It all begins with the eyes - consciousness and perception. Most people are drawn to look directly at the eyes first, unless there is a unique feature on the face that calls their attention. When two people meet, eye contact allows them, within a few seconds, to determine a connection or not. Eyes are the windows of the soul and reflect our inner self and issues.

Eye color is important, with light eye often more favorable then dark -- the lighter the better. Uniquely colored eyes, lighter shades of blue, seem to trigger higher frequency spiritual significance for some.

The person who looks away or has small squinty eyes is secretive and perhaps a dysfunctional personality, someone who does not want to relate. In contrast, a wandering or shifty eye portends a nature given to unsettled and inconsistent habits.

Direct eye contact reflects a personality, that can be controlling, strong, yet honest.

Unevenly set eyes convey that the person is capable of seeing things from a different perspective and applying lateral thought processes to resolving problems.

Ideally with a balanced personality the face has one eye width between each eye; it is even and thus balanced. Eyes closer set to the nose, imply a more limited view of the world. This person may prefer codependent relationships, often remaining at home and not leaving the family once reaching adulthood. This also goes to the person whose life path is parental caretaker. In this case, the person may feel cheated in life, have emotional problems involving moods swings. Professional help should be sought.

People with eyes set wider apart, may be more open minded about life and reality. They often fall into the holistic sciences as a means of self awareness, and find themselves in creative careers that reflect their inner issues. They need space, to be sure and can move on with the drop of a hat. Some have learning challenges, but that does not mean you should be the one to point out their faults, or they will leave. Not bad as friend, but not good in romantic relationships.

Deep set eyes go to deep, intense personality issues. and a serious mind These are the observers who like creative things and inspiring others with artistic expression. They are soul searchers, often here to make a difference with their endeavors. They are romantic and sometimes spontaneous. They are of sound judgement, compassionate and serious minded.


If you look at the eyelids of people through the millennia who were seers, great philosophers, creative geniuses, writers ... you will note they that many had heavy eyelids.

Cosmetic surgery on eyelids changes the look of the face as well.


The shape of the eyebrows is easily altered with tweezing or waxing excess hair. One must note the end result to associate with personality type. Many people enhance their eyebrows with pencil or eye shadows. As people age, or if they are sick, the partial or full loss of one or both eyebrows is possible.


One raised eyebrow: curiosity
Developed: high degree of dexterity and ability with the hand, engineers, technical careers
Full, well shaped: outgoing, observan
Highly arched: dramatic
Low set: impulsive temperament
Higher brow: More cautious attitude in decision making
Single thick brow over the bridge of the nose: intensity, possessiveness, jealous
Straight: aesthetic and sensitive temperament

Forehead - Head

The forehead is the largest part of the face in most cases. Generally, male foreheads have a relatively flat slope from the hairline to the brow, where women's foreheads have a convex curve both vertically and horizontally. Male foreheads often have a heavy bony ridge just above the eyes, in a line beneath the eyebrows. This is called brow bossing. A brow lift is a soft tissue procedure which tightens skin on the forehead and raises the eyebrows. This is usually done with an incision at the hairline, or endoscopically from smaller incisions within the scalp hair. This has the effect of opening up the face and making you look less stern and tired. However, it has no effect on the underlying bone, so its effects are not as dramatic as bony work. A brow lift is often done at the same time as bony forehead work.


Flat: pragmatic nature
Wide: Intelligence, skilled worker, good student, practical in life, idealistic, creative
High, rounded and deep: idealistic, friendships important
Shallow forehead with a low hairline, perhaps with a widow's peak: problems with career choices, which will change through the person's life, thoughtful, idealistic, wants to help others, health career
Exaggerated: dreamer, needs to focus on detail
Receding: often found in men with male pattern baldness, may indicate impatient and spontaneous manner in life, esteem issues
Indented: emotional problems, learning challenges, and difficulty completing tasks -- with indented eyebrow ridge - quick tempered, impulsive, ambitious
Pointed: higher intelligence especially if the hairline is set back and not narrow.
Head Shape

Height of the crown indicates the idealism but more so the authority of the person. When the crown is low the person lacks in confidence to the degree that the crown is underdeveloped. An overdeveloped goes to a tyrannical, authoritarian nature. A well developed crown shows an ambitious nature.
Upper portion of the top of the head relates to imagination in proportion to its development and the dominance
Width or narrowness when viewed from the front: passive
Length: reveals foresight
Short head, when viewed sideways can indicate lack of forethought and a more live-in-the -moment attitude.
The appearance of wrinkle and lines on the face are usually genetic. They may also speak of a troubled life, too much time spent in the sun, and are sometimes called 'worry lines.' Once again, in this day and age, they can be concealed with botox, collagen, skin peels, makeup, and skin creams.

