Okay, this is my first try at making my own personality quiz! Please don't judge! And, unfortunately, Vocaloids don't really have set personalities or traits, so I'm basing them after the most accurate picture I can draw through information in their songs. It may not be entirely accurate, but here I go!

Okay, age old question. What's you favorite color?
A. Aqua or light blue
B. Pink
C. Yellow
D. Lime green

Out of these foods, which is your favorite?
A. Leeks
B. Fish
C. Oranges
D. Carrots

What person do you treasure most?
A. Your best friend
B. Your spouse or romantic partner
C. Your sibling
D. The little voice in your head

If you were to write a song, what would the topic most likely be?
A. A sad experience in your life
B. Your struggles in your love life
C. An apology for wronging someone in the past
D. That little voice in your head

Which Vocaloid guy would you like to get paired with most?
A. Kaito
B. Gakupo
C. Len
D. Can't pick

What's your flaw? If none of these, which one resembles your flaw most?
A. Arrogant tendencies
B. Stubbornness
C. A psychotic nature
D. Multiple personalities

Finally, which one appeals to you most?
A. A megaphone
B. True love
C. A road roller
D. Getting rid of that voice

If you chose mostly A's, you are Hatsune Miku.
You like lots of things and have some conflicting views. Your typical image is cute and bubbly, but sometimes you aren't the sweet angel everyone sees you as. You treasure friendship more than anything, and you will put the well being of a friend far ahead of your own. You are well known among many people, and will eventually find a path to stardom.

If you chose mostly B's, you are Luka Megurine.
You are viewed as the cool, mature leader who is always collected. You may not look it, but you actually have quite a few struggles, whether it's with bullying, unrequited love, or heartbreak. You tend to be deeply troubled by this, and this can cause you to be very stubborn at times. When a friend gives up on you or when you have a bad break up, you tend to put yourself in the other person's shoes and understand why they gave up on you.

If you chose mostly C's, you are Rin Kagamine.
You're the childish little angel. You're known for your innocence and people tend to act like you're younger than you really are. You have a sibling whom you care for very much, even though you may have hurt him/her on different occasions. You and your sibling share a strong bond that almost no one can break. You also have certain times where you aren't the angel, and you wind up hurting someone you love. This causes you distress, and you always do your best to make up for it. If someone hurts you and/or your sibling, you will almost always go out for revenge.

If you chose mostly D's, you are Gumi Megpoid.
You are the odd one out. You're unique, and you have many different personalities. Even if it isn't necessarily MPD, you show different sides of yourself to different people. You're mysterious, and, while not many people know much about you, you do have love. Sometimes, this love acts as a weakness, where you're overly kind. For instance, if someone loved you and you were in a relationship with him, even if you fell out of love with him, you probably wouldn't break up with him for fear of hurting his feelings. You're very kind, and you're overflowing with creativity. Like everyone, you have a slight dark side, but you only show it when you get angry.