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sonofthesea-god posted on Jul 15, 2009 at 07:02PM
This is a contest where all you have to do is make up a demigod. You must include....

-Name(first and last)
-weapon of choice
-a short story about an adventure your character went on (It may include current characters)

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over a year ago Kratos300 said…
over a year ago Kratos300 said…
the_amazer my character is cooler than yours your character is the son of ares WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!­!!!­!
over a year ago Kratos300 said…
BTW percabeth141197 Aphrodite flirts with my character also she almost seduced him and had the s word
over a year ago Kratos300 said…
hundreds of years later he meets percy,annabeth,grover,tyson and thalia they ask me bunch of random Questions im like i dont remeber anything thalia asks who my olympian parent was im like i dont remember than i say im the apprentice of kratos(g.o.w) and im not telling who my parent is .
over a year ago Kratos300 said…
this is what he looks like
this is what he looks like
over a year ago Amphitrite said…
ok, I'll give it a shot.

Name: Levauny (pronounced Lev-an-ee) Whittamore
Olympian Parent: Hecate
Hometown: Lexington, Ky
Weapon of choice: Net and Trident

Story: Levauny was just your everyday kind of girl, that is until that night. 2AM: It was muggy outside, but all she wanted to do was get home. Levauny turned down an alley, hoping the shortcut would get her out of the heat a little faster. As she walked she pushed past an old woman digging through a dumpster.

"Excuse me, Miss" the woman said, " I think you've dropped something.

Levauny turned towards the lady while she patted her pockets to figure out exactly what she had lost. Nothing seemed out of place.

"I'm sorry Ma'am, but I didn't lose anything."

"Are you sure?"

"Positive." Levvy turned to walk away, but something stopped her. She didn't know what exactly made her do it, but she turned around again. This time the lady was gone, in her place stood a disgusting creature. It had leathery wings and a pinched and wrinkled face. She would've been horrifying if not for the leather handbag she had hanging on one of her talons.

"What the-" Levauny never got the chance to finish her question because the ugly winch flew straight at her, ready to kill. Bless the gods someone noticed what was going on. A big, bulky guy with black hair and shades on put himself in front of her, shielding her from the attack.

"Hey, you old bag! Who let you out?"

The monster screeched a terrible scream and disappeared. The man looked down at Levauny, "It's a bit dangerous for halfbloods to be out, Squirt, why don't you let me get you something to eat."

The rest is, as they say, history. Ares, God of War, bought the tiny witchlet a soda and a plane ticket to New York. The next day, after a quick explanation from her dad, she was off to the only safe place left for her kind in the world, Camp Halfblood.
over a year ago percabeth141197 said…
cool story
over a year ago PercyJackson112 said…
Name: Ron Smith

Age: 17

Hometown:Denver, Colorado

Parent: Zues

Weapon of Choice: Lightrip( turns from mech. pencil to AWSOME sword).

Story: Ron had a hard time since he was 5. He had a horrable step dad worse than Gabe. He was at Yancy Academy when he relized he was a Half-Blood. He was great friends with percy and Grover. While Percy was fighting the minotaur at Camp Half-Blood, Ron fought a Lydian Drakon right beside Percy. Rons went on every quest with Percy. He now lives at Camp Half-Blood and helps young heros train.

Description: Short blonde hair. Golden Brown eyes. Has a face that looks somewhat like Zack Efron. Very confident and if a half-blood insults him, he puts them in their place. He gives very good advice to any camper.
over a year ago Kratos300 said…
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over a year ago Kratos300 said…
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over a year ago Kratos300 said…
over a year ago Kratos300 said…
hey son of the sea god if u take one extra minute to pick the eeeefffing winner i have my 2 friends them take your testacles &
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over a year ago greenstergirl said…
Wow i hope this is good
Name: Valerie Thompson
Parent: Athena
Age: 13
Description: Strawberry blond, shoulder length hair, freckles, gray eyes (DUH), and very tall. She is very shy and smart but if you get to know her she is actually very loud, funny, happy, and kind. Her favorite book is robin hood and when she gets to camp half blood, her boyfriend is Marcus a son of Apollo.
Home town: south eugene, Oregon
Weapon: Throw dagger that always comes back to you, sword

