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ElisaFlemer said …
Hey!! I was searching for some new songs and I found an awesome one: I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG! And yup, it's about Peter :) Posted 16 days ago
sheetal-baijal commented…
Which songs u like ? 1 day ago
allthingsbae said …
Hey can I have some help please?!?!?!? I want to go to neverland and I have belived since I can remember how do I get to see him and talk to him I try calling but nothing ever really happens. :( so can anyone message me to help I don't want to be kidnapped by captin hook!!! Also my name is Kate please tell him to look for me!! I really need help my summer is ending very soon and I want to go before school gets in the way! Thanks for the help! Always belive in him. Posted 18 days ago
sheetal-baijal commented…
Try wishing upon a star . 5 days ago
allthingsbae said …
Hi, Im wanting to talk to Peter and go to Neverland because he has been knocking on my window at night plz give me advice!! Also if you have been tell me your experiences there!! Please help me! :) Posted 24 days ago
0YouCanFly0 commented…
Feel fee to message me for some advice, or if you want to hear about my adventures! :) 24 days ago
sheetal-baijal commented…
How was your adventures? 5 days ago
sheetal-baijal commented…
Maybe he wants to come in and bless u. 5 days ago