Personality Test A Look into Your Subconscious

poisonfang posted on May 16, 2008 at 02:58AM
Answer these questions on a sheet of paper...

1. What is your favorite pet? List 3 adjectives describing why.
2. What is your favorite wild animal? List 3 adjectives describing why.
3. What is your favorite food? List 3 adjectives describing why.
4. What is your favorite body of water? It doesn't have to be specific like "the Atlantic Ocean" or "Lake Lachrimose", just a body of water like "a river" or "a pool". List 3 adjectives describing why.
5. You are in a white room, with white walls, a white ceiling and a white floor. There are no windows, and there is no door. In the middle of the white room, is a white man, wearing a white suit and a white tie and white shoes, with white hair, sitting on a white chair. How do you feel in this white room, with this white man? List 3 emotions (or adjectives).


1. What you subconsciously think you are.
2. What you subconcsiously wish you were.
3. What you subconsciously think of love.
4. What you subconsciously think of sex.
5. How you subconsciously feel about death.
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over a year ago NCISGIBBS said…
1. Dog: sweet, loveable, trustworthy
2. Wolf: tough, sleek, clever
(Doesn't fit) 3. Guacamole: Zesty, yummy, my favorite color, green
(Doesn't fit) 4. Ocean: open, lively
5. creepy, freaked out, strange (how'd the guy get in the room if there were no doors or windows)
over a year ago maknenek said…
1. dog- loyal, friendly, cute
2. tiger- fierce, powerful, majestic
3. cheese macaroni- delicious, warm, tasty
4.creek-peaceful, pleasant, pretty
5. spooked, creeped out, scared
over a year ago mrj said…
1. dog - playful, cute, loyal
2. tiger - fearless, powerful, posh
3. tom yum - spicy, delicious
4. ocean - restless, mysterious, majestic
5. uncomfortable, strange, restless
over a year ago sardines said…
1. Dog- loyal, cute, friendly
2. Giraffe- beautiful, friendly, calm
3. Greek- not too spicy, tasteful, nice
4. Lake- calm, beautiful, simple
5. Strange, uncomfortable, scared

This is quite cool, though I'm not sure wether it's right. I mean, I can't call myself cute :S
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over a year ago hedgemonkey said…
1. Cat - respectful, agile, loving
2. Shark - Mysterious, Dangerous, elusive
3. Chinese - Filling, Tasty, Healthy
4. Pool- enclosed, refreshing, relaxing
5. respectful, inquisitive, nervous

Well bugger me!

over a year ago Stephanyaaa said…
1. Small dog:: -friendly -playful -easy to take care of
2. Songbird:: -free -cheerful -cute
3. Fruit:: -sweet -healthy -simple
4. The River:: -easily accessed -cool/refreshing -moving
5. -Confused -Anxious -Worried
over a year ago isabelle_905 said…
1. Dog: Loyal, Affectionate, Trustworthy
2. Wild Horse: Free, Majestic, Unpredictable
3. Tabouleh: Delicious, Healthy, Flavourful
4. Ocean: Infinite, Exotic, Dangerous
5. Peaceful, Confused, Trapped
over a year ago Biathine said…
1. Cat - cuddly, independent, elegant
2. Seagull - free, wild, nice
3. Calabresse - healthy, fresh, tasty
4. Large lake in the forest - mysterious, refresing,beatiful
5.creepy, scared, curious

That's quite cool but I don't think I can call myself elegant :P
over a year ago embemily said…
1. dog- loyal, loving, understanding
2. tiger- majestic, beautiful, clever
3. tacos- spicy, savory, crunchy
4. ocean- beautiful, full-of-life, salty
5. confused, afraid, panicky
over a year ago FluFFyClouds said…
1.Dog-loyal, friendly, affectionate
2.Tiger-strong, free, courageous
3.Fruit-sweet, delicious, colorful
4.River-beautiful, peaceful, refreshing
5.scared, trapped, confused
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over a year ago greenchoco101 said…
1. Dog : Outgoing, Fun, Adorable
2. Zebronkey : Unique, Hybrid, Amazing
3. Mojos : Yummy, Different, Brown
4. Waterfall : Oozing, Exotic, Wow
5. Shy, Numb, Dreamy
over a year ago Mcc1 said…
1.Cat: Independant, cute, affectionate
2.Tiger: Strong, Courageous, Beautiful
3.Steak: Tender, delicious, filling
4.Ocean: Open, free, Beautiful
5.confused, refreshing, emotional
over a year ago lori521 said…
1.Cat: calm, quiet, simple
2.Penguin:cute, playful, funny
3. Mac and Cheese: simple, good, salty (?)
4.Stream: cool, quiet, peacful
5. unconforatable, unsafe, unprotected
over a year ago siri_soul said…
big smile
so interesting!! and true ^^
over a year ago Alice_Cullen_ said…
big smile
wow! so true...its scary :)
My Picks:
1.Dog(loyal, best friend, fun)
2.Mustang horse(Free, strong, wild)
3.Fries(simple, tasty, Junky)
4.:p Ocean(big, open, beautiful)
5.Afraid, confused, worried
over a year ago jem_ said…
1.Cat: calm, cute, clever
2.Dolphin: intelligent, fun, beautiful
3.Ice cream: creamy/smooth, sweet, choices (lots of flavors)
4.A Lake: lots-you-can-do, peaceful, exitement
5.Overwhelmed, Intimidated, Curious
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over a year ago Paramore-CSI said…
1 snake, diferent,calming,mysterious
2 tiger, dark, strong, fierce
3 sushi yummy, strange delicious
4 river calming, moving fun
5 calm, happy, curious