Ok well here is my story:
Valerie's life was really hard. Her father didn't like her at all. He was always sad and lonely because Athena had left him to do her godly job. Basically, since he was so sad and heart broken, he didn't have a job, only ate once a week, never spoke, never gave valerie a hug, never signed Valarie's school papers, not anything. Valerie was having such a hard time trying to live that she ran away at age 5. The good thing at age 5 was that she knew a lot of things and how to fight. She absolutely loved to read and taught herself to read at age 3. At age 4 she read her favorite book Robin hood which basically taught her how to fight. She Met up with a girl named Veronica, a daughter of hermes, who helped her get to camp half blood. Veronica became her best friend and she lived in the Athena cabin (Yea!!!)
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over a year ago aishak said…
This is another one
Name:Chloe Chase(sister to Annabeth)
Parents:Dr.Chase and the goddess Athena but i am adopted and then i found out about my parents.
Weapon:celestic bronze sword and Aegis(the shield)or riptide(ankleus)
Home town:Newyork,Manhattan
magic items:Invisible yanky hat, fliying hermes shoes, reed pipes, necklace that turns into aegis and riptide.
Powers: I have the power of every god.e.g buety of Arphodite, brains, archutechure skills of Athena, grey eyes of Athena, water skills of Posidien, be able to make lightning appaer, be able to shadow travel and fire apper like Hades, I can do lots of other things to.
Story: I was at school and all of a suddern three students appear. When i got to know them i realised that one of them was my sister. There trying to get me out was Grover, Percy and Annabeth. I stayed put and i was demanding for an anser. Percy spoke," Your in danger!" I was outside doing pe and all of a suddern Keli,the empousia, came. Percy and his friends went for their weapon. Percy threw me a celestic bronze sword. Grover got bout his reed pipes and started to play a chune. It didn't work. Kelli was triying to pursuade me now to join Kronos. My best friend,Chloe Sinclair, screamed," Fire breaving monster!" i spoke," I guess you can see it to." I grabbed one of the pe javelin sticks. I picked one of the long ones. Percy and his friends were triying to keep the mortals calm. Fiercley, i threw the javilin. It went fliying. It landed strait on Kellis forhead. It pinned her down and in a puff of smoke, kelli was gone leaving silver glitter on the ground. Every one looked at me amazed and then Annabeth spoke," We need to get going, little sis." We set of back to camp and i found out who i was. I knew that wasn't the end. TO BE CONTINUED.
over a year ago vlad_todd_fan said…
Name: Michael Gavin

Parent: Poseidon

Hometown: Pleasent Valley, Virginia (it's a real place)

Weapon: can make any weapon out of ice

Story: Right after Last Olympian happened Michael ran into Percy and Annabeth on 43rd street as Percy and Annabeth were going to percy's apartment. The nthey ran into ares, ares as always wanted to fight and it was an epic battle but ares was only testing them to see if they could handle the mission he had for them. He wanted the three to save clarisse from cetus in the gulf of Mexico once they saved clarrise they returned her to ares and Michael now lives next door to percy no joke
over a year ago tdafan121 said…
Name: Melody Price
Age: 15
Godly Parent: Apollo
Mortal Parent: Olivia Price
Hometown: Boston, Massachussetts
Description: Medium length dark brown layered hair, chocolatey brown eyes, pale skin, usually seen wearing her Camp t-shirt with a pair of paint-splattered jeans and white flip-flops, sometimes carrying around her acoustic guitar, but usually has her sketchpad and a pencil with her.
Weapon of choice: Her gold plated bow and arrows, a 13th birthday gift from her father.
Personality: Is usually reserved and quiet unless she's yelling at her worst enemies Cammie and Jessica, daughters of Hermes, for playing pranks on her. But you can usually tell her emotion from whatever song she's writing in her journal and the chords she's playing on her guitar, or what she's painting in the arts and crafts center, or if she's angrily shooting at targets on the archery range or hacking up dummies in the arena with her sword.