Wrinkles could be less than skin deep New Scientist - March 2005

The shape of the nose is genetic, unless broken or fixed. Much is stressed about the nose, causing many people to resort to rhinoplasty to create the most flattering look and sometimes for breathing purposes.

Chiseled features have always been in vogue. Most popular is a nose that has a high, straight, full and fleshy tip with gently flared but protected nostrils. The fleshy tip indicates cordiality and warmth of personality and an empathic nature. These people can set high standards for themselves and are generally polite.

Oversized nose tips: violent tendencies; the larger tip, the more prone to acts of violence.
Eagle shaped - or hooked nose - portrays strong will, independence and enterprise with successful during middle ages.
Upturned: luck in social circumstances and a love of socializing
High bridge and pointed: energetic, curious person, self reliant
Large: high energy, but may be more materially concerned than spiritual matters
Small: shy and reserved
Thin: emotional, high strung, fussy, annoying
Wide nose indicates an expressive person who is often aloof
Long: prudence and anxiety
Short perky: natural personality generally happy
Short snubby: friendly but secretive disposition, slow moving
Straight: disciplined, methodical

The groove on the upper lip below the nose is called the philtrum. If it is clearly marked, deep and long, it indicates strong and healthy energy levels and vitality. Flat, weak and unpronounced philtrums are sometimes indicative of reduced life force energy.

Mouth - Lips - Teeth
The mouth is related to communication, speech and the sensual appetites like eating and sex. The lips relate to our ability to nurture others in loving relationships. Many woman enlarge their lips as it makes them look more seductive.

Upper lip is considerably thinner than the lower lip: an inability to reciprocate in relationships.
Thinner lower lip: an overly giving nature
Full lips that are round: caring and sensitive
Upper and lower lips in equal proportion: a well meaning and communicative personality
Large lips: expensive tastes, generous, witty
Large mouth: very vocal under pressure, needs to verbalize their issues
Small lips tightly pursed: anal personality, generally self-centered and controlling.
Mouth with downwardslope: discontent, difficult personality
Mouth with upward curve: pleasant disposition, one who laughs at life.
Narrow lips: detached, lives more or less an internalized life, never able to enjoy the pleasure of sharing deeper feelings.
Teeth: Many missing teeth generally indicate emotional problems

Jaw and Chin
Wide jaw: authoritative, stubborn, controlling, has strong convictions and is not easily swayed
Short jaw: submissive
There are 9 types of chins:

Round - seeks proof of answers and empirical evidence
Square - in later life will have luck and money
Pointed - independence and determination
Narrow - narrow-minded
Wide - outgoing
Short - successful in business
Long - ego issues
Dimpled - dreamer but hard worker
Weak or receding - weak personality

Ears can also he altered with surgery, usually pinned back thus changing the shape of the face.

The ear is spiraled shaped like the nautilus which in metaphysics takes us to sacred geometry and the movement of consciousness - golden ratio.

Ears should exhibit good, fleshy inner and outer helixes. Thin and poorly shaped outer helixes may reveal diminishing health.

Set Close to Head: Planner, thrifty, cover his bets
Protruding: Curious, creative
Small lobes: Creative, good with detail
Large lobes: Independent, strong willed
Large ears: Intellectual, likes sports
Longer than wider ears: Keen, impractical
Small ears: Instinctive, controlling
No lobes: Unresponsive, lacks purpose, emotional problems
Distorted lobes: Sneaky

High cheek bones: confident, watch drinking habits, outgoing, cautious yet friendly, authoritative
Overly red: lung and bronchial imbalance
Shiny and red: gallbladder and/or heart problems
Red and Blushed: allergies, digestive problems
Dark or gray tinge - depression
Mole on the upper cheek, down from the eye, attractive, temperamental, royal, psychic
Fleshy: frugal, economical disposition, thrifty,
Undeveloped: communication skills may need work. In palmistry you would have a short Mercury (pinky) finger
Strong in their presentation and are pronounced but lacking at the base: forceful sometimes, aggressive
Narrow but strong: Stubborn, opinionated,