over a year ago pixie09 said…
1, horse, beautiful, difficult but rewarding
2, wolf, deceptive, agile, dangerous
3, Terries chocolate oranges !!! .. zesty, sweet, english LOL
4, river, wild, alive, picturesque
5, fear, anxiety, lonely

lol i didnt actually look at the things b4 i wrote them down :p
over a year ago sweet_n_silly said…
dog: loving, fun, always know how best to help
snake: unique, so many people hate/fear them, cute but powerful
pomegrantite: sweet, juicey, different ways to eat it and some people don't eat the whole thing
pool: comfortable, fun, relaxing
confused, akward, nervous

I think that's cool. it's mostly true
over a year ago greengirl14 said…
cat they are loving and affectionate they need looking after and they rely on us
lion they are strong and attractive and mysterious
cheese because it is comforting it tastes nice and there are many kinds of cheese
stream relaxing romantic and calming
it could be heaven or god or spititual
over a year ago ShadowRocksxxx said…
wow, that was really good! here are mine:

1. cat; clever, relaxed, quiet
2. leopard; powerful, quiet, beautiful
3. peppers; sweet, refreshing, colourful
4. the sea; powerful, varying, romantic
5. panic, fear, confusion

isn't funny how that worked out? its almost exactly right!
over a year ago LiilacLottiie94 said…
i think the only one that really made me stand back and go wow was number 5. i said about this white man that i would feel
this is similar to how i feel about death, although it depends.
when i thought of the completely white man i thought perhaps and angel.

but then when i thought deeper about a man in a white suit white hat and tie and shoes i thought of michael jackson what he was like in 'smooth criminal' so i thought well, if theres no windows or doors he's stuck with me hahaha <3 link

over a year ago sangeetakabra said…
the sea
over a year ago mic_egan94 said…
1. Dog - playful, loyal, fun
2. Panda - cute, lazy, furry
3. Potato Chips - crispy, tasty and salty (i love it when love is salty?)
4. Ocean - big, calm, unpredictable
5. anxious, suspicious, curious!
over a year ago UltimateCuber said…
1.Skunk:Unusual, Different, Funny.
2.Alligator:BadA**, tough, Awesome
3.Chocolate:Addicting, Euphoric, Tasty :P
4.A Huge Pool:Safer, Taste Better, Practice Place haha.
5.Devious, Malicious, Evil.

But I feel like there is mystery to solve, an awesome new adventure for me to have fun with, i feel like i can turn the tables and trap him somewhere. I feel that i should kill him or something.

This is so interesting, i never thought i would think of Animals and Food pertaining to my emotions, it gets me excited and i wanna know more haha. And even #5, that is what makes me go woah!
over a year ago giguise said…
Cat - loving, soft, independant
Bear - Strong, brave, protective
Maccaroni cheese - Smooth, simple, satisfying
Ocean - expansive, beautiful, wild
Empty, alone, huge
over a year ago emmett said…
1. cat - dangerous, cute, evil
2. Cheetah - fast, cute, smart
3. Pasta - Yum, Tasty, delicious (all the same really but first things that came into my head lol...)
4. Creak - Small, peaceful, quiet
5. Wierd, i'm laughing?, but uncomfortable

I have a strange mind LOL
over a year ago emmett said…
and i didn't actually look at the answers before i wrote them down :P
over a year ago henna_24 said…
cat- small,cute and mysterious
deer- beautiful,herbivorous, fast runner
chicken- delicious,delicious, tasty
sea- green, beach, ship
5.scared, nervous, confused
over a year ago XDRoseLuvsHP said…
Anything that is cuddly, kind and playful
Dragon: Beautiful, Interesting, and Loving
Pasta: Can be simple, can be exotic, and delicious
Loch Ness: Beautiful, Interesting and Mysterious
Confused, Intimidated, Nervous

The thing is, I'm not really afraid of death. I'm a little bit afraid of it, but there are many things I find far scarier (such as hospitals. I guess I am intimidated by it, but I'm not really scared of it. I'm not sure how that can be, it just is. I thought of an albino when I thought of the white man. Everything is accurate though :)
over a year ago svu_lover1 said…
oh my goddd wowwww...

