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sonofthesea-god posted on Jul 15, 2009 at 07:02PM
This is a contest where all you have to do is make up a demigod. You must include....

-Name(first and last)
-weapon of choice
-a short story about an adventure your character went on (It may include current characters)

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over a year ago Piper0988 said…
Name: Tatiana McCoy
Parents: Kronos and Sienna McCoy
Age: 15
Hometown: Miami, Florida
Powers: Has power over time. Can freeze time, go back in time, visit the future. Is really powerful
Weapon: Dagger named Kristos.
Description: Long, wavy black hair, brilliant blue eyes
Story: Is a mere outcast. Lives in Camp Half-Blood at a bedroom in the Big House
over a year ago raider3110 said…
name:Chase last name unknown
parent:Neptune (yes the roman Poseidon)
home town: new york new york
weapon of choice: two swords
it all started when i met lupa. She claimed i was a son of neptune the roman god of the sea. At first i didn't believe her even though i never knew my dad. That is until i saw my first monster. first she gave me two swords. Then i started doing as she told me and follow my gut. along the way i met conner a son of Pluto.

i might make the rest and add to the gaps. so possibly to be continued......
over a year ago raider3110 said…
oh ya forgot his powers are controll over water
over a year ago raider3110 said…
and i should probably add some description, so here is some wheres a blue jacket blue fedora he has dirty blond hair and blue eyes he's tall and thin.
over a year ago raider3110 said…
oh come on me ok i'm positive i got everything now his age is 11 ya ya thats really young but his story just started
over a year ago RPG said…
Heres mine!

Name: Rhys Hales

Age: 13

Parent: Greek God Ares and Sally Hales

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Weapons of choice: M16 (with celestial Bronze bullets), Desert Eagle (With celestial Bronze Bullets)
Combat knife, Celestial bronze Gernades, Glock17 (with celestial Bronze bullets)

Story: When Rhys's dad (an solider in the Canadian Army) is killed in action (As he was told by his mom) Rhys is left with only faint memories. But what he doesn't know is his dad is the Greek god Ares. The story about his dad was made by his mom to keep Rhys safe. When his 13th birthday comes along his mom tells him who his dad really is, But when they are suddenly attacked by monsters his mom drives him to camp half blood were he learns to use his weapons of choice an M16, Desert Eagel, Glock17, Combat knife and grenades. No sword or bow felt right in his hands so he used the guns witch were a gift from his father Ares. Rhys became best friends with Percy even though most people don't like Sons/Doughters of Ares. Rhys became respected by everyone and became a demigod legend.
over a year ago yummaz said…
Name: George

Hometown: California/Olympus

Parents: poseidon/Artemis

Weapon of choice: Apollos bow/Ice blade

About George: medium length blonde hair,tanned,a splash of freckles,bulky,green eyes and really fast.

Story:George is the most powerful demigod ever born nd since he waz born from 2 gods he has no last name.At the age of 12 he started having nightmares about kronos trying to bring him into his army so he told Artemis and Posiedon.Somehow lord Zeus found out and thought that George waz to dangerous so after a year zeus came up with a perfect plan to kill george.zeus invited george to the throne room for a special 13 birthday walked into to the throne room and couldnt see anyone.When george sat down on his chair it activated a button wich made the ground open up and he fell and fell and fell into the california coast.since george was a son of posiedon he lived as the water is his home turf. meanwhile on olympus zeus has banned any god to help george otherwise they will suffer eternal pain in the fields of swam to the beach and luckily he was wet this time so people didnt ask to much questions as george has the power to keep himself dry in his head a voice was telling him 2 go to 26 beach rd to get to safety.suddenly in a flash of light a golden chariot and not like those crummy gold things you get from the store but a pure gold chariot flew over head and instantly i thought of apollo my uncle.a golden phone dropped in front of me so i picked it up and studied it turned out it was the phone of apollo and instead of calling it sent out automatic iris messages without golden drachma nd if i pressed the middle button an ice blade that glowed shiny silver and blue wich waz from mum and dad i guessed.if i pressed the button on the top on the grip it transformed into a fiery bow and then i realized it was the boww of apollo thank the gods for this gift well except i starting walking to the adress 26 beach road a bunch of girls approached me.i no im good looking but at what i look like right now i thought it mite be a gang trying to steal my money or something so i walked away quickly but then the one that looked like the leader blocked my way and said"i am thalia first lieutenant of the hunters lead by your mother,we were asked to assist you to camp.when they walked into camp george was assigned to cabin lll posiedons trained and trained and a prophecy was told that at the age of 16 he will decide the fate of olympus..... the end
over a year ago SeaBrat said…
Name: Collette Johnson
Age: 17
Parent: Hecate
Hair color: depending on her mood or what she wants to look like ( usually long black loose beach curls)
Eye color: whatever she wants ( usually the color of the setting sun)
Weapon of Choice: Anything and everything
Talents: potions, mutation, sword fighting, and singing

