Peter had set out to find slightly but after all the searching he decided to take a break he wondered in to the black castle and sat in the hand og the stone crocodial and thought to himself. he thought back to a time that never stopped popping into his mind so this time he wanted to listen to it. Love you love wendy wendy pan peter woke up yelling. To see slightly looking at him like he just came in to the castle. Slightly peter yelled i need you. Slightly flew up to peter but stayed a few feet away. Yes peter. peter looked affended i am not peter you must call me father and wendy mother. It took slightly a second to figure out what peter said. slightly hugged pater and thanked him. What a lovly sight said hook. Hook yelled peter what do you want. Hook replyed i want the boy he said.Peter let me go it's not worth a fight but peter held on to slightly peter flew faster than ever to get away from hook but only slightly made it out of the black castle.peter yelled tell the others then hook gagged him. Time is up for you wendy is leaving they are all leaving hook said. Wendy said she would stay with me peter tried to say. Hook knocked peter out and soon made it to the jollu roger.