THere I was wandering throught the woods when i heard a voice. "A trainer?" I thought. The voice was getting louder yelling,creeping out of the bushes I saw a boy with blonde Hair and blue eyes with something in his hands, he also had a strange looking headband.My cheeks sparked electricity cautiously. "Hello" He said loudly."Sauske" he asked. "Sauske ? Who's Sauske" I wondered moving out of sight. Unfortunatelty it made the bush rustle. "Pervy Sage if your spying you gonna regret-" he stopped. My cheeks were sparking very catiously. The boy looked around "Pervy Sage what kind of name was that " I thought.

Couple Minutes LAter

The boy began picking up his stuff and putting it in his pack. That's when I noticed they were knives.The bush rustled as I ran out "ok" he said looking confused. He turned around and looked at me thenyelled in suprise. "Oh you're so cute" he yelled grabbing my right cheek. "Let go !!! " I yelled using thunderbolt. My cheek was sore I hated when people did that. "Wow" said the boy yanking me up and carrying me off.

Back At The Village

"Hey Shikamaru looka at this" sais the boy holding me in the air yeah definitly not a trainer iI thought. "Looks like a drag what is it ?' Shikamaru answered. Drag huh I'll give you a drag I thought. "um i think it a dog" the boy said. "That's no dog Naruto" said another boy.NAruto huh this kid is brainless I dont look like a dog. "What makes you say youd know Kiba" said Naruto. What am I a debate object ? Kiba looked at NAruto as if he just said the most absurd thing. "Because I know dogs" said Kiba. "says you" NAruto answered. Kiba was getting irritated "my family is related to dogs!!"" Well than what is it? NAruto said stubbornly. It !! Is that what he just called me ? Im a he not a it !!! "this issuch a drag who even cares" said Shikamaru. Does this guy say that abut everything ? I thought He looks like some sort of mouse said Kiba.At least someone here has a brain ! I thought. My cheeks realeased angry sparks of electricity. "What's your name ?' Kiba asked. "Pikachu" I answered. When were they going to let me go ? " Well" NAruto said. "Well What /' Kiba asked confused. "CAn i keep him ?' Naruto asked. "Piakchu -" Kiba started."That's it I've had it !!!!" I yelled using my best thunderbolt to get free. As soon as he lost his grip I ran as fast as i could