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does anyone know how old you have to be in the uk to have your tragus pierced?

 darkfairy97 posted over a year ago
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emm-tm said:
im pretty sure it's 16. all body piercings (except genital) can be done 16+ with ID. If younger, you need parental consent and proof.
I dont live in the UK so i'm not sure if the 'rules' are the same. pretty sure though.
have fun, stay metal.
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posted over a year ago 
ya im from ireland...its probably the same as here if someone 18+ signs for u they'll do it...
lovelyass posted over a year ago
jodieebabee said:
wrong! my friend had it done when shes was thirteen u can ave it whenevaa wiv parent signature
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posted over a year ago 
Dark-Blood said:
most places have a sign up most r 18 if ur not 18 or do not have parents permission they wont serve u
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posted 10 months ago 
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