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Peter Pan Question

What do I do to get Peter pan to come to my house and visit me?

Ok well I was wondering how to get Peter pan to come to my house and visit me I want to go to neverland but I heard he wasn't taking any more people to neverland so it ok if he doesnt take me but I have tried like everything!!!! And I just turned 13 on Wednesday and he was my wish!!! And I say, I do believe in faries I do i do!!!! Like everyday multiple times and sometimes I tell stories but I don't have any siblings so I feel like I'm talking to the air...... But I want to meet him soooooooo badly and I pray like every night that he will visit me but he hasn't so I need help!!!!! I also put flowers out for him but they wilted ..... :(
 peterpansaveme posted over a year ago
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Peter Pan Answers

Idobelieve said:
I dont have any younger siblings either so it does feel like i am talking to the air lol. I say i do believe in fairies i do i do everyday as well. Keep believing he will come to u!
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posted over a year ago 
He came to me last night. and I don't find this funny, or as a joke! He's 13 years old. Thats how he looks atleast. He has Dirty blond hair with a tint of auburn. I kept waking up to tapping on my window. I didn't think it was anything because he hadn't come in a while. I just stayed asleep and then my window opened. It was him. I hate when people say he dosn't take people to neverland anymore. He does! I tell stories all the time. My little brother also believes. we watch Peterpan all the time. We sword fight alot to. I remember the night my mom told me he wasn't real. I Cried my eyes out. But I never believed in her.He will come if u believe. When people say he's not real they dont believe so he doesn't bother with them. You will know when he comes. If you want to talk just send me a message on here. U can ask me any Peterpan questions. I promise u he's real. Dont let non believers bring you down. I mean I know he came from a book but some books are written a little from real life.
peterpan11 posted over a year ago
Ok thx! Wow ur so lucky! Since i am new to fanpop how do i message u?
Idobelieve posted over a year ago
deannamae11 posted 2 months ago
deannamae11 said:
I understand everything u are going through I to am in love and obsessed with Peter Pan but If u have tryed everything I don't think u have because this is how I am getting closer to seeing Peter Pan myself all u have to do is have faith trust and pixie dust once u have that wish upon a star preferably 2nd to the right than after that all u can do is hope I'm not 100percent positive this will work but
All u can do is keep on believing and well your at it get everyone u know to believe
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posted 2 months ago 
I believe in everything God and fairies.
sheetal-baijal posted 2 months ago
kcana02 said:
Believe in him and believe in yourself.......
Thats all i can say
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posted 10 months ago 
PeterPanishere posted 3 months ago
I believe in Peter Pan.but how are you saying that when neverland has no iPads or electronics?
wdarling posted 2 days ago
neverland6688 said:
Look don't give up hope. They say that fairies are the stars and that the brightest one was never land well I looked out at my sky for about 10 minutes there was no stars so I made up a story and all of a sudden all the stars turned up and I didn't know what to do but I don't want to visit never land I want to live there
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posted 9 months ago 
Alpha1418 said:
He only comes when someone needs him the most. He can't take everyone. But if the time ever happens where you need him, and his in your last string of hope, I would believe if I were you.
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posted 6 months ago 
Perter said:
I do believe in Peter Pan, but I have never seen him. Never had a conversation. But I still believe in him. I am pretty young so I just have to be patent. Even if he never comes to my window in the night to take me away from my problems. When I need him most... I will always believe in Peter Pan.
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posted 5 months ago 
Puffy_Cucumber said:
You really dont want don't want Peter Pan to come to your window because have you heard the real story what had happened to Peter.If you have not then you should go and look it up.His name means something else.I do love Peter Pan.I mean don't get me wrong.But in reality he is just trying to look for victims to rape and kill.He killed the Lost Boys because they disobeyed.They disobeyed him by growing up.Since he was scared of growing he killed them.
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posted 4 months ago 
Anjelika_159 said:
if we know, we invite him to our home honey)

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posted 1 month ago 
I like your positive attitude.
pigeondiva2053 posted 1 month ago
PeterPanPlzCome said:
Peter is defiently real. I pray on the star each night and try to leave the window open,Peter plz leave your shadow i can attach it with nedle and thread and then maybe you can take me to neverland which is all i have ever wanted

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posted 18 days ago 
What did he look like?
chocolate2002 posted 10 days ago
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