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Does anyone else prefer the PJO books to the Heroes of Olympus?  TheMusicalMolls 0 61 8 days ago
NEW Demigod Creator!  percyandpotter 187 42810 9 days ago
The Lightning Fart: A Parody of The Lightning Thief  tigerwilliams 0 362 7 months ago
Percy Jackson Animated Series  XxLuciaxX 0 421 9 months ago
Make your own character!!!!!!!  fencingrocks 71 6749 11 months ago
Percy Jackson and the Olympians truth or dare  Sonofposiedo 0 228 over a year ago
This is a sequel to The Last Olympian not The Lost Hero but with all the people from The Heros Of Olympus.  PercyJackson100 10 480 over a year ago
PJO Game (absolutely hilarious)  Talkitiv4Thalia 68 4030 over a year ago
The Hunters Of Artemis  bunnyhavoc 6 913 over a year ago
Percy Jackson series survey!  xoxliz1234 28 3796 over a year ago
I need a prophecy!!!!!  Amygoobs 3 202 over a year ago
A Half-Blood Maker  ichigocat 49 4192 over a year ago
Would you like to be a demigod and which godling you like to have?  Dayana1312 0 193 over a year ago
Second Greek gods help picture  percyjackson613 0 221 over a year ago
Help identifying these Greek gods?  percyjackson613 0 309 over a year ago
Child Of God  Kronos-Posiedon 6 687 over a year ago
My Godly Life  Percy___Jackson 4 408 over a year ago
Mythology Parody  jesalp15 0 604 over a year ago
Caught In the Middle  penguin098 152 14143 over a year ago
Character Elimination Game  Geesings 4 497 over a year ago