Percy Jackson & The Olympians Books PJO Game (absolutely hilarious)

Talkitiv4Thalia posted on Apr 05, 2011 at 01:48AM
I saw this on a few other spots and I thought it would be fun to post here. If it's already on this spot, I couldn't find it, but if it is let me know and I'll delete this forum :))

You simply look at the time, and then make a sentence with the options below ;D

The hour on the computer clock:

1h AM/PM --> I punched
2h AM/PM --> I dated
3h AM/PM --> I called
4h AM/PM --> I hugged
5h AM/PM --> I seduced
6h AM/PM --> I killed
7h AM/PM --> I kicked
8h AM/PM --> I asked out
9h AM/PM --> I charmed
10h AM/PM --> I danced with
11h AM/PM --> I slept with
12h AM/PM --> I kissed

Identify the minutes on your computer's clock:

01 or 31 min →Percy
02 or 32 min → Annabeth
03 or 33 min → Thalia
04 or 34 min → Grover
05 or 35 min →Clarise
06 or 36 min → Bianca
07 or 37 min → Nico
08 or 38 min → Jason
09 or 39 min → Piper
10 or 40 min →Leo
11 or 41 min → Silena
12 or 42 min → Zues
13 or 43 min → Persoidon
14 or 44 min → Hades
15 or 45 min → Hera
16 or 46 min → Artemis
17 or 47 min → Apollo
18 or 48 min → Zöe
19 or 49 min → Juniper
20 or 50 min → Kronos
21 or 51 min → Chiron
22 or 52 min → Ares
23 or 53 min → Aphrodite
24 or 54 min → Iris
25 or 55 min → Athena
26 or 56 min → Rachel
27 or 57 min → Hephaetus
28 or 58 min → Hermes
29 or 59 min →Pan
30 or 00 min → Demeter

The colour of your shirt:

White / because I'm in love
Black / Because I was drunk
Pink / Because I’m Nuts
Red / Because the voices told me to do
Blue / Because I cant control myself
Green / Because I Hate myself
Purple / Because Im depressed
Gray / because I wanted to
Yellow / Because someone offered me $1.000.000
Orange / Because I hate Him/Her/It
Other / Because I Love myself

Now put it together and post below.


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over a year ago Alexandra_15 said…
I killed Silena because I'm in love.
over a year ago Shadowsign said…
I punched Hades because the voices told me to.

Yeah, seems like a valid excuse...
over a year ago apollorules123 said…
i punched silena because i was drunk
over a year ago tracytracy2000 said…
I called Percy because I'm in love
over a year ago percy4forever said…
I punched Grover because I wanted to.
over a year ago boredom7 said…
I punched chiron because I wanted to
over a year ago lollypop94 said…
i asked out hades because i can't control myself
over a year ago percabeth-bcz7 said…
I kissed Nico because I'm in love.

Wow. mine was legit :P
over a year ago sparkles3 said…
ima throw up!!
over a year ago pecyjacksonXD said…
I charmed apollo because i cant help myself
over a year ago gabexxx said…
I charmed Hera because I was drunk... LOLZ =DDD
over a year ago percy4forever said…
I asked out Zoe because I wanted to... Yeah that's not awkward at all :P
over a year ago Rustle-sama said…
I hugged Hermes because I'm nuts. T^T
over a year ago fake_alibi13 said…
I danced with Zeus because I can't control myself...
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over a year ago rtzy23 said…
I hugged pan because i love myself
over a year ago trivia101 said…
I seduced hades cuz I was drunk! :O
over a year ago SilverRaven said…
I Hugged Chiron cuz I'm Nutz. =^.^=
over a year ago phoenix_black said…
i called silena cause i was drunk????