It was night, all animals in the zoo were sleeping. Kowalski lay twitching in his sleep, he was dreaming. He was running throgh a jungle that some-what resembled the reptile house. A large creature was chasing him.He was running on a small dirt path that cut through the trees,there was many bushes and dense plants bordering it. Kowalski could't tell what the creature was because it was following him while staying in the bushes. There was s growl and it lept from the bushes, just before the creature landed on Kowalski, it turned into a female penguin. She pinned him to the ground and smiled at him playfully. "Hi Kowalski." she said. Kowalski had never seen this penguin before, he noticed that she had a heart-shaped mark on her flank.The penguin laughed and the dream faded.
The next day, Kowalski was working in his lab, "Now just have to add this." he mumbled to himself. He was on the break of a new invention. Suddenly, there was a scream of pain and a loud bang against the roof, causing him to drop his work. Kowalski groaned, he heard Skipper yell, "What the?!". A moment passed and Skipper walked into Kowalski's lab, "Kowalski, we need you,Private found something."he siad. Kowalski nodded and followed Skipper outside. Rico and Private were hanging over something at the edge of the ground. As he got closer, Kowalski was horrified to see the bloody figure of a penguin. "Kowalski analasis. " Skipper said. Kowalski nodded, there was dead silence as he looked over the penguin, "Apperently female.." he said at last. Private stared at him " where did she come from." he said in his British accent. "Not sure the blood is covering up any clue that might tell us." Kowalski said standing up strait. He turned to face Skipper,"If we could fix her injurys in time she could tell us when she regains conciousness." Skipper nodded, "Agreed, Rico?" he said. Rico spit out a board which they used to carry the penguin in. Once there, they laid her on a table in Kowalski's lab, "I'll take care of her." Kowalski said, Skipper nodded and instructed Rico and Private to leave and followed after, he closed the door behind him. Kowalski walked around to the left side of the table,tryig to find out were the penguin was bleeding. When he looked at the penguin's flank he gasped, on her side there was a heart-shaped mark just like the one the penguin had in his dream. "What the? Where am I?" said a voice, Kowalski looked up to see the penguin had regained conciousness and was looking at Kowalski, "Who are you?" she said. Kowalski walked u to her "I'm Kowalski, we found you unconcious in our habitat" he said, the penguin layed her head back down "Oh" she said, Kowalski started to trying to wipe uo the blood on her side to see if he could find her wounds easier."Can you tell me where you're bleeding?" he asked. The penguin pointed to her flank with her beak "Here" ahe said. Kowalski nodded and looked at were she was pointing, there were three deep cuts in her. "How did you get these?" he said while he walked over to a desk to get something. The penguin layed her head down,"Falcon" she said, Kowalski walked back over to her, "what's your name? " he asked. The penguin began to fall back asleep "victoris" she said closing her eyes.Kowalski looked at her Victoria he thought. Even though she was bloody, Kowalski thought that she was the most beautiful penguin he had ever seen.
(to be cotinued in part 2)