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Peter Pan Question

What do I do to get Peter pan to come to my house and visit me?

Ok well I was wondering how to get Peter pan to come to my house and visit me I want to go to neverland but I heard he wasn't taking any more people to neverland so it ok if he doesnt take me but I have tried like everything!!!! And I just turned 13 on Wednesday and he was my wish!!! And I say, I do believe in faries I do i do!!!! Like everyday multiple times and sometimes I tell stories but I don't have any siblings so I feel like I'm talking to the air...... But I want to meet him soooooooo badly and I pray like every night that he will visit me but he hasn't so I need help!!!!! I also put flowers out for him but they wilted ..... :(
 peterpansaveme posted over a year ago
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Peter Pan Answers

Idobelieve said:
I dont have any younger siblings either so it does feel like i am talking to the air lol. I say i do believe in fairies i do i do everyday as well. Keep believing he will come to u!
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posted over a year ago 
He came to me last night. and I don't find this funny, or as a joke! He's 13 years old. Thats how he looks atleast. He has Dirty blond hair with a tint of auburn. I kept waking up to tapping on my window. I didn't think it was anything because he hadn't come in a while. I just stayed asleep and then my window opened. It was him. I hate when people say he dosn't take people to neverland anymore. He does! I tell stories all the time. My little brother also believes. we watch Peterpan all the time. We sword fight alot to. I remember the night my mom told me he wasn't real. I Cried my eyes out. But I never believed in her.He will come if u believe. When people say he's not real they dont believe so he doesn't bother with them. You will know when he comes. If you want to talk just send me a message on here. U can ask me any Peterpan questions. I promise u he's real. Dont let non believers bring you down. I mean I know he came from a book but some books are written a little from real life.
peterpan11 posted over a year ago
Ok thx! Wow ur so lucky! Since i am new to fanpop how do i message u?
Idobelieve posted over a year ago
I love Peterpan, but how do i get him to come?
iluvpeterpan11 posted 11 months ago
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