" What is she doing here?" Amanda frowned deeply behind her posse. " I heard that she has like problems," she giggled to her bought wannabe friends. Collette bit her lip as she grabbed her lunch tray.
" She is so odd," Lacey giggled, trying to fit in.
" Didn't her dad send her away?" Natalie whispered.
" No, her dad didn't want her, he left her alone while he left to London," Amanda grinned.
" Who wouldn't do that?" Emily snickered.
" I heard her mom didn't even want her," Amanda held her head high, showing off her Blue diamond necklace and her Pandora bracelets. Collette whipped her head around.
" At least I don't have to spend my PARENT'S money to feel good about myself," she remarked coldly.
" At least I have money and i have parents, unlike you," Amanda huffed, her minx jacket fluffed. Then everything changed. Collette's eyes glowed like an ember, the lunchroom exploded and was sent on Amanda and her posse. They screamed as meat loaf stained their cardigans and Chanel skirts. But Collette wasn't done, sewage water came bursting from the pipes, covering the girls in waste.
" Collette walked over to the pile of food and waste.
" Do not talk about my family like that again," Collette warned and stormed out of the building. She ran to her house and let the tears flood out. Her eyes were dark blue at the moment, her hair was long to cover her face.
" Why do I have to be such a freak?" she asked the sky.
" Collette! You have to come with me!" called a voice. Out from the brush came her friend Grover, she was his only friend. Collette looked at him with confused platinum eyes. " They are after you!" he stopped next to her gasping.
" Grover? What are you talking about?" she chocolate brown hair was pulled back into a messy bun.
" No time to explain," he said between breaths. " Come with me,"
" I'm not going with you anywhere until you explain," she crossed her arms. Suddenly a growl came from nearby.
over a year ago SeaBrat said…
Name: Vera Jackson
Age: 16 forever
Parent: Poseidon
Eye color: sea green
Complexion: very pale
Hair color: elbow length pitch black hair
Weapon of choice: Bow and arrow, hunting knife
Talents: drawing, singing, sword fighting, archery, swimming
Interests: being a hunter of Artemis, killing monsters, listening to music, planning to kill a certain demigod, getting girls to become a hunter
over a year ago snowwhite099 said…
here's mine

Name- Nicky Cole
Age- 11
Parents- Mars(yes roman god) and Kayla
Eye color- bright amber
Complexion- tan
Hair- red shoulder length curls
Weapon of Choice- sword
Talents- fighting,drawing,singing
Interests- being a pro monster hunter,going on at least 5 quests,meeting my dad

Nicky's first monster was a gorgon.It was Medusa.Nicky was a roman taken to camp half blood.She was great at Latin and fought differently then the Greeks.Chiron was the first to notice her roman abilities. the good thing is that the Romans and Greeks were friends now.So Chiron went to Reyna. after that they made a secret promise, and that's when Nicky's story began.
over a year ago sparkles3 said…
name: Lilia Soa (so a)
age: 11 1/2
parent:Apollo and Megan Soa
weapon: hypnotic voice (like a siren), bronze butter knife, bow and arrow
looks: long, curly dirty blond hair w/ purple highlights, lavender eyes, long scar down left arm, purple tee shirt w/ a golden glitter cat, jeans or jean skirt, biker boots
birth day: 10-31-1998
hometown: was born in Chicago, moved to camp half blood once she found out she was a half blood

story: I was walking home from school on Friday the 13th. i shoulda known i would have bad luck... so i was walking and i passed a pet store. all the little kids were crowded around a cage. they said it was a chihuahua, but it was WAY to big to be a chihuahua. and it was like a miss of a bunch of animals. i kept walking home. then this hippie girl, Delia, that always followed me around at school sort of appeared next to me. she said, "follow me. your in danger." i was still thinking about that chihuahua, so it really startled me. i followed her, i don't know why, but i ended up at camp half blood and was claimed the second i got through the gate while being chased by a chimera.
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over a year ago sparkles3 said…
this is the Lilia one continued.

so i got through the gate, and i had had such a rush, i didn't even realize my arm was bleeding really REALLY bad. i still have a scar from that BTW. a sun thingy was glowing above my head and i was really freaked but i felt right at home for the first time. and for the first i felt really calm, but only on the inside. Chiron healed my arm to the best of his abilities. i was put in the infirmary cause i lost so much blood. Percy came in and i had read the books. we became pretty good buddies. but my bff at camp will always be annabeth.
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over a year ago sparkles3 said…
i have another 1!
name: Gracie Angel
Parents: Mortal, Criss Angel Mindfreak, Immortal, Hecate
Looks: long shaggy black hair,haunting kaleidoscopic eyes, tall, pretty face.
weapon of choice: explosive magic kit or Greek fire
hometown: Los Angeles, California, moved to NY because her dad got a job offer there.
b-day: 12-31-1996 at midnight
story: Gracie was always the weirdo at her old school, but in New York, she was almost normal. she was very respected for her amazing magic tricks that her dad taught her. it might also have been cause her dad was extremely famous. she went to Yancy Academy with Percy and Grover. when the Miss Dods thing happened, Gracie had been Levitating over building and looking in the skylight. Mr. Brunner saw that she was a child of Hecate her and knew that she would not be safe in Yancy anymore. he sent her to camp and left a decoy in her place. Gracie wrote a letter to her dad to let him know that she was okay. she went on all the quests with Percy cause he was her best friend. she was also there when Percy defeated Kronos. the gods offered her immortality, but she just really wanted to follow after her father and be a famous Magician.
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over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
Name: Simona Grace
Parents: Piper McLean and Jason Grace
Age: imortal at 13
Weapon: charmspeak, Controling the winds, Hunters of Artemis tools, A hair circlet that transforms into a sword/sheild
Hometown: Brampton, Ontario
Story: She was almost kidnapped when she was 5 but she got lost and was found by Tristen McLean who she lived with until she was 11 when she wanted to find her parents. She traveled a lot and joined the hunters of Artemis at the age of 13. From there she found her way to camp Jupiterand later on camp half blood.
Description: She has the looks of her mother and father both. From her mother she has her choppy brown hair and kaleidoscope eyes. She has the same smile and Aura of power as Jason has.She is shy but is fearce if you make her mad. She has the ability to charmspeak.
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over a year ago PFEIFFER11 said…
Name:Shade Coffin

