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Penguins of Madagascar Fan fiction Article

Ultimate penguins of madagascar fanfiction

Fan fiction by burdockburr posted over a year ago
fan of it?
I do not know how long I will be able to keep up this fanfiction, but it's based off of a strange dream I had a couple weeks ago- so enjoy!


I yawned as I climbed under the blanket on my bed and laid down. I had just finished watching a new episode of The Penguins of Madagascar, was a exhausted. Before closing my eyes for sleep, I looked over at my clock for the time.
Although I knew I was the only one in the house awake, I wasn't surprized the hear noises in the hallway. I assumed it was our beagle, Poppy. It wasn't. I closed my eyes. When I opened them I found three little penguins around me.
We were in a small room made of stone, and I was tied to a chair.
I watched as one of the shorter penguins with a flatter head waved his flippers around and made various noises. A taller one with a scar on his left cheek nodded and grunted before picking up some strange machine. The smallest one shuttered.
They aimed the machine at me and switched it on, hitting me with some sort of ray.
For some reason the world around me seemed to grow larger, until they turned off the machine.
"Good," the penguin with the flatter head said, "Now we can speak, and you can give us the information we need."
I tilted my head in confusion, "Where am I? What are you talking about- and how do I even under stand you? You're a penguin."
"That's classified information. Now, we'll be asking the questions here."
I looked around in a daze from how tired I was, "This place looks so familiar... as do you... there's something missing though..."
The penguin nodded, "We've recieved information that you know a lot about four penguins named Skipper, Kowalski, Private, and Rico. We need to know where you're getting your knowledge."
I nodded, "Those are some characters on a television show I watch on the TV."
The shortest penguin turned around to look at a tv hidden in a corner, "On the tele," he whispered to himself in an accent.
I nodded, "Yup- that's what this place reminds me so much of." I looked at the penguin with the flatter head, "You look like Skipper," I turned to the one with the scar, "You're just like Rico," I turned to the one with the accent, "and you're Private! Where's Kowalski though?"
Skipper frowned, "That's what we were hoping you'd tell us. Kowalski dissapeared days ago along with some of our technology, for example a machine we had that we could type in words and it would speak to you humans. That's why we had to use an invention Kowalski made shortly before his dissapearance on you so we could communicate."
I blinked in confusion, "What exactly did his invention do to me?"
"Take a look for yourself."
Rico grabbed a mirror and turned in toward me. I didn't recognize the character in the mirror. It wasn't even a human, it was a penguin.
I had become a penguin, like the four I knew so much about from their show. The only thing that had not changed were my green eyes and my gender.
"So how do I get turned back into a human?"
Skipper shrugged, "Only Kowalski could answer that question, and I have a feeling that we can't find him without you."
Skipper made a strange flipper movement toward Private's direction. Private nodded before walking beside me and taking off the loose ropes from the chair I was on. I stayed on the chair.
Skipper looked back at me, "So will you help us?"
I sighed in reply, "Do I have a choice?"
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ImAnEasel said:
This was a dream you had? Wow! I want dreams like that! What did you look like as a penguin?
posted over a year ago.
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That was only the begining of my dream, a lot happened in it in a verry short amount of time. I'm planing on putting on another chapter later tonight.
Would I have to make a new article thing for that?
posted over a year ago.
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I have dreams about the penguins every night, except I'm a cat in my dreams, it's really random, they are some-what dreamfriends to me and I'm alot stronger than them.

posted over a year ago.
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sorry, wrote my name...
posted over a year ago.
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Oh forgor to say... "I'm EVIL!"
posted over a year ago.
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By the way, if anyone wants to continue readin my fanfiction, I renamed it to Against Kowalski- so if you see that title, it's probably my continuing fanfic story
posted over a year ago.
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Anyone know a really awesome POM fanfic?
posted over a year ago.