It was just another extraordinary day when it all happened...
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Phineas's POV
I was watching tv and Ferb was playing with the computer Suddenly an emergency broadcast appeared on the tv and I said "hey dude check this out!" then he came and took a seat. A guy who was wearing a lab coat with a funny voice said "zombies are coming my turn-human-into-a-zombie-inator was a mistake I can't control them anymore! save yourself!" and then he went offline. I looked at Ferb and said "hey Ferb I know what we're gonna do today!" And then he nodded.
38 minutes later we finished the project. And it looked awesome! After that I heard a familiar voice who said "hey Phineas! Watcha doing?" I turned around to see my all of my friends standing behind me.
I said "Hey guys! Welcome to the fort PnF it stands for Phineas and Ferb".
Buford said "what happened a zombie outbreak or something?".
I said "Yes. Yes it is" then he gave me a confused look.
Then I said "We heard it on the...

Suddenly the backyard door burst opens and a female who was covered in blood charged at me...
Ferb's POV
The woman behind the door was clearly a zombie so I yelled "Run!" Actually Phineas does all the talking but something told me that it was my turn. We all ran to the door. When I was inside I looked back, Buford was holding Baljeet and Isabella was right behind them. The last one who started running was Phineas (she) was so close to him.

And just before he was inside...

Phineas's POV
And just before I was inside something pulled me from my shirt. I didn't even wanted to look back...
I tried and I tried but she was too strong!
Isabella was pulling me from my hands. She almost lost it if it hasn't been for Ferb. Ferb punched that thing in the face then she released me.
And then he accidentally tripped over his own foot… Falling on the smooth carpet, crashing into Isabella, when he was falling he accidentally pulled her until she ended up beneath his body

Their face was so close to each other

After a few second Phineas pulled away and helped her to get up.
Phineas was turning red, everybody saw what happened even Perry. After an awkward silence he said "I..Isabella are you okey? Did I hurt you?" She said "no! I'm fine!" But inside she was screaming in happiness and joy.
The virus was spreading fast 2 weeks later we've found 43 survivors but about 5 billion people were already infected.
Making an antidote was hard.
Phineas's POV
Today was me and Ferb's turn to camp cause it was our turn. I was bored so I went inside to get my mp3 player. It was under my bed and it wasn't hard to find.
When I came outside Ferb was gone so I called him a few times but stopped calling when somebody said "Shut up already!". I looked around but I didn't find anything. When I looked at my GPS Ferb was getting farther and farther so I tried the radio, I said "Ferb are you there? where are you going?" After a few seconds I heard a weak voice who said "help..."
I pushed a red button that was on my shoulder...
Alert siren started ringing and our survivors came outside with their guns reloaded and night-visions on. "what is it? Are you okey?" said Isabella with a worried tone."I'm fine but Ferb is missing! We gotta go after him now!" said Phineas. "No its too risky! You know they are hard to hunt at night!" said Buford. "We Have to wait until tomorrow" Isabella added. "I will camp with you tonight and the rest of you go to sleep" she said. I was gonna argue with Buford but with Isabella never in my life!
After they went inside me and Isabella talked about each other, interest, even love, when we were sitting next to each other she rested her head on my shoulder. Even if it does hurts a little and my arm is feeling numb it was a great way to comfort her in situation like this and she looks so peaceful when she sleeps...
In the morning me Isabella Buford Baljeet and 2 other guys decided to go save Ferb. I said "Baljeet! Are you sure you wanna go with us? It's much safe here!" Then he said "of course it's fine! I have been studying these creatures for months now!" So I said "suit yourself!"
As we opened the front door the smell of human flesh covered my nose. We walked for 3 hours then we encountered our first zombie. First shot was made by Buford, after that one falls to the ground Buford yelled "Yes. Take that!" His screaming caused a few more to come so we took them 1 by 1

