Behavioural Iridology determines a person's personality type through the Iris.

Check your eyes to see what kind of type they resemble to and see what it tells about you.

1: Primary Types

Primary Types (picture 1)
Analytical type
-Eyes with dot-like pigments
-Internal thinker, analyser, verbal, mental acuity
-Learns visually & by association with emotions
-Fears being controlled and criticized
-Make excellent speakers and critics
-Likes working with detail
-Needs to experience real feelings

Emotional type
-Eyes defined by rounded openings
-Lives life with vitality
-Emotional, expressive, changeable, creative
-Uses gestures and images
-Learns through the auditory sense
-Can become depressed and blaming
-Artists, musicians, inventors, engineers

2: Secondary Types

Secondary Types:(picture 2)

Emphatic type
-Eyes contain straight lines
-Intuitive, hypersensitive, motherly, supportive
-Learns by experience and doing
-Gets overwhelmed with others needs
-Make good healers, social workers
-Public service

Motivator type
-Has both pigments & rounded openings
-Motivators & initiators.
-Auditory types - must feel it!
-Easily frustrated, can be selfish
-Feels like the black sheep
-Artists, politicians, clergy, leaders, business types