Home town:(made up) Bellasville,New Jersey
Age :15
Weapon : her sword that is similar to nico's
Looks :long dark hair,dark grey eyes skinny. ,pale
Story: Shade walked into the forest luckily avoiding the harpies."Hello Shade." Shade turned around to see her grandfather Thantos. Then next thing she knew her father Hades was there too. "Your mother is dead you know, "said Hades. "Yes. I know." Shade kept her face straight. "We are here to tell you something about Tara,"said Thantos. Tara was Shade's 2nd cousin. "She shouldn't be trusted we think she might be working for Gaea,"said Hades. There was thunder in the distance. "She's gone a lot,"shade answered. "Were not for sure but Zeus is very angry with Apollo even though he has no intelligence on what Tara is doing,"said Hades. Apollo was Tara's father.The thunder got louder. "Even though Apollo has know intelligence on it he is mad that Zeus accused him of it,"said Thantos.The thunder sounded as though it was right over them. "Zeus is trying to convince people that Apollo knows,all I'm say is be careful of Tara - This time the thunder was very loud and lightning hit the tree next to shade. "We need to go," said Thantos and both of them disappeared. Shade pondered on the subject all the way back to her cabin and until she fell asleep.She needed to stop telling Tara secrets.
over a year ago robsessed1234 said…
Name: Andromeda Collins
parent: Persephone
Hometown: Bradford, Pennsylannia
weapon of choice: Celestial bronze dagger (synkomidí̱)
Friends: Rose (daughter of Athena), Jake (son of apollo), Ally (daughter of Demeter)
eye color: hazel, almost golden
Hair color: Dark, long brown hair.
skin: Ungodly pale with a splash of freckles.
I have a long version, so I'll just put the prophecy from my story.

four will travel to the world down under.
and awaken he from his eternal slumber
it is up to one if you succeed or fail
and at the hands of a loved one
the most important will not prevail,

tell me if you want the full story
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over a year ago totallymia said…
Name: Victoria Jeanie (pronounced Genie)

mortal parent: Cassie Jeanie
Olympian parent: Aeolus

Hometown: NYC, New York

Weapon of choice: A magical whip given to her by her father, it can go far and it wont hurt mortals, she also uses her sword

