Penny & Sheldon Reasons!

Lie_to_Me_123 posted on Dec 09, 2009 at 04:01PM
Put reasons why Shenny are Meant to Be!

Or.... if you're just fans of the friendship, just put reasons why you them like that!

You can post as many times as you like!

I'll start.....

1. Because he chose her over Raj.
2. Because 'nobody can be that attractive and be that good at a video game.'
3. Because he went running when she called him when she dislocated her shoulder!
Put reasons why Shenny are Meant to Be! 

Or.... if you're just fans of the friendship, just put re

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over a year ago newmixgirl said…
4. Because she went to comfort him, when he cried over his "toy robot"
5.Be "soft kitty" is their song
6. because she let him stay at her house when he got locked out.
7. He gave her a hug for Christmas(plus like 5 bath baskets)
8. Because she remembers why "it's his spot"
(I think of more...)
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over a year ago newmixgirl said…
9. Becuase Sheldon was more important to her, than having sex with Leonard, and she went to comfort him(3X01)
over a year ago Lie_to_Me_123 said…
10. Because they sang while they worked.
11. Because she gave him Leonard Nimoy's DNA for Christmas!
12. Because he fed her chocolate.
13. Because *knock* Penny! *knock* Penny! *knock* Penny! is the cutest thing ever!
14. Because she touched HIS face when they came from paintball.
over a year ago Lie_to_Me_123 said…
15. Because he leant her money.
16. Because he gave her the sweetest smile after she took it.
17. Because she knew how he liked his food and didn't forget anything!
18. Because 'There is still hope for you yet.' :D
over a year ago newmixgirl said…
16. Because he agreed to teach her physics.
17. Because he respect her " don't-knock-on-my-door-before- 11o'clock-or-I'll-punch-you-in-the-throat-­rul­e&q­uot­;
18. Because she said "sit next to me"
19. Because he helped her out with her "Penny Blossoms".
20. Because "with great power comes great responsibility"
21. Because he has his own spot in her apartment.
22. Because he told her "there there" when she had a bad day
23. Because he cleaned out her apartment, even though it freaked her out
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over a year ago newmixgirl said…
24. Because she made him see "The Lake House" movie
over a year ago Mouraki said…
25. Because his Ken can kiss her Barbie
26. Because he drived her to the hospital even though he didn`t know how to drive.
27. Because he picked even though he said he wouldn`t and he saw her soup (or courage symbol according to Penny) tattoo on her butt.
28. Because he tried to do a small talk with her even though he hates chit chat.
29. Because she asked HIM to teach her physics.
30. Because they went together to the supermarket.
31. Because she asked him to keep a secret and if it wasn`t for valium he would have taking it to his grave.
32. Because she is interfering with his sleep, she is interfering with his work, and if he had another significant aspect of his life, he`s sure she'd be interfering with that too!
33. Because they are Sheldor the Conquer and Queen Penelope.
34. Because Penny is keeping him up at night.

And I`ll try to think of more later! Thank you for starting up this forum! (:
over a year ago Lie_to_Me_123 said…
big smile
No problem!

35. Because he is Batman and she is Catwoman! Ever notice that link before? I saw it in a YT video!
over a year ago newmixgirl said…
36. Because he offered her a Baby Wipe
over a year ago Lie_to_Me_123 said…
37. Because he said 'Hello, Hello Kitty!' he talked to her shorts :D
over a year ago newmixgirl said…
37. Because Penny went to his room.
38. Because she thinks it's cute his Meemaw calls him "Moonpie"
39. Because he told her why his Mewwmaw calls him Moonpie "She calls me moonpie, because I'm yummy yummy and she could just eat me up" <3
over a year ago newmixgirl said…
40. Because he grabbed her boob, by accident, but he didn't let go till like 15 sec later.
over a year ago newmixgirl said…
41. Because Sheldon had to get her into bed
42. Because she said he was like Wall.E
over a year ago newmixgirl said…
43. Because he showed her how to play "Age of Conan"
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over a year ago newmixgirl said…
44. Because Penny said she would miss him (3X13)
45. Because Sheldon considers Penny as one of his closest friends.
46. Because Penny invited Sheldon to stay over if he was too scared to go back to his apartment.
over a year ago newmixgirl said…
47. Because Sheldon hugged Penny again
48. Because they spent Valentine's Day together <3
48. Because Penny made him soup when they were both sick
49. Because Penny was willing to give her place up so Sheldon could go to Switzerland
50. Because Penny gave Sheldon cheesecake because of his award
51 Because of Penny's reactions to when Sheldon wore the black suit
over a year ago Lie_to_Me_123 said…
52. Because his face when his computer came out with 'hiney' instead of 'honey' spoke volumes! XD PRICELESS!
over a year ago mossheart1235 said…
53. Hello! Have you SEEN the Season 1 DVD cover?
over a year ago Shenny4ever said…
LOL @53 and 9. All of them are great though

54- because he asked her on a date
55- because he thinks he is the guy
56- because they are like an old married couple
57- he took his pants off her apartment
58- her name is always in his wifi passwords
59- penny and mary cooper call each other and are really close
60- she knew kirk cheated
61- she bites her lip sometimes when she looks at him