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The fans pick: Wendy
The fans pick: He Loved her for the first time but he didn't want to say it!
The fans pick: Yes i think that they would be sweety together♥♥
The fans pick: Peter Pan
The fans pick: All♥♥♥
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peterslostgirl said …
hey guys! I hope you're all still here and believing! :) Posted 8 days ago
AlwaysABeliever said …
my dog keeps barking and looking out of our windows, when we go to look at what he's barking at there's nobody there, that my parents can see at least. But when we leave, the dog starts barking again. i think (and hope) it could be peter or a lost boy Posted 19 days ago
peterslostgirl commented…
It probably is! That used to happen to me in one of my past houses. I wish you the best of luck x 8 days ago
25wendy01 said …
how can I go to neverland I really don't wanna grow up Posted 19 days ago
peterslostgirl commented…
You can sing, play an instrument, read stories (Peter loves hearing stories!), leave your window open, leave notes, leave presents and talk to him either in your head or through the window. He should come eventually and give you lots of signs along the way. 8 days ago