Short Story: her mother died so her father, trying to help her find her way to camp half blood, accidentally led her into the cyclops cave that Annabeth, Luke, Thalia, and Grover would soon travel to. She was stuck in the cave for a while till she heard them. and decided to help them get out alive. Since then they traveled together running to camp half blood. Victoria never liked Luke so, like family, instead of saying love you they said, "I hate you" because They didn't like each other. Once there Thalia and her stayed to fight the monsters off, but when Thalia didn't make it Victoria was furious she defeated the rest and then went back with Annabeth and Luke. Annabeth and Victoria made a promise that when it was time and Victoria joined camp they would be best friends and nothing could come in between them.
soon after on a beach Victoria was attacked by a hell hound, Athena, on the same beach, watched as Victoria defeated all the hell hounds without training and by herself. There were 4 hell hound that would've killed her if she wasn't powerful. Athena decided to take her in and help her train. Victoria was trained by the gods and hunters of Artemis to. At the end of her training she was off to camp but not before the goods gave her special gifts.
Victoria returned to camp when she was 10. When she got there Annabeth was training with a few of the other campers, some from the ares cabin and some of her brothers and sisters. Annabeth saw Victoria and didn't really recognize her. Victoria walked down to where they were training and joined them. Annabeth stood back as they attacked Victoria, but just as she had finished the monsters off when Thalia died, she defeated them all. Victoria looked at Annabeth, so Annabeth challenged her. and using some of the gifts from the gods Victoria won. Suddenly Annabeth remembered her and they were best friends forever
over a year ago Ladyofthe-Light said…
Name: Akira (Celeste) Hoshi-Taki
Age: 13
Hometown: Hong Kong China but she's Japanese
Parent: Celeste is actually the devine creation of the Japanese Goddesses Kaguya and Amaterasu
Weapon of choice: A weapon known as the Imperial Yumi the Imerpial bow.
Story: Celestial is her nickname meaning Celestial, the two goddesses of the moon and sun came together and chose a human male, forming together they became for a short time one woman to produce Akira. Her father died two weeks after she was born. She was brought up as a deity a Devine. Her mothers send her to New York with her friend and fellow demi-god Chieo son of the god of creation. As the daughter of the moon goddess she controls water, darkness, ice and tides, and as sun she has the power of light and fire. In New York she comes face to face with Annabeth and Percy. Ending in a fight. Chiron steps in when she summons her mother Kaguya knocking herself and Percy out. Waking up in Half-Blood Hill after speaking to her mothers in her dreams she agrees to help them with Kronus.
Description: She has short black hair whoose fringe falls over one eye it s natural streaked with silver and she has metaillc silver eyes. She is loyal but has a quick temper she does not get on with Percy shouting at him every time he says Posiden is better then Kaguya. But she in times becomes like a sister to him!
over a year ago BitemeIVampire said…
Name: Eragona Waverly Ryder
Godly Parent: Poseidon
Mortal Parent: Kattarin Ryder
Description: Auburn hair that was more on the red side. 5' 2 3/4" tall about 113llbs Goth/ Punk Rock. Hazel eyes that most the time are sea green but are sometimes brown or hazel. Pale like British people. Doesn't have dyslexia but has bipolar disorder and can't understand math
Age: 13
Likes: Cats Reading Writing Singing Making movies Playing Video Games.
Dislikes: Snakes Spiders Horses Coffee Alcohol Half brother Krishna Beckum son of Ares cousin Emily Wright daughter of Demeter and Chiron's Cousins the Party Ponys.
Story: Eragona who we shall call Era was playing Skyrim when it killed me off for no reason for the 3rd time and almost flooded Peru IN the place i was living at the time and my mom came in and I said WTF just happend and she said get in the van and i'll get Krishna and we'll get Criss Jonson( son of Hermes) and we'll go to Manhattan to leave you at Camp Half Blood. she said all this after she told me of me lineage.
Hometown: Peru IN
Current living placement: Camp Half-Blood/ With Percy Jackson and Sally.
Wepon of choice: Celestial Bronze Sword water powers A dagger Poseidon gave me that is forged with the essence of Water.
over a year ago RobertWatson11 said…
Name:Zack Watson Age:16 Hometown: Ketchikan, Alaska Parent:Posiedon Weapon of Choice: indestructable Dagger at night, indestructable sword at day Story: he was walking along Carlana lake when he saw people being attacked by a monster, so he pulled out a weapon he has had as long as he can remember and faces the monster when he sees 2 twins of the monster and a bullman so he slashes at the first one (a fury), then its twins, then he charged the bullman and it charged him, he felt a sharp pain in his gut, and saw the bullman crumble to dust, then blacked out and was told to go to cabin 3 because in his sleep he was claimed, he is curently great friends with percy,annabeth,jason,thalia,grover,piper,l­eo,­fra­nk, and hazel.
over a year ago DanielZapMaster said…
Name:Daniel Yarlett
Weapon of choice:Golden sword that turns into a watch.
Story: Daniel always wanted to prove himself so he took a quest that on many occasions should have killed him and his friends,Bianca and Nick. Bianca was a very smart daughter of athena while nick was a very skilled son of hades.But Nick had a problem his dark side got out and was going to take over the underworld. It was their job to get there and stop that from happening. But things went bad from the start. As soon as they got to the airport Nick sensed somethhing....something very deadly. They took their seats and got ready to go. Being a son of hades Nick was terified the whole flight. When they landed they got stuck in the walk way and were stuck with 3 old ladies and a stray dog. Then as they were leaving the old ladies turned into hags with leathery wings and red eyes full of hatred.the dog turnef into a chimera.straight away Daniel went after the chimera. Bianca and Nick attacked the furies.but they over ran them. "Get off the plane now!" yelled Daniel. They didnt argue Daniel latched the door behind them. Daniel finally killed the chimera but the furies had him cornered in the back of the plane. Daniel just smirked and said,"This is were you die." Then a bolt of lightning struck the plane blowing it to nothing but scrap and flames. Just then Daniel walked out of the flames smiling. "Lets get to hades." said Daniel.
over a year ago DanielZapMaster said…
Physical description: Tall,Dark brown hair,brown eyes,mediumly muscular.
Personality:Very cocky,natural leader,caring,hot tempered,social at times of peace,violent.
If u wanna know anything else or u wanna hear the end of my story just ask
over a year ago ShadowStalker12 said…
name:Luis Flores
Weapon:4-foot long stygian iron sword and 12-inch stygian iron dagger
story:He was walking down the street with his cousin,Ramsey,son of Apollo.His name is Luis,son of Hades.They had a destroy the bottomless pit,Tartarus.They didnt know how it would end but they knew they would have limitless power if they did.

ask if u wanna know the rest :)
over a year ago cuteypuffgirl said…
Mine :)

Name: Vyxin Fester
Parent: Hades
Mortal Parent: Carrieta Fester
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Appearance: Goth/Punk style clothing. Chest-length wavy black hair with faint red highlights. Pale complexion with many freckles. Black eyes and thin lips with a piercing on her lower lip. Usually seen in black makeup. Three ear piercings in right ear and four in left. 5'9 with a healthy build. Has a nose ring as well. Wears spiky bangles most of the time, has faint scars on right hand and has a faint skull tattoo on her left ankle. Raspy, yet strong voice and diagnosed with depression, dyslexia and ADHD
Personality: Fierce, stands up for herself, doesn't talk much unless someone provokes her, has a grudge against her dad since he abandoned her and her mother at a young age. Doesn't like people insulting how she looks and likes metal music although has a soft spot for classical tunes, violent, generally cool-tempered although can be fiery when angry, moody, and can wield a sword well. Hates people who believe in stereotypes and can take things way too seriously.
Age When Claimed: 15
Weapon of Choice: An arm-length Stygian iron blade.
Short Story: (how she found out she was daughter of Hades)

