hey guys!feal free to comment!I want to know if I should continue with the story...anyway give me your opinion good or bad!__________________________________________________percy pov.________________________________________ I was going down to my cabin after dinner,and I couldve sworn that the fish were yelling help!Anyway on my way there,I was stopped by the Stolls,"Hey percy!We snuck ya some coke from the camp store!"yelled Travis as he started catching up,"umm,thanks?"I said as I popped open a diet.As I started walking away again,I started juggin down some coke,it tasted like colone!Dont ask...anyway when I got to my cabin I blacked out on my bed after I threw away the horrible tasting coke. Annabeth pov.______________________________________________I woke up to an ear splitting girly screech.It sounded like it was from percys cabin!I started running towards his cabin,still in my pjs.When I got to the door I started yelling because it was locked."Percy!Percy are you ok?",what came as a reply was a girls voice,"Annabeth!Is that you?","Yes!Wheres Percy?"as a responce I saw a girl Percys height shadow come and unlock the door,"Turn the light on,"She said.When I turned the lights on,what I saw startled me.Standing in front of me was a girl percys height,about his age,his eyes,even his hair exept shoulder leangh,"wh-wh-wheres Percy?"the girl got a pained expretion,"Annabeth...its me,Percy" Percy pov.__________________________________________I knew I shouldnt have trusted those stolls!They always have a suprise up those prankin little sleeves!But what suprised me the most was what Annabeths first question was,youde think that shed ask how it happend,but noooo,she just had to ask the most embaressing question ever."PLEASEEEEE TELL ME YOU DON'T SLEEP IN THE NUED!!!!"I mightve blushed a little...mabe alot,"Maaabe..."then she slapped me!"Hey!How was I supposed to know I would be turned into a girl by the stolls!""Whait,the STOLLS did this to you?"right when she said that we heard a series of CLICKs.We flew towards the door and saw the stolls run off laughing to their hearts content.