Peter Pan (2003) Peter Pan, the sequel

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It was late. The warm, summer, night breeze whistled against the trees outside the Darling Estate. Starlet (Star) and her family had just moved into their new house a month before. It was huge, compared to what Starlet had lived in before. She liked it a lot, but it would take some getting used to. What she was most mesmerized with were two things. One of the things was her bedroom. It was on of the biggest rooms in the house. It was supposed to fit three children, but she was the only child in her family. There was one large window that Star kept open, for she loved the view of the stars above.
The other thing she adored about the house was the legend it held. It was told to have inhabited a family, the Darlings. They had three children; Michael, the youngest, John, the middle child, and Wendy, the eldest. In fact, she was to almost be a woman. One night, when the Mr. and Mrs. Darling were at a party, the children were visited by a boy. Wendy was the first to notice the boy. He told her his name was Peter Pan. Immediately, the two children became the best of friends. He told her about where he, and other boys, lived. It was a place of magic, adventure, and a place where time stopped and no one grew older. It was called Neverland. Wendy, Michael, John and Peter went to Neverland together. They had the best of adventures, but soon, it was time for the three Darling children to leave. Their parents were missing them, and the children realized that the more time they spent there, the more they forgot about home. After defeating Captain Hook, a villainous, cruel man, Peter Pan arranged for the Darling children to go back home. They did. Even though Peter Pan didn't want them to leave, especially Wendy, he knew that if he really loved her, he would let her go.
Peter visited the Darling Estate again to take the three Darling children on another adventure in Neverland, but to his surprise, when he got there, it was only Wendy he found. She wasn't that 13 year old girl he had met. She was in her mid 40s, with a child of her own. She had grown up. Her girl's name was Jane. It turned out that Peter took Jane with him to Neverland. They had their own adventures, but, just like the last time, she had to return back home. Wendy was missing her. Even though it pained Peter to let another girl he loved go, he knew that if he really loved Jane, he would let her move on. So he did.
Star loved that story. It was enchanting in every way. She loved the characters Tinker Bell, Wendy, Smee, Captain Hook, the Lost Boys, and especially Peter Pan. She found it incredible that she was sleeping in the spot where Wendy had supposedly slept many years ago. She found it magical that she was looking out the same window a strange boy had supposedly flown through and whisked a girl and her two brothers away to a lovely world where dreams came true.
Star looked up at the ceiling, picturing Neverland, with its crystal clear waters, tropical rain forests, and puffy white clouds. She soon fell asleep, but was awakened later on in the night by a brilliant light and the curious sound of tiny bells.
(to be continued

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