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Hug Skipper and Kowalski
Hans And Skipper
That face XD
The Real Dundrobium Orchid (Purple)
Masters of disguise
Give me results!
You don't have a family and we're all going to die
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The fans pick: yes
The fans pick: Kowalski
Watson (artific- ial...
The fans pick: Very different !!!!! ><
Very different !!!!! ><
Uuhh, Different .... but just a bit
The fans pick: Yes!!!!!! :D
Yes!!!!!! : D
i used to be, but not anymore.
The fans pick: Sure did!
Sure did!
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big smile
Lt_Kowalski said …
Another greeting to the friends of this club. I was reminiscing on how it was several years back, heheh. And wow, more new fanguins every day. I've not forgotten about you all of you. I know I am mostly on Twitter, but that does't mean I've left here. How do you feel now that our movie is getting closer? It's a HUGE deal and after the coming comes out, we are having a HUGE party for the success! Of course, Skipper wants me to plan it. Hope it goes well and hope you are all doing great! Posted 9 hours ago
mouseandowl commented…
The movie is honestly the best thing going on in my life right now. That''s kind of sad, to be honest, even if it is penguins. 8 hours ago
peacebaby7 commented…
I'm so excited! 5 hours ago
big smile
27Kowalski said …
I don't know about you guys, but I JUST found out that Peter Capaldi—the Twelth and current Doctor from Doctor Who—voiced Uncle Nigel! :D As a Fanguin and Whovian, this is really AWESOME. XD Posted 2 days ago
DrBsNumber1Fan commented…
No way! I didn't know that! 2 days ago
peacebaby7 commented…
Cool! :D 2 days ago
27Kowalski commented…
I know right? X3 1 day ago
peacebaby7 said …
OMP, I found this extension for Chrome that shows a live feed of the penguin exhibit in Sea World. :D Posted 3 days ago
27Kowalski commented…
No way, that's so cool! :D I'm gonna get it ASAP! XD 2 days ago