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what does your moles tell about you



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I have ALOT OF MOLES. This is what they say about me:
-i will have wealth & success
-i'm artisitis with a sweet voice
-my childhood would be spent in poverty(it was)
-brave & courageous(hmmm)
-quarrels with others ( i do)
- i have ALOT of inner fear (VERY TRUE)
-i lie easily (kinda-white ones)
-i'll have early marriage -i'm 28 not married yet-so that's untrue
-beautiful husband :)
-my child will die????!!!!!!
-good earnings
-i follow customs(for the most part)
-i will make more money with few efforts :)
-I talk straight forward which makes ppl dislike me (true sometimes)
-i'm selfish and won't help anyone-NOT TRUE REALLY
posted over a year ago.
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posted over a year ago.