Here comes the second part, as promised:)

CHAPTER TWO: Just like the good old days

"Terry, dear would you please.." started Auriga.
Skippa made an angry grimace, when one of Terry's piece grain shoot him right in the eye.
"Mind your manners, sister" he said through gritted beak.
"You used to do exactly the same when you were younger!" retorted Terry.
Private, Kowalski and Rico giggled in amusement. They would barely ever heard of Skipper’s amusing facts from childhood, and they truly hoped Terry would give them a chance.
"So, how is it, Skippy?" asked Terry, wolfing down her favourite salmon salad. "Already found yourself a girlfriend?"
Skipper send her a glare and said nothing. Auriga looked at her daughter pleadingly.
"Remember you old school days bro, you used to be such a player back then" continued Terry.
"Mind the husks, sister, you're eating too fast" muttered Skipper. He was on the verge of throwing a fit.
"You don't have to play games with me, bro!" retorted Terry. "Trust me guys, Skipper wasn't such a holly penguin in his schooldays as he may seem to you right now" she then winked her eye at Rico and giggled menacingly. Rico blushed slightly and winked back. "For example.. did I ever tell you about Skippa wearing baggy trousers during his school days?"
"Baggy trousers? Really?" asked Private and Kowalski in unisono, joyful grins leaking on their beaks.
"And his pierced beak?" added Terry, without even turning her eyes from above the bowl.
Skipper squinted his eyes at her and balled his flippers into fists.
"He also used to dye his feathers on the top of his head. Yellow, red, and slightly wavy... as far as I recall" said Terry.
"Wow, Skippa, I never knew that!" gasped Private, evidently excited.
"Just one more word, Terry, and you're going to spend the rest of the night outdoors" snapped Skipper, anger and embarrassment written all over his face.
"Boo hooo, I'm so scared" muttered Terry uncaringly, dabbing the salmon with her fork.
"Kids, kids, please!" said Aurora pleadingly.
But Rico, Kowalski and Private seemed to enjoy Skipper’s and Terry’s bantering. They’ve never got the chance to see these kind of scenes before.
After the supper was over, Private waddled up to Kowalski’s lab to get some three extra sleeping bags for the guests.

"Skippa, Skippa, can I sleep in your bunk today?" chirped Terry joyfully, pointing at Skipper's bed.
"You wouldn't like it a bit, sista" smiled Skipper.
"Oh, just let me have a chance, I want to try!" pleaded Terry. " I've always wanted to find out what it is like, sleeping in a military bunk!"
Skipper and Rico exchanged mouthful looks.
"All right, fine" relented Skippa. "But you have been warned, hun!"
"Yay!" cried Terry and started to climb up the ladder..

"Oh, Maan!" moaned Terry, when she woke up in her brothers bunk. She rubbed her sore bum, painful grimace leaking on her face.
"I've told you, it's not suitable for girls!" laughed Skipper and waddled up towards the table to make some coffee.
"Whatever" said Terry and jumped down on the ground. "I'm off to meet some new friends". she took several salmons from the table and gulped them down in one go.
"Watch out for the lemurs!" cried Skipper after her.
He took a quick glance at his mother's sleeping bag. She was still asleep. Rico and Kowalski were already having a warm up on the platform. Private was still inside the HQ, waddling to and fro, rubbing his eyes and yawning dreamily. Skipper decided to wait for his Mum to wake up. He put the coffee machine aside and called on Private to set up the table.
Auriga wriggled slightly in her sleeping bag. As soon as she opened her eyes, she rested a loving smile on her son, and lifted herself up.
"How was your sleep, Mom?" asked Skipper.
"Very good, hun.." replied the Mother Penguin. She got on her feet and took a glance around. "Is Terry already gone?"
"Yup. She's gone for a stroll round the zoo" answered Skippa. "Here's your favourite coffee, Mom." he passed her the cup, took two pieces of salmon and gulped them down; just like his sista did several minutes ago.
"All right, Private, we're off" he announced, putting his plate aside.
"Skippy" said Auriga. "Is this all you're going to have for your breakfast?"
"Err.. yes Mum, I guess that will do for now. We shouldn't stuff ourselves too much before the training."
"One catfish for breakfast is definitely not enough" stated Auriga. "You should have a proper meal for the beginning of the day!"
"Remember that night when you passed out in the middle of our trip to Antarctica? You were just a five year old chick then. You fainted, because you had been starving!"
"I... didn't pass.... out..." said Skipper his face blushing from anger.
"Your father and I were dead worried about you. It took us a great deal of time to bring you back to living. The very memory of this accident brings me shivers".
"All right, Fine!" barked Skipper, his flippers balled into fists. He turned away from the ladder and waddled up towards the table. He gulped down three lumps of catfish, one after another and took several quick sips of coffee, almost burning his throat.
"There, happy now?" he muttered, trying to ignore Private's childish giggle in the background.
"Not so fast, honey, watch out for the husks!" cried Auriga, stretching her flippers towards her son in a protective gesture.
Private clasped his beak and giggled even louder.
Skipper shot him a glare and put his cup on the table.
"All right, Mom, I'm finished, I really have to go now" he muttered.
"Oh, Skippa, I've forgot! Guess what your father and I have found when setting of for our journey! Your favourite yellow baby bib!" she pulled out a sweet, cotton bib, covered with dolphins and fishbone patterns.
Skipper gazed at her in horror, with Private's burst of laughter bouncing against the walls. He was laughing so hard, he lost his balance and fell on the floor.
"Thanks Mom" gritted Skipper and stormed away from the table.
"I will deal with you later, Private" he barked to his youngest soldier when climbing up the ladder. On hearing this, Private stopped laughing immediately and goggled at Skipper in fear.