Story: Melody was about 10 when she arrived at Camp Half-Blood with her satyr protector, Carmella, after being attacked by a hellhound in a local park. She immediatly made friends with Melissa Pikit, another new girl who was with Melody unclaimed in the Hermes cabin. The following summer they were both claimed as daughters of Apollo. Another friend of hers, Natalie, took her with her on a quest the following year to stop an evil demigod hunter when Natalie's friend Janey, a daughter of Athena, couldn't make it. Melody later discovered her long-lost best friend Tess was a demigod, a daughter of Athena, and at camp. On Melody's 13th birthday, her father sent her a special gift: a golden bow with a dozen matching arrows that never missed it's target. When she turned 14, she finally made her own celestial bronze sword after 2 years of designing. It was beautiful with gems on the handle and her name in script on the sheath. She is now 15. She has been invited on 2 quests by her friends now and has nearly died several times. She loves camp and stays only in summers, but is trying to convince her mom to let her stay all year. Also, she has a very obvious crush on Percy.
over a year ago Blue_Ink said…
Name: Annie Prince

Parent: Zeus

Hometown: Chicago Illinois

Weapon of Choice: Bow and Arrows

Description: Large blue eyes, black hair cut like a boys, pale skin, hollow cheekbones, skinny.

Story: Her mother, Ella, had Annie when she was eighteen. Fearing her parents rath, she put her inside of an apartment that was under construction. She did this on a Friday. By Sunday, the newborn was close to death. Her father, Zeus, who had watched this happen with disdain, picked her out of the apartment onto Olympus where she lived before being turned over to Chiron when she was eight. She is now a twelve year old at camp.
over a year ago brendan770 said…
Name: Brendan Huntsman

Parent: Undetermined, but not one of the gods. An Unheard of Titan,Maybe?

Hometown: Cape Cod

Currently living in: Los angeles,California.

Weapon of choice: Four foot metal rod.

Best freinds: Jake Mason,Percy Jackson,Sarah tianse[TEE-ON-Say],
Travis and Connor Stoll,and

Also known as: Weirdo

Eye color: Sea Green

Hair color: Dirty Blond hair down to the bottom of his neck

Story:Running laps around a park,Minding my own business,Nothing could happen but the worst which would be simply falling down and getting a bruise it would seem.But girl[also 12]Got annoyed after I Ran into her dad.It was an accident but she ran after me anyway.
I climbed up a tree and hid on a branch.She climbed up, but as soon as she put 2 feet on the branch,the branch fell,hanging by a streak of bark.I fell,and dislocated my arm.she fell and luckily for her,she got a soft landing.Unluckily,the "soft landing" was me.
So she called 911,I was picked up,and I was at the hospital in a matter of minutes.Boy annoys girl.Boy dislocates arm.

As you can imagine,it is rather uncomfortable for one to sleep in his\her cast.I was no different.Tossing and turning,I found myself staring at the ceiling for what seemed like forever.Then a cold wind brushed through the room.A few leaves drifted into the room.Autumn leaves.they swirled over to my bad arm and when they should of touched my skin,they floated right into it,like a ghost floating into a wall.My eyes widened.Almost instantly,the pain in my arm dissapeared.I experimentaly tried moving it.It did it no problem.Happiness clouded my fears.I got up and walked out of the hospital.Outside,Breathing felt like an enchanting massage.I was in heaven until I heard an unearthly growl and froze.I glanced left, and Froze.In a green bush,I noticed two red leaves slanting towards each other.They seemed to glow.Like,really glow.A second to late,I saw what those leaves really where.Something materialized out of the bushes.A lions head,only bigger,with big,red,glowing eyes.A chill creeped up my body,and the creature lunged.