1. fun, playful, understanding
2. beautiful, stro, graceful
3. different, tasty, awesome
4. moving, alive, beautiful
5. creeped, freaked, unsure

over a year ago Usedbandages said…
1.Goat- Loyal, Hyper, Friendly.
2.Leopard- Fierce, Beautiful, Leader.
3.Chocolate- Intense, Flavour, Hyper(Make's Me)
4.A Pool-Un-hurtful(If That's A Word.), Open , Chaotic.
5.Calm, Excited, Hurt.
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over a year ago zRagdoll said…
Dog- playful, loyal, cuddly
Cheetah- Fast, strong, beautiful
Oranges- Juicy, not too sweet or sour, delicious
Lake- fun, open, carefree
The room- Uncomfortable, anxious, frustrated
over a year ago -HuddyLove- said…
1. Cat: independent, intelligent, playful

2. Toucan: colorful, cheerful, beautiful

3. Middle Eastern: foreign, unique, different

4. Stream: cleansing, refreshing, inspiring

5. Intrigued, confused, trapped
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over a year ago PreBanned said…
snake- flexable,fearful,beautiful
tiger- feirce, strong, proud
ice cream- sweet, cold, and relaxing
river- scilence, calmness, and relaxation
over a year ago lakota_spirit said…
1- Horse- Free, Noble, Beautiful
2-Tiger- Majestic, Graceful, Wild
3- Chicken fried rice- Tasty, Fufilling, Healthy
4- Loch- Wild, Peaceful, Ancient
5- Curious, Amused, Out of place
over a year ago snZ_ladysamurai said…
cat- cute, feminine, cuddly
tiger- unique, cute,wild
chocolate- yumy, delicious, exotic
dreamy, awkward, curious.

over a year ago Edithuddy said…
*Dog: Loyal, Smart, Caring
*Eagle: Free, Smart, Shrewd
*Lasagna: Delicious, Perfect, Orgasmic XDDDD
*River: Because it "flows", Wonderful, Wild
*Bizarre, Uncomfortable, Worrying.

This is great!
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over a year ago shanname said…
1. dog - loyal, friendly, happy
2. lion - wise, protective, strong
3. noodles - filling, fun, versatile
4. river - calm, beautiful, serene
5. anxious, empty, lonely

They're all pretty fitting, actually.
over a year ago xangelx said…
1. Kitten- Cute, playful, fluffy
2. Black Jaguar- Beautiful, sleek, smooth
3. Pizza- Tasty, unhealthy, yummy
4. Waterfall- Peaceful, pretty, calming
5. Freaked out, curious, nervous
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over a year ago luvmurtagh33 said…
1. tarantula , creepy, hairy, soft
2. tiger, beautiful, agressive, strong
3. chocolate, sweet, delicious, dark
4. river, fast, beautiful, wild
5. confused, nervous, scared

this is really true
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over a year ago para-scence said…
1.Dog: fun, protective, loyal
2.wolf: pretty, powerful, cool
3.pineapple: sweet, juicy, sour
4.lake: beautiful, peaceful, free
5. anxious, guarded, scared out of my mind
over a year ago bangelfan said…
1) tiger - cute, ferocious, cuddly
2) tiger - same reasons
3) chicken noodle soup - comforting, warm, moist
4) swimming pool (i guess) - compact(?), accessible, ideal
5) trapped, freaked out, murderous
over a year ago LoopyLuna96 said…
Cat: Sweet, curious, playful
Horse: Wild, brave, free
Tortillas: Tasty, simple, nice
Brooke: Restful, refreshing, homely
Unerved, scared, cold
over a year ago Vishee said…
1. Cat: mysterious, cute, classy.
2. Lion: strong, clever, fast.
3. Pizza: big, connecting people, epic.
4. Pool: luxurious, insects-and-fishes-free, safe.
5. Weird, anxious, confused.
over a year ago bella01 said…
1.hamster-small, not free , independent
2.mountain lion- fierce , strong , free
3.sugar- evil , unhealthy , an enemy for those trying to be fit
4.ocean- scary , deep , dangerous
5.emptiness , peaceful , curious
over a year ago ali11102 said…
1. cat: sweet, agile, doesn't trust easily
2. dolphin: sweet, intelligent, friendly
3. dark chocolate: bittersweet, creamy, different
4. the ocean: big, traitorous, full of life
5. curious, a little afraid, nervous
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over a year ago ruby1000 said…
1. Cats, Mysteriouse, smooth, silent
2. A Hawke, they are free, strong, beautiful
3.Olives, have A distincitive taste, salty, small
4. The ocean, wild, no bounds that you can see, can not be tamed
5. You are in a white room, with white walls, a white ceiling and a white floor. There are no windows, and there is no door. In the middle of the white room, is a white man, wearing a white suit and a white tie and white shoes, with white hair, sitting on a white chair. A sense of purpose, Important, Alone

Kinda except for the who I am on the outside
over a year ago DracoLuver said…
Dog - friendly, understanding, loyal
Large cats - quick, beautiful, elegant
Spaghetti - fufilling, spicy, flavorful
Ocean - bold, big, natural
Calm, patient, curious

The last one though is a bit wrong considering although I'm curious, I'm not at all calm or patient about death.
over a year ago wizardgleek said…
1. Cat-Clever, Stubborn, Quiet
2. Snake-Mysterious, Cunning, Deceptive
3. Dark Chocolate-Exoctic,passionite, rich.
4. Waterfall-Loud,free,rebelious
5. Intrigued, Calm, Confused.