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Spikefan74 said …
There's a new book that just came out called, "Wendy Darling: A Novel" By Colleen Oakes. It's a retelling of Peter Pan from Wendy's Point of view. Both Peter and Wendy are 16 in the book. Just wanted to recommend it. It's really good! Posted 1 month ago
Peterwishes said …
How did everyone like the new Peter Pan movie, PAN?✨
I thought it was pretty good!!! I haven't seen Neverland really closely... I wonder if it looks just like that in the movie. Anyone body see anything from the movie that caught your eye for looking just the same in Neverland or Peter? Posted 1 month ago
OneMoreBeliever said …
Just making sure people know, there is a new lost boy thats been visiting children more often: His name is Oncan, he has red hair with a slight up-do. Do not mistake him for Peter, but do not be frightened either. Sometimes, it's hard to bring all the kids from around the world. Posted 3 months ago
IneedPeterPan commented…
Thank you so much! I'll know when and if he visits me xx and thank you for your positivity and strength! You make me believe so much more than I realised I ever could so thank you a lot x 2 months ago