Isabella woke up at 8:00am to start working on her daily project. She put on her usual outfit and said, " Hey. Where's Pinky?" SHe shrugged and ran downstairs to eat her morning breakfast. She at some eggs and said," Hmmmm... I wonder... *sigh* I wish chicks never got killed by getting taken away from their mothers. I want to have my own chicks. That's it! Mom! I know what I'm going to do today!"She ran outside grabbed her tools and started on her project.
Phineas' alarm clock rang and he said," Ferb! We gotta go see Isabella. I can hear the... WAIT! Where is he sound?Come on! Lets get to her house." He ran downstairs and his parents said," Breakfast, honey?" " NO thanks, mom! In a hurry!"
He ran outside and headed toward Isabella's house.
"Darn it!" "Hey Isabella Whatcha Doin?" Isabella turned around to see Phineas in his Pajamas. "Ummmm.... PJS?" Phineas looked down and turned red. "Whoops! Be right back." Phineas walked out. " Hmmm.... something has always been weird about him.
Phineas was walking out and slapping his forehead saying," STUPID PHINEAS! STUPID PHINEAS!" He walked inside his house and Ferb saw him slapping his head and followed him upstairs. Phineas was in his room and saw Ferb staring at him. Ferb was looking at him confused. Phineas gestured to his clothes." Pajamas! I totally embarresed myself!" Ferb said," A wise man once said STOP BEING IN SUCH A HURRY JUST TO SEE YOUR LOVE" Phineas said in sarcasm," Wow... thats really deep."
Isabella is sitting down wondering why Phineas is acting so wierd and why he has not come back yet so she goes to his house. She walked across the street and knocked on Phineas' door. Phineas opened the door and said," Isabella? What are you doing here?" " I was wondering why you hadn't come back yet." "Oh... I uh..." Phineas scratched his ear. " Phineas... youre lying." " No.... i dont know what to say." " Ugh... well come back over. I need help." Isabella walked back to her house with Phineas by her side." Um... Phineas?" Phineas didnt answer." PHINEAS!" Phineas snapped out of his daydream and said," Huh? What?" " Where's Ferb?" " Oh..." Phineas sighed. " He didnt want to come." " Oh.. thats too bad. Cause today I am gonna have my own chicks." " Are you going to a farm?" " No! I am making something that lets the chicks hatch out of their eggs even after they get taken away from their mother." "oh... sounds cool. What can I do to help?" " You can find me some eggs. My mom wont let me use ours. What a shame." "Oh... well I'm sure my parents won't mind if I take some of our eggs." " Sure.. that will work perfect! Thanks!." Phineas ran across the street.
"MOM!DAD!I NEED EGGS!" " Phineas? Why?" " Isabella...chicks...impress." Phineas loses breath. "Ok...ok. Say it more slowly." "Isabella needs eggs so she can have some chicks because we are building something where even eggs that already have dead chicks in them can have chicks live and hatch and I need to impress her by getting things she needs." "What imagination." Phineas' mom took some eggs out. " Here you go." Phineas grabbed the eggs and started running out the door." PHINEAS!" Phineas turned around."What?" " If you are trying to impress her then dont run. You wont be able to speak when you get back to her." Phineas smiled and walked out the door but came back and asked," Ferb? Are you sure you dont wanna come?" Ferb shaked his head no. "ok." Phineas walked out. Ferb smiled and said," Young Love. You never know where it takes you."
Isabella was waiting at her house and Phineas came in. " Here Isabella. I got the eggs. Wanna start building?" Isabella took the eggs. "sure." She grabbed her tools and started working on he project. When she was done, she put the egg on the machine. She then pressed a button and a laser shot the eggs. Phineas and Isabella stared at the eggs. The eggs started hatching. Isabella said to Phineas," Back up. We might scare them" They backed up and the eggs hatched. "awwww... they are so cute." isabella said. Isabella picked one up and Phineas smiled. ' She bonds with nature so well.' He thought. "want to hold one? Phineas?" "Huh? What?" "I asked if you wanted to hold one." "Oh... sure." Phineas grabbed a chick and looked at it. " You can have it if you want."
"what? no! I can't take one of your chicks!" "It's ok. I have 3 more. I was only planning to keep one myself and let my friends have others. I was also going to use one to be the Fireside Girls Pet. That leaves one for another friend if I give you one." "ok." "so.... what are you gonna name him?" "I am gonna name him..... Bubba!" "Cool!I am naming mine Josie. Mine is a girl." "Wanna come over?" "Sure! After I bring this chick over to the Fireside Girl Lodge." "Ok. Meet you there." "K." Phineas walked home. Isabella smiled, got on her bike, put the chick in her bike basket, and rode to the Fireside Girl Lodge.
Phineas was home and he had walked upstairs and put the chick in a cage. He was on his bed writing in his notebook about the day he had had. He had wrote on the bottom:

Phineas loves Isabella

"Phineas! Isabella is here! She's coming up to your room!" "Ok MOM!" He then heard a knock on his door. He walked over to it and opened it. "Hey Isabella!" "Hey Phineas." She walked in and sat on his bed. Phineas said, "I need to go to the bathroom. Will you wait for me here?" "Sure." Isabella was waiting in Phineas' room and saw his notebook laying on his bed next to her. She picked it up and looked on the front. It said:

Belongs To Phineas Flynn

She opened the book to where Phineas had stuck his pen. She started reading what he had wrote. It said:

Dear Journal,

Today was a great day. I went over to Isabella's house today and she was building something to make chick's grow out of eggs even after they die. It was wonderful. She let me have my own and I named it Bubba. She named hers Josie. She is also bringing a chick to the Fireside Girl Lodge as I write this down. She now has one chick left to give to another friend. Wow. She is so generous. I am lucky to have such a great friend like her.

