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peterpan once upon a time
the most handsome version of hook
peter captured by hook
peter pan
Just keep believing
Don't Doubt
Don't grow up its a trap
Neverland joy
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Remembering Neverland
Watch Now: Wendy The Series
Peter Pan Song!
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The fans pick: Tinkerbell with Peter Pan
Tinkerbell with Peter Pan
Nana with Wendy, John & Michael
The fans pick: Wendy
The fans pick: Yes, I believe it would have definitely been interesting to see.
Yes, I believe it would have definitely been interesting to see.
The fans pick: Once upon a time Hook
Once upon a time Hook
2003 Hook
The fans pick: good
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1 fan has answered this question
1 fan has answered this question
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Peter Pan Wall

Petpanluv said …
Please help me find a wat to Nederland. My parents and friends are
all saying that I need to grow up and I cant I wont.
I dont want to. I need Peter to come and save me. I pray and do
everything I can but.... it hasnt worked... please please help me. Posted 4 months ago
wannaflyaway commented…
I would recommend messaging peterpan11 or neverneverland. 4 months ago
peterpanfan11 said …
Someone who has been visited by peter recently please message me asap!? So many people have unanswered questions as do i, come on, open up your fanpops and help everyone!!please:( Posted 5 months ago
Dreamergirl16 said …
Hey,Last night i've recentley had a dream where peter came to my house and visited me. He was "flirting" with me in some sorts if ways but other then that he made my dream feel real. It felt as if he was actually there with me last night and he was there to make me feel happy again. So,what i'm asking is what does it mean if you dream about peter pan visiting your house and hanging out with you,But not being able to go with him because of school? Posted 8 months ago
fairytales101 commented…
your crazy, school or no school if he asked me to go with him i sure as hell would! 5 months ago