniversary (07.19.10) to the following episodes:

The Lost Treasure of the Golden Squirrel
Fit to Print
Operation: Cooties
Mr. Tux
Concrete Jungle Survival
Posted 10 days ago
27Kowalski commented…
Already 4 years? Wow! Time goes by so fast. 10 days ago
mouseandowl commented…
4 YEARS?! WAT? 10 days ago
Leonardthekoala commented…
4 Years and counting...Wow I feel old! XD 3 days ago