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peterpansbff posted on Jan 23, 2012 at 10:51PM
Hey everyone!
Up for some roleplay? You can be a pixie, sparrow man, Indian, mermaid, pirate, visitor from Earth, or lost boy(or girl, if you absolutely must). I'll add ya to the list!!XD

Peck the Lost Boy (Peter's deputy)-peterpansbff
Proserpina the mermaid princess-Brooklyn_Helena
Peter Pan and Kelsy, from Earth-CREDDIECHANNY
Jinx the pixie-dumy

My character is Peck.

Name: Peck
Is: lost boy
Position: deputy leader of the lost boys (second to Peter)
Fears: anything pointy (i.e. swords and such) and not being able to protect his fellow lost mates and letting Peter down.
Loves: watching the mermaids and pranking pirates
Hates: pestering pixies
Personality: silly, cheery, gullible, light-hearted, carefree, and mischevious
Age: 14
Past: "Don't know, don't care." He really does know, because he asked the mermaids, but doesn't wish to share it.
Appearence: longish, unruly, curly black hair and forget-me-not blue eyes, like Captain Hook. He's slightly pale and has freckles.
Apparel: faded blue t-shirt and ripped blue jeans (these are modern day lost boys). He wears a red captain's coat on top and wears a brown fedora with a red feather.

Add your characters and roleplay! XD
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