Signed, Phineas

"awww. He is so sweet sometimes." She looked at the bottom of the page and saw where it said Phineas loves Isabella. Her mouth went wide open and she said," What?" She heard the bathroom door open and she quickly put the pen back where it was and sat the book back on the bed. Phineas walked in and said,"Whatcha doin?" Isabella looked at him and just blurted out," Nothing!" He looked at her confused. She got up and said," I gotta go." He said," Ok. Bye." She then ran out all the way to her house. She got online and went to (does not exist) and signed in.

PinkRocks logged in

OrangeStripes logged in

"Oh no. Phineas."

OrangeStripes: Hey Isabella. Whats wrong?
PinkRocks: Ummmm...
OrangeStripes:Please tell me. You can tell me anything
PinkRocks:I'd rather tell you in person.
OrangeStripes:Ok. Meet me in the park by the fountain.

PinkRocks logged out
OrangeStripes logged out

Isabella took a deep breath and went outside. She got on her bike and rode to the park. When she got there, Phineas was sitting on the bench by the fountain. Isabella got off her bike and went over to him. Phineas patted next to him motioning her to sit down. She sat there. He said,"What did you want to tell me?" Isabella started sweating and Phineas said," Do you need some water?" She nodded her head and Phineas got up and went to the vending machine. Isabella was sweating really hard. 'What am I going to do?' She thought. 'Do I like him? No! That's not possible! He's just my friend... but he does help me a lot. Shake it off Izzy! Shake it off! He's your best friend! You don't like him! Or do you... NO! Man! I really need that water." Phineas came over and handed her the water. She grabbed it and started drinking really hard. "Woah woah! Easy on the water!" Isabella put down the water and looked him in the eye. "I read your journal. I saw everything." Phineas' eyes went wide. "You what? So... you saw the..." Isabella nodded. Phineas started sweating really hard and grabbed Isabella's water and started drinking it. "Woah! Stop that! Calm down!" Phineas put the water down, stood up, and started pacing. 'Oh no... she knows I love her. This is awful. It could ruin our friendship. Oh dear God please help me.' Isabella stood up grabbed Phineas on the shoulders and said,"Woah! Calm down!" Phineas breathed slowly and sit down on the bench. Isabella said,"Finally." Phineas then said something that shocked her," Do you feel the same way?" Isabella looked at him and took deep breaths. "I... dont really know. I.... I'll have to think about it." Phineas said,"Ok. I will give you time to think." Phineas then got on his bike and rode off. Isabella watched him go and sighed,"I wish I knew." She got on her bike and rode home in deep thoughts.
That night Phineas and Isabella were both having trouble sleeping. Phineas was thinking,'What if she doesnt like me back? This could change everything. I could never look at her the same way again.' Phineas turned on his other side. 'I hope she does.'
Isabella was tossing and turning and finally she got up and went downstairs to get some water. As she was pouring it in her glass she began to wonder. 'Do I like him? I mean he is really nice, funny, helpful, ..... cute. The only thing bad about him is his nerves. Hmmmm' She took a sip out of her water and began to think about all the fun they had had that summer. He helped her with everything. He was always there for her no matter what. She then made up her mind,'I do love Phineas Flynn.' She smiled and went back upstairs. She finally got to sleep and dreamed of Phineas and what would happen when she got up.
Phineas woke up at 6:00 am to hear an alarm coming from his computer. It said New Message.
He opened it up and it said,

Dear Phineas,
I have made up my mind. Meet me in your backyard at 8:00 am. Be sure not to wake anyone up.

Phineas was really nervous but he went back to sleep and set his alarm clock to 7:45. When he woke up, he set the alarm clock off immediately to make sure that Ferb didn't wake up.He put on his orange-striped shirt and shorts and quietly walked outside. He sat under his tree and waited for Isabella to come.
Isabella put on her white t-shirt on and then her pink no sleeve dress over it. She put on her white socks and then ran downstairs but quitely enough where she wouldn't wake up her mom. She put on her pink shoes. Then she reached on the top of the coat rack and grabbed her pink bow. She walked out the door while fixing her bow. She then knocked on Phineas' gate and walked in. Phineas was sitting under his tree. Isabella walked over and sit down next to him.It was awkwardly silence for a few minutes but then Phineas broke the silence and said "so... whats your answer.?" Phineas held his breath and waited for her respond. Isabella whispered very low but enough where he could here," yes." Phineas looked at her. Isabella looked at him and somewhere along the way they ended up kissing right under Phineas' tree. After a while, they stopped and smiled. Isabella hugged Phineas and Phineas hugged her back. They were both thinking the very same thing,' Best Day Ever.'