To be continued...
over a year ago brendan770 said…
over a year ago poophead4837 said…
yea im back!
over a year ago SJ_waddles said…
Name: Tiffany(Jane)Harking (she is 14)
Parent: Apollo
Home Town: Santa Bell Island Florida
Weapon: Boomerang
Story: Tiffany is an orphan living with her Aunt Marie at her art business loft. Tiffany is a hippie, she really doesn't care what will happen at all. It's just all peace.
But when her Aunt goes missing and a mysterious shadow is chasing her. Her best friend which is a saytr name Fawn helps her get to Camp Half Blood.
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over a year ago fencingrocks said…
hey guys check out my characters story! its a little short but its the lost files of the demigod daughter of aretmis
. =]
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over a year ago demigod22 said…

Name:Blake Saxon


home town:newyork,newyork

a.k.a:water boy


Description:A little short skinny not to tough average looking kid

Story:Hi my name is Blake Saxon.I led a normal life till one day at school while taking a math test which was hard for me since I had dyslexia and adhd then I got called up to the office.So I headed up to the office.The walk seemed to go on forever.I was almost there when I was going around the corner and ran into the grade bully Andy West.Andy has picked on me for years.Andy yelled "Hey punk.""What do you want Andy?"I asked."Nothing the usual.".That got me wondering.What did he mean?Then I found out right on cue.Andy turned into this weird monster that I didn't have time to explain when my best friend Grover came just in time.Grover yelled "Blake use this!" and handed me ballpoint pen.I stepped right out the way when Andy lunged.I was confused why did Grover hand me a ballpoint pen but I uncapped it and a 3 feet shining blade sprang into my hands.I instinctivley lunged at Andy while he was distracted with Grover.When the blade hit Andy he exploded into gold dust.

Grover told me to follow him so i did he led me outside and all the way to my house.My house is an apartment.Grover knocked on the door and my mom answered and grover told her "It's time..".My om instantly led us to the car.We drove about 20 minutes and stopped in front of a huge hill with a Huge pine tree on top.We started up the mountain and i heard a tree falling.then a second one.then it started to sound like a huge cow coming towards us.That was exactly what it was.It was a minatour.To get off topic i really liked Greek mythology with all the gods and stuff.

To be continued...
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over a year ago fencingrocks said…
big smile
I have about 7 chapters of "the lost files of the demigod daughter of Artemis" check it out....
over a year ago Perciuon said…
Name:Carter Newday


Discription: Tall ,slim with dark green eyes and black hair.

Sex or gender : Male...

Parent: Poseidion. (sorry if I spelled that wrong but you know what I'm sayiin right?)

Story is:
Have you ever noticed when people look at you diffrentilly because they envy you in a way , well here's the deal this kid named Lucas Stanfur always looks at me that way exspiecially when were on the bus . uge so annoying , any way you want my story correct so he my short miserable and almost getting killed by Greek monsters.

Hi my name is Carter Newday ,I'm 12 almost 13 my birthday is in May the 13th .

"Carter..." Jason said I turned to look at him , he had blue eyes and red hair and vary pail complection .
"Yeah?" I said . we were on a bus to go to the zoo ,I know boring .
"Nothing its just that you look sader than you ushally do,"
"oh ,um heh hey I'm fine it just thinking of that spelling test that-"
"hey punk !" Jourden the bully said slaming his cheese burger in my face ,now that is what set me off.
"what the heck !" I yelled
"Oh, no I got the pretty boy upset ,aw I'm sorwy," he said no that ticked me off big time ,I wipep the mustard off my face and punched the kid in the nose, it started bleeding ,he felt it . and cried" Carter hit me," telling the person who was in charge. MR.Dear said "Now ,now its okay just a bleeding nose," he looked up to me "Carter say your sorry,"
"why,why should I he got that fronm mushing a Cheese burger on my stinken face!"
"say you sorry,"he said sturnly .I really hated the guy. I looked over and mumbled"I'm sorry,"
"what was that ,"Jorden asked,
"I said ,you use less donky butt ,I'm sorry," I yelled so he could hear me .
"oh ,oh thats good ,"
"shut up ," I said then shuffled on my set and Jason gave my a wipe to wipe of the disgusting mustard .
and then sared out side the window then 30 minuets later , we stoped at the zoo and we all got off.
Jason and I were in a group of two so we didn't have to stay with a huge group......

to be continued: