Percy Jackson & The Olympians Books PJO Game (absolutely hilarious)

Talkitiv4Thalia posted on Apr 05, 2011 at 01:48AM
I saw this on a few other spots and I thought it would be fun to post here. If it's already on this spot, I couldn't find it, but if it is let me know and I'll delete this forum :))

You simply look at the time, and then make a sentence with the options below ;D

The hour on the computer clock:

1h AM/PM --> I punched
2h AM/PM --> I dated
3h AM/PM --> I called
4h AM/PM --> I hugged
5h AM/PM --> I seduced
6h AM/PM --> I killed
7h AM/PM --> I kicked
8h AM/PM --> I asked out
9h AM/PM --> I charmed
10h AM/PM --> I danced with
11h AM/PM --> I slept with
12h AM/PM --> I kissed

Identify the minutes on your computer's clock:

01 or 31 min →Percy
02 or 32 min → Annabeth
03 or 33 min → Thalia
04 or 34 min → Grover
05 or 35 min →Clarise
06 or 36 min → Bianca
07 or 37 min → Nico
08 or 38 min → Jason
09 or 39 min → Piper
10 or 40 min →Leo
11 or 41 min → Silena
12 or 42 min → Zues
13 or 43 min → Persoidon
14 or 44 min → Hades
15 or 45 min → Hera
16 or 46 min → Artemis
17 or 47 min → Apollo
18 or 48 min → Zöe
19 or 49 min → Juniper
20 or 50 min → Kronos
21 or 51 min → Chiron
22 or 52 min → Ares
23 or 53 min → Aphrodite
24 or 54 min → Iris
25 or 55 min → Athena
26 or 56 min → Rachel
27 or 57 min → Hephaetus
28 or 58 min → Hermes
29 or 59 min →Pan
30 or 00 min → Demeter

The colour of your shirt:

White / because I'm in love
Black / Because I was drunk
Pink / Because I’m Nuts
Red / Because the voices told me to do
Blue / Because I cant control myself
Green / Because I Hate myself
Purple / Because Im depressed
Gray / because I wanted to
Yellow / Because someone offered me $1.000.000
Orange / Because I hate Him/Her/It
Other / Because I Love myself

Now put it together and post below.


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over a year ago Talkitiv4Thalia said…
This is how it works.

I asked out Kronos because I was drunk.
over a year ago brittanyloves said…
I killed Athena because I cant help myself.
over a year ago percyandpotter said…
I danced with Annabeth because I hate her.

I was mad because I was one minute off from dancing with Percy, but I do not hate him at all so I'm cool.
over a year ago vlad_todd_fan said…
I dated Hermes because I couldn't help myself. O_O

*face slap*
over a year ago percyandpotter said…
^^Swap? I'm willing to date Hermes. :D
over a year ago Thalia67 said…
I charmed Athena because I can't control myself.

Great...thats just wonderful:P
over a year ago Bananaaddict said…
I called Ares because I can't control myself. XD
over a year ago penguin098 said…
I kicked Ares because I wanted to.

And then Ares killed me for kicking him...
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over a year ago vlad_todd_fan said…
I charmed Silena because I was drunk.
This is fun
over a year ago Bananaaddict said…
I danced with Jason because...I hate him. WTF?! XD
over a year ago upsidedown10 said…
I asked out Kronos because i was drunk. what did he say back? I cant remember. . .
over a year ago Artemis_8 said…
I killed Ares because I was drunk! Dear gods, Clarisse is going to kill me!
over a year ago upsidedown10 said…
I kissed Grover because I can't control myself.

p.s Clarisse is totally gonna kill u!
over a year ago percyandpotter said…
I called Iris because I can't control myself.
over a year ago vlad_todd_fan said…
I punched Zoe because I wanted to.
how does that work shes in the stars
over a year ago cott4eva said…
I slept with Rachel because I love myself

That's freaky. I'm not gay!
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago upsidedown10 said…
I killed Piper because i hate myself.
over a year ago cott4eva said…
I slept with Pan because I was drunk
over a year ago cott4eva said…
I seduced Kronos because I was drunk.

I would do that if I was actually drunk. I hate the guy!
over a year ago cott4eva said…
I punched Rachel because I was drunk
over a year ago rockology101 said…
i asked out jason coz i cant control myself

i hate jason !!!!!!!
over a year ago vlad_todd_fan said…
i asked out zoe cause i'm depressed
over a year ago AnnaTheDinosaur said…
I seduced Aphrodite because I was drunk...... dear lord I'm scared!
over a year ago ArtemisDiana said…
I asked out Hermes because I'm in love.

Weird. Hermes is cool, but I don't think I could love him.
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago Peracbeth2136 said…
big smile
i charmed ares cuz im in love. lolz ewwwwwwww!!!:D
over a year ago greekgirlA said…
i fucked Nico for the thrill (or cauz he was drunk....i love this game!)

(anyone besides me and s know the meaning of that word?[fucked])
over a year ago happynico94 said…
I slept with Bianca because I was drunk
over a year ago apollorules123 said…
i danced with hermes because i was drunk. ewwwwey
over a year ago UndeadQueen said…
I kicked Rachel because I was drunk.
I'm totally cool with that.
over a year ago amutokitty said…
I punched Percy because the voices told me to!
over a year ago songster909 said…
I dated Apollo because I'm nuts. LOL! That actually kinda makes sense depending on his suckish poetry. Even though he IS the God of poetry.
over a year ago apollorules123 said…
over a year ago apollorules123 said…
i kicked demeter because the voices told me to. piece of cake
over a year ago apollorules123 said…
i charmed aphrodite cuz im i love. (;
over a year ago myth-freak214 said…
I hugged Percy because I was depressed
over a year ago penguin098 said…
big smile
i called BIanca because the voices told me to.

Ha! I fogot how fun this was, even if i have only done this once before
over a year ago percy4forever said…
I hugged Iris becuase the voices told me to
over a year ago LifesGoodx3 said…
I seduced Juniper because I was drunk . . . xD
over a year ago theepicofmico said…
I asked out Percy because i hate myself....
over a year ago HON_Rules said…
I hugged Artemis because im in love O_o
over a year ago CMitchellNerd said…
I asked out Jason because I love him.

I'm the luckiest girl alive :D pucker up Jason
over a year ago songster909 said…
Notes to LifesGoodx3: Grover is gonna make a legion of angry poison plants attack you! LOL!
over a year ago goatlypowers said…
I hugged Athena because I'm in love and I'm drunk
over a year ago apollorules123 said…
i seduced hades because i was drunk. why the hek would any one do that crap?:(
over a year ago percy4forever said…
I hugged Bianca because I'm in love
With Bianca?... Awkward....
over a year ago apollorules123 said…
i danced with aphridite because i cant control myself
over a year ago apollorules123 said…
big smile
i slept with piper because im in love
over a year ago goatlypowers said…
I danced with iris because I'm in love
over a year ago -Soul-Smasher- said…
I kissed Zöe because I hate her.
Oh god...
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over a year ago WiseGirl601 said…
I charmed Hades because I hate him!