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OK, so, I was trying to open iTunes earlier because I wanted to be a song, but, when I click on it (from the start menu) it says:

"Windows cannot open the specified path, device, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access this item"

It also happens when I click on other things, like calculator, notepad, etc.

My computer is a Windows Vista COMPAQ, just so you know.

P.S. My computer was recently infected with viruses and my mom's friend had to fix it. Could it be this? The first few days after he fixed it a window kept popping up saying some default programs had been disabled for my computer's safety. I hate those things, though, so I ignored it. I also went to control panel and set every basic program (Media Player, Internet, etc.) to have all it's defaults, but it didn't work
GOD, I fail at proofreading. *because I wanted to buy a song
DxCFan123 posted over a year ago
 DxCFan123 posted over a year ago
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boytoy_84 said:
Well, I think certain sites may not be safe to go on, You should have McAfee Antivirus or Total Protection and install Safe Advisor it tells you what sites are safe to go on. iTunes might not be safe but I never been on iTunes. since your computer was recently infected, I think McAfee may help your PC. It usually removes any unwanted spyware, Tojan viruses and any threats on your PC and it also cleans up your PC as well.
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posted over a year ago 
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