It's amazing what can happen within such a short span of time. It truly is. Especially if you're a demigod, which makes it EXTREMELY amazing. Believe me, it does. I'm Vyxin Fester, undetermined demigod from Camp Half-Blood. It's extremely unbelievable, I know. But it's true. If you're undetermined, they shove you in the Hermes cabin... which they say used to be way more. They said once you're thirteen, your godly parent will claim you. I've been here for three years, all-rounders, since I was twelve and no one has claimed me yet. Tragic I know, but honestly I couldn't care less. That was, until, I accidentally summoned a undead skeleton army. Here's the story.
I was out in the forest on a late Saturday evening when the air was crisply cool and the sky was a faint shade of pink. As I walked past tress and nymphs, I finally came upon the dining pavilion. You may have heard, but there's a huge crack in the middle which some people say was caused by the son of Hades, Nico di Angelo. Let me tell you, when I first met him I knew instantly we had something in common. I couldn't pinpoint the something but I felt a sort of connection to him. He had this sort of aura around him that reminded me of myself. Then again...anything's possible. As I stood there in the middle of the empty pavilion, I suddenly heard voices behind. I turned. It was Genevieve Hansaw, daughter of Hecate, Goddess of Magic. She was about a foot shorted than me, yet had three feet of attitude. "Where you going, Vaseline?" she said in the squeaky annoying voice of hers. Vaseline...when she first asked my name I had mumbled it, which in a raspy voice can ruin the effect and she heard that became my name. Also, she said my hair looked idea where that came from. "Leave me alone, Hand-Saw," I replied using her annoying nickname, "Do't you have anything better to do? Like, locating your brain perhaps? Some of her gang snickered, but she shut them up. "You'll pay, Vaseline," she said before launching into a prayer to her mother. My hand went towards my Stygian blade, her mother was the goddess of Magic, she could turn me into a rabbit if I wasn't careful. "Poor undetermined one," Genevieve said menacingly, "No wonder, she isn't claimed. What god would want her?" she laughed. My anger got the best of me and I raised my blade. Suddenly the ground shook. The crack in the middle of the pavilion opened up. Genevieve and her gang screamed. Two bony hands shot up from the crack followed by may others. Several skeletons emerged from the crack. Genevieve screamed for help but no one came. Suddenly there was a flash of light and the skeletons were gone. Chiron came galloping towards us. "Vyxin? What was-?" he never got to finish the sentence because a ring of light appeared around me. I shielded my face because it felt as though I was doused with cold water. Then a bright light shone in front of me. It was a hologram. I recognized it immediately. "Holy Zeus," muttered Chiron. I bent down and looked at the hologram. It was the Helm of Darkness. Hades' Helm of Darkness. "'re a daughter of H-Hades," muttered Chiron. I looked at him wide-eyed, "What?!"


There you go! Well, here's a brief pic of how she might look like. Thanks for reading :)

over a year ago SmoshMaya1 said…
Name-Mykayla Tides



Hometown-Honalulu Hawaii

Hair-Deep Red Hair

Eyes-Bright Red

Weapon Of Choice-Steel Bow and Steel sharp arrows

Rivals-Luke and Clarrise

Friends-Percy,Grover,Anebeth,and Thalia

Story-Washed up on beach with bow and arrows. When 5 shot first shark. When 9 went on 5 month voyage. When returned she caught and klilled 50 phirahnas, 5 dolphins, and 2 sharks. At 11 she was named the big surfer of honalulu. When 13, sister Anebeth caim and took her to Camp Half Blood.

Discription-Tough but friendly. If u get to mean you loose your life with steel weopen. Fought luke when first introduced.
over a year ago Meagan1717 said…
Daughter of Greek Poseidon/ Roman Canens (Goddess of song)
Dirty Blond Hair Blue/Green/Gray eyes depending on mood
Weapon: Celestial bronze sword with named carved in it in Greek had it whole life not knowing changes into a working iPod. Always comes back. Around 5'5 tall for a 12 year old
Has silver pegasus and golden-tipped wings called Glider.
Her mom gifted her with mortally when baby. Can persuade people to do anything with singing. Can tame animals with it. Her mom is a secret. From a small town in Maine. Loves green. Funny laid-back, excellent sword-person. Loves to read (in Roman and Greek) Don't get on her bad side or your gonna get it. Other than that talkative laid-back and really funny. Has a necklace that can make force field for 2 people (gift from dad)

She was in was riding the bus home from school when a bully started bulling her best friend, Noah she got real angry and the guy turned into a weird looking thing. Noah pulled on the emergency brake and they fled out the door. I was really confused and Noah wouldn't tell me anything. We took a train to NYC. I didn't think anyone would miss me, and he brought to a camp. The whole time I heard weird noises and thought someone was following us. That Friday we played capture the flag. I was off to the side doing nothing. Then I saw someone running with the flag with people by their side. I knew they weren't going to make it. So I joined in. I was fighting and got cut in the upper arm. I kept on fighting. We got to the creek where ours we and we won. I was barley in the water when it began to rise. I trident made of water was above my head and I was 6 feet in the air. I just got claimed by my father.
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Daughter of Greek Poseidon/ Roman Canens (Goddess of song)
Dirty Blond Hair Blue/Green/
over a year ago ticotyler said…
Name: Jake Learman


Hometown: New York, New York

Weapon of choice: Stygian Iron Falcata's

Story: Jake was a normal everyday teenager that would walk home from school with is friend Jason. His Demigod life was as normal as could be until it happened. As he was walking home from school with his friend Jason a huge Minotaur rampaged through a brick wall. Jake had been practicing his fire powers for a while so he used them to defeat the Minotaur, but not without a fight. Later on he was ambush by a Dracaenea in the school bathroom and was saved by Apollo god of Poetry and the Sun. He Later on ended up in a fight with Ares the God of War, won, and was rejected by the Ares and Aphrodite cabins. He later on found out his father was Hades god of the underworld and set out on a quest to retrieve the key to the doors of the field of punishment. He fought a 20 foot tall Minotaur, Lycanthrope, and a Chimera. He faced his final challenge Phobos and Deimos. After he had one last rematch with Ares and defeated him yet again. He Left the camp for the summer to visit his mother when he was contacted by his new friend Leo to defeat a Drakon while on vacation with his mother. He then continued his journey.

Description: Pure dark red eyes. 6 feet 6 inches. Hair: Black. White skin. Tiny scar across the right side of his lip. Friendly, Strong,fast, Agile, fair eye sight, sees well in the dark, likes playing with fire (literally), and will have no problem beating your face in if messed with to much.
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-Name(first and last) Siesie Pennington. Siesie is not her real name, but the name the nickname came from is unknown.
-parent- Mortal. Her grandfather is Vulcan.(Roman Camper)
-Hometown- Unknown. Somewhere around San Fransisco, for sure.
-weapon of choice- A small Imperial Gold knife.
Age: around, oh, 14 or 15, but to anyone looking she is twelve. She stays the age she died at.
-a short story about an adventure your character went on (It may include current characters)
A small girl, mabye two or three, was screaming her head off at the guards in front of her. It looked strange: a small hobo child screaming down a tunnel. The guards tried not to look at her-it could be a monster in disguise. It wasn't everyday you saw a little girl in hippie clothes trying to get in a camp for demigods.
Finally, the guard on the left broke. "FINE! I'LL LET YOU IN!" She screamed, grabbing the toddler's little hand. The toddler grabbed tight and dragged her into the tunnel, her burly hand squeezing. Was that because of her age, or was it because of her parent?
A 12-year-old girl screamed into the abyss, chained to a wall. Her purple shirt and pants were ragged and ripped, and her wavy brown hair was knotted and dirty.
"Quiet, child." A deep voice rasped from the bottom of the abyss. "Relax, and it will all be over soon."
Suddenly, the girl knew where she was. Tartarus, of course! And the voice could only be...
"I s-said, LEMME GO!" She repeated.
"You could have done this the easy way, child." Saturn spit back. "NO MORE!"
Pure darkness began to creep up the girl, covering her body and snaking up her hair. All of a sudden, she heard a battle cry and the shadows dissapeared, her chains being cut off with a gold spear.
Jason Grace, of course, come to recruit Lares for the battle against Saturn.
"Let's go, before he comes after you!" The blonde whispered, dragging the weak girl along. The bottom of her hair would forever be black and brittle, to remember the day.
Of course, like for all Lares, it was no use. The girl later died in battle a few weeks later against Saturn's army against the Romans. The gods took pity on her, and suddenly she sprang up again, pale and transparant. She fought with her camp untill they had won.
Siesie was now a Lar.
over a year ago DJDiscord said…
Oh, yeah, wavy brown hair, pale skin, and green eyes. Burly hands and slightly muscly build like all Vulcans.
over a year ago Caleigh210 said…
Juliette McAthy

Daughter of Athena

New York, New York

A necklace given to her by her mother, that when pulled, transforms into a 12 inch bladed dagger

"Let her go!" The man's grip around my neck grew tighter, and the world around me started to loose it's colour.
"Give it to me, or I will kill the girl." Rene's voice started to grow softer as my lungs started to scream for air. No matter how hard I tried to pry his arm from me, it was all useless.
"Percy, don't..." All that came out was a chocked whisper. I can't feel my hands anymore. There's no use fighting now. The only thing I can feel right now is just a wave of exhaustion.
The clank of his sword hit the ground and rang loudly through my ears. He can't do it. He can't give the package to Rene.
"I have it right here, so let her go." His voice choked on tears, just as I felt my own trickle down my face. My vision's gone. It's all black. Then a shock ran through my body and glorious air rushed into my lungs. I tore greedily at the air, sucking in lung full by lung full.
"Juliette..." Strong arms pulled me off of the ground and against the warmth of a body, sending a little feeling back into mine.
"Good doing business with you, Mr. Jackson." Rene's awful voice cut through the air. Tears were spilling out over my cheeks and Percy's grip around me tightened. No, we failed. We failed this quest. Just because we were naive about a man we thought we knew. I shut my eyes, trying to make it all go away, but I knew it wasn't going to do anything.
"Juliette, Juliette look at me." Percy tilled my head up wards, and I opened them again, thinking that seeing his face would make me feel better. Though all it did was tear at my heart, because I knew that he would never have the same feelings as I did for him. And, obviously, it made me feel even worse. Honestly, deep inside me I always knew that my father wasn't to be trusted, yet I did anyway. We did anyway.
"I'm so sorry." I whispered through my tears. His eyes were soft, and he pulled me into a hug, a hug that I wanted to stay in forever.
"No, don't be." Was what he whispered over and over again as he held me, and the crack of dawn spread light out over our little part of the world.

There are some changes that I made from the original fanfic I wrote. If you want to read more, message me or something. =D
over a year ago Caleigh210 said…
Unlike other daughters of Athena, Juliette has dark brown hair and grey eyes that are surrounded by a dark blue. Her skin is fair and she's fit, being one who likes to take up running.
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Okay here I go ...
Name Angela lilacsus
Parent Eros
Hometown new York
Bow and arrows that makes you turn good or bad , a bottle of love potion from dad and a sling shot
Story :
Angela was walking towards the park to have a picnic when she saw her friend Tom running towards her " what are you doing here your not supposed to come until ten thirty not nine forty five ? " said Angela . " got... to ... uh oh ." said Tom . " what?" " no time to explain just run ! " Angela looked back and saw a Minotaur running or that's what it looked like coming towards them angela always thought that they were just a myth but she was way wrong . " what are you doing run ! " shouted Tom . Angela woke up from her daze and started to run towards Tom her brown hair flying all around her face making it hard to see where she was going . Then things got worse Tom took a turn and Angela took the wrong turn into a dead end and the Minotaur was right behind her . Being attacked by a Minotaur was really bad for college reputation matter of fact it would be bad for high school she thought. Then she saw the Minotaur trudging in her direction then she remembered something she reached into her pocket and took out her sling shot but there was nothing to shoot with then something fell from the sky . It was a kind of metal stone made from something she has never seen so she put it in her sling shot and aimed at the chest of the Minotaur but before she could fire the Minotaur threw a pipe at her slamming her into the wall . When she looked at the ground she saw blood then she got up ran towards the Minotaur and fired the metal stone . It hit him in the chest and he disintegrated leaving the ring around its nose . Angela crawled over and grabbed the ring before she blacked out . When she woke up she was in a room with a boy standing in the corner " Where the chiz am I this isn't the dead end ! " she shouted . " be careful your body hasn't healed fully yet so just rest . " said the boy " my name is Noah whats yours ? " " Angela where am I and where's the minotaur ring ? " shouted Angela . " the ring is in that box on the counter and you are at camp half blood the camp for Demi gods and it looks like your one of them . " said Noah . " what ! I'm the child of a god who's child am I ?" said Angela " we don't know yet but we're going to find out . " said Noah . Afew minutes later Tom came in the door but what surprised Angela was that he had fury legs , hooves and a tail that was short . " wha ... Huh... How... Why does Tom look like a goat man ?" asked Angela " oh hi Angela you might be wondering why my legs look like this it is because I am a satyr . " said Tom . After hearing that she fainted. " Angela ... Angela... " " who's there ?" " it's me your father ." " you mean my father the god ? " " yes im that father . " " what are you doing here ? " I came to give you two gifts . " " what are they ? " " here they are a bow and arrows and a love potion . " " wow these are cool . " " my time here is up it is time to go ." " wait don't go . " Then Angela woke up looking at Noah and a centaur . " hello Angela my name is Chiron and we have found out who your god parent is ." " who ? " said Angela " your father is ... Eros god of love ."
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By the way when does this contest end ?
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It was sooooooo embarrassing telling that story
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oh she likes japanese music and uses the word sagapore a lot which means i love you
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Name:Courtney Grace
Age: 17
Parent: Zeus
Hometown: Los Angles
Weapon: Lightning strike(an electric spear)
Looks: Spiky jet black hair that goes past her shoulders. A lot of freckles. Electric blue eyes. She can be ignorant and can be pretty tough when she wants to be. She has a giant displeasure for the colour pink and Aphrodite and makeup. She gets along with a lot of people that usually agree with her.
Story: Not a lot of people knew she existed, not even the gods. After Thalia ran away, she had to stay with her mother until she died in the streets of Los Angles. She had to go live with Percy Jackson when she found out her mom had married a second man. Gabe Ulgiano. You weren't really happy about though. You guys both went to Yancy Academey toghter and camp half bloood. She got claimed there as a daughter of Zeus.

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I'm making a second one because I don't like my first one
Name : Trina linard
Age : 12
Parent : Demeter
Hometown : she actually moves around a lot but since her dad died she lives in a small mansion which people think is haunted . . . Because of her .
Weapon : bladed discus , sling shot and sword that can turn into a spear , dagger and a torch ( just incase someone can see through the mist . Did I mention that the torch is REALLY bright
Looks : earth brown hair , emerald green eyes that makes you feel like your under a trance , red jacket , blue shirt , yellow skirt , yellow shoes and red socks
Story : Trina was waiting for Loro her friend to come over to her house . When he arrived they went inside " so what're ya gonna show-" said loro when suddenly there was a tall lady standing behind one of the doors . " hello children I'm here to look after both of you ssssspecial children ." she said in a raspy voice . " are you getting married ? " asked loro " dude it's a long BLACK dress not a WHITE dress you dummy ! " I said to him . I pushed loro back into the tall lady and loro accidentally pulled her skirt down revealing two snake tails for legs . " LORO RUN ! " I shouted as I grabbed his arm " well that was cool ! " said loro . Trina opened a door and pushed loro inside and quickly ran inside a hole in the wall . Then the snake lady passed them " what's this ?" Trina said as she was picking up a bag . She opened it and inside was a discus with blades , a sling shot , a sword and wooden blocks " cool ! Can I have the wooden blocks ? " said loro " sure it's not like if you bang them together really hard they'll turn into swords " said Trina in a sarcastic voice . Just then two scaly hands Trina and loro then threw them on the wall " GOTCHA ! " shouted the snake lady. Trina was bleeding ( well the wall had a bit of sharp rocks and glass ) loro banged the wooden blocks together really hard and they turned into swords " w-w-well th-tha-thats good f-for you . " trina said weakly " NEVER EVER HURT ANYONE WHO IS DEAR TO ME . EVER !" shouted loro . Loro slashed at the lady but she blocked it with one of her snake legs . The part that was cut off disintegrated but the bad news is that loro got knocked unconscious " you think you can stop me like that ? Well you were wrong ! " she shouted . Trina took out the discus and threw it at her " CATCH ! " trina shouted when the lady turned around her head was on the ground then the remains disintegrated . The last thing trina heard was voices coming then the discus bounced off the fall and slammed into her head.
TO BE CONTINUED !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna do a picture of loro and Trina in cute cartoon and anime
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Please if anyone is there rate me !
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Is someone gonna do one soon ?
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Name: Exe (full name Excalibur)
Age: 14 (actually 1,000)
Parent: Ares
Hometown: Nomadic
Weapon of Choice: all