Night-1 [11pm]
We were about to pass out so I took out a little box from my pocket and it turned into a portable tent. It had plenty of room for us until Buford comes in LOL! we slept well and I found myself snuggled by Isabella in the morning. It feels so nice when she do that.
When we were sleeping something scratched the tent. So I got up and pointed my gun toward the shadow of a man and said "hey you! say something!" then it screamed awfully then just leaved. Suddenly a horde of zombies came out of nowhere and started ripping our tent. I screamed "everybody get out" after a few second they all woke up. And Buford started shooting. Suddenly a hand comes from behind and tried to grab me but Isabella pushed me away and it grabbed her hand and started pulling. As she scream for help I tried my best to get her free but it started pulling harder and taked her away...
After she was gone I was shocked. "should have been me! Should have been me! SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME!" I yelled out. My anger limit was maxed out. After the horde was dead we started moving much faster than before...
Ferb and Isabella were at the same place so if we get there we can save both of them. The only problem was they were far from us.
Night-2 [11.07㏘]
I didn't wanted to sleep, I can't sleep not without her. I miss her soft hand on my chest. I'm in love with her and I... I can feel it. The shining stars were reminding me of her sapphire eyes...
[3 days later]
We finally reached our first goal. "Ferb and Isabella are in that building" said Baljeet, pointing at a big hospital that was in front of them. Baljeet said "I think we need backup" then took his walkie-talkie from his jacket pocket and said "alpha team has reached the checkpoint we need backup over!" then Gretchen said "roger that alpha team! backup will arrive there soon!". When we were waiting we heard Isabella scream so I taked Baljeet's gun and sprinted to the front door. I heard Buford saying "are you out of your mind soldier!" but I ignored it. I slowly opened the front door and walked inside quietly. The building's floor was covered in blood and as I walked deeper into hallway I found many skeletons and someone who was mauled almost beyond recognition. His face was worse one eye was completely gone and there was a large slash wound going through the empty socket. I tried not to imagine myself in his shoes but the picture was still in my head. I walked for 6 or 7 minutes and suddenly someone started crying... I can tell it was a girl but I can't tell who it was...
The sound was coming from a dark corner so when I pointed my flashlight at her she got up and sprinted at me with top speed I thought it was an ordinary girl but she... she was missing her one eye. I started shooting at her but she was still running toward me. I turned around and started running she was faster than me way faster than me... I tripped over someting and fell on the ground, all I could think of was Isabella don't know why but I just did. she catch up to me then she raised her claws, preparing to finish me so I closed my eyes. Then I heard a few gunshots when I opened my eyes she was already dead and was on the ground I looked back to see Buford, Baljeet and 2 other guys.
Isabella screamed for help again but this time it was much louder probably because she was near. We were all walking when a weird groaning started to sound. It was something that was in the dark only thing I can see was 2 glowing eyes so just walked around it. As we opened a double door that was in front us we found Isabella and Ferb. They were kinda glued to the wall and we released them with our knifes. I hugged Isabella for so long, after I released her she was kinda blushing and I swear mine was turning red as well. I gave Ferb a Lasergun with extended magazine and we all headed to the roof...
The building had 15 floors and when we were at 14th floor the ground started shaking and a big creature who had 2 giant arms came out from nowhere. I yelled "everybody to the roof Ferb and I will handle this". Buford and Baljeet and the other 2 went upstairs. Isabella said "b.b....but" and glanced at me for a sec, walked up to me and kissed me, she quickly pulled away went after them.
Now I feel like that I'm reloaded, full of energy and ready to do anything...
Ferb was a good gunner, he shooted at him or whatever it was so many times and didn't even missed a shot. It wasn't giving up so we started running to upstairs. When we were at the 15th floor that thing grabbed a table and throwed it at me. It slammed my back and sent my flying through the air.
After regaining my breath I started shooting at that giant bulk of muscle. It caught up to me and sent a massive fist into my chest...
The ground was shaking when he punched me. Then I quickly got up and started running trying to buy some time pain shot up my leg as I run. When I was running I noticed something white at my left. When I looked at it it was a gas tank so I throwed it to the thing, Ferb shot it and bang! The floor collapsed and the thing falled. Ferb walked up to me and said "Dude U okey? that was a real hardcore!" I just nodded. Then we went to the roof and leaved that hell for good.
On the way home I asked Isabella why she kissed me
Her answer was "because I thought that I would never have a another chance to do it again so that is why I..." then I said "well lucky for you. You have another chance to do it right now" and then we kissed again.

I heard a loud crash and some beeping... after a second I noticed that our helicopter was falling. And then everything went blurry. I waked up at 5㏘ and Isabella was just a few feet away from me..When I got up I was dizzy or was it 2 Isabella over there... nah I was dizzy!

"C'mon Isabella wake up" said Phineas, shaking her body to wake her up and putting his head on her chest to check if she is alive. "What are you doing?" said Isabella with a confused look. "........nothing!" said Phineas with a blush. "okkeey!... Where are we?" said Isabella "I don't know but it looks like a small town" said Phineas. "check your GPS" said Isabella while examining the place. "It's busted" said Phineas while trying to get it to work.
"Okey then lets search the place and see what we can find!" said Isabella, getting up. "Good thing we still got our pistols" said Phineas with a smile. "Yeah lets go!" said Isabella, starting to walk.
Phineas's POV
We searched a lot buildings and we founded a map and some zombies. So we decided to head home. It was dark outside but we can't stay here so we walked...
Few minutes later I started hearing footsteps. I said "They're coming" but Isabella said "no! they're here!"
Phineas and Isabella fighting zombies!
"Isabella this is not the best time to tell you but..." said Phineas. "What is it?" said Isabella while shooting a zombie. "Will you.... " said Phineas with an unsure tone. "Wait a second! Is that Ferb?" said Isabella while pointing at a green haired guy.
He was shooting at zombies and his gun looked like the one I gave Ferb hours ago. It was him... He killed all of those thing and told us to follow him.
"where are we going?" said Phineas. "to that car" said Ferb while pointing his gun toward a car that was in front of them. Somewhere, thunder rumbled. The sky was a warm, purple color; the storm clouds were ablaze from the city's scattered fires and faded street lamps. The first few droplets of rain tapped on the rooftops high above, and he could feel it in his hair and on his hands and trickling down the back of his neck. "It's raining we better hurry" said Phineas. Isabella nodded and started walking faster. After we were all in the car Ferb got the engine singing and we headed home for real this time... "Isabella will you be my girlfriend?" said Phineas on the way home. "Of course silly" and a kiss was returned...
The end
no zombies were harmed in making this story but I can't say the same to me though!

Drawing by DokiFanArt on deviantART.
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