Exe was walking when he saw a crying girl. She told him that a demon killed her boyfriend. Exe found the demon and cut it's head off.
over a year ago totolove said…
Y is he 1,000 years old ? By the way cool story
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name: Ronnie Alder
age: 13
greek parent: Hades
mortal parent: Rosetta Alder
sibling: Harold Alder
step dad: Leonardo snowtown
home town:Manhattan,New York
wepon of choice: skeletons, bow and arrow, dagger
description: long stragiht red hair, blue eyes, pale skin, tall, slim, shy, loyal, kind

name: Ronnie Alder
age: 13
greek parent: Hades
mortal parent: Rosetta Alder
sibling: Harold Alder
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Ronnie was at an art contest as usally with manly her only friend: waney Twilight. Ronnie always one with her pictres of couples and her friends but today was different. Her picture this time was of a blonde haired girl with gray eyes and a black haired boy with salty green eyes kissing in a golden black hole and she named it percy and anabeth stuck in tarturus. Waney was really suprised by that name and he said he has friends with that name. when the judges came around one looked like he was going to eat both of them and Wayne made that scared goat plead that always bugged Ronnie but not right now because they all left but not the judge that now had fangs and Ronnie figured out his hair was made up of brown snakes "thats a wonderful picture and do you know that my brothers tryed to kill the boy but died like you are" then he jumped and her insteces went in to over drive since she had ADHD she almost looked like a crazy chetta but then the judge jump out of the way and made Ronnie go face first in to the floor which suddlen had skeletons bowing down to her then the one in front said "at your survice daughter of hades" Ronnie was so shocked that it took a minute to go out of shock and say " attack the judge." After the battle a guy named chiron brought Ronnie to his camp where her brother Harold was waiting for her in front of a cabin with bones and sckull on the roof. Harold was reading books in greek like what they read at home because there mom liked greek . When Harold saw Ronnie he droped his book and went to hug his younger sister " are you okay did you win"
"yes and oh ya" said Ronnie showing her blue ribbon
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T_T her hair does not look straight
over a year ago totolove said…
hi !
over a year ago Vulcanus said…
can someone check out my story
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this time im doin loro . the credit to this is dom my friend
Name: Loro Gebret
Age : 14
Greek parent : (im not telling you its a surprise)
Hometown: on the streets in manhatten . . . next to Trinas house
Weapon of choice : (in trinas part of the story)
Looks : blond, blue eyes, leather jacket, jeans and doesn't notice but an old camp half-blood shirt ( it will all be explained )
story (continued from trinas): Loro ended up awake before Trina and looked around the first thing he saw was a surprised looking . . . um creature ? he felt like hes seen him before but he doesn't know where . he looked down and saw Trina curled up on his lap .
to be continued
ive gotta go
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Name: Masamune Mable

Age: 12

Parent : Ares

Weapon of choice: Tiger claws

Story: Masamune was born in july 8 2000 he was left with his uncle in japan in the year 2001 after his mother died in the war while he was being raised by his uncle Senjo he learned Kung Fu ( ya ikr) when he was 10 he went out for a walk while he was walking he found 3 muggers mugging a what looks like to be a girl he then fought the three muggers and saved the girl the girl said wow your an amazing fighter masamune blushed and said something so stupid that it nealry killed him he blutred out wow your so HOT at his surprise the girl punched him in the gut and said why thank you after that day he told his friend yukimura about him the girl ( yukimura is a satyr) after he told yukimura, yukimura took masamune out side of school and told him all about the gods and everythin masamune told his uncle which Senjo said yes i know now here you go take this go to newyork and talk to chiron and be nice to the other kids and dont get into fights with the people there only if you have too.

Description: Red hair, 5'11 likes wearing black jeans with a red shirt and a chain next to his pants
Nice just dont make fun of his friends ok, his braclets turn in the tiger claws and has a crush on girls from athena cabins umm oh ya he did find the girl who puched him it was annabeth ya ikr

Name: Masamune Mable 

Age: 12 

Parent : Ares 

Weapon of choice: Tiger claws

Story: Masamu
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