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Review by smg42 posted 10 months ago
fan of it?
By Andrew P Street
The Guardian.com

ARIA’s results of the most successful albums of 2013 are in and the biggest selling record of the year is Pink’s sixth album, The Truth About Love. Again.

It’s not a huge surprise in itself – after all, it comes in a year she also had an incredibly successful Australian tour – but what’s unprecedented is that it was Australia's biggest selling album of 2012 as well.

No album has ever previously been the top seller for two different years. In fact, looking at the figures it’s hard to fathom how any Australian doesn’t have at least a couple of copies of The Truth About Love in their house.

It was released in September 2012 and spent the whole of 2013 in the top 40. For 35 of those 10 weeks, it was in the top ten. It wasn’t a fluke, either. Pink has had either the #1 or #2 biggest selling album in Australia for six of the last seven years.

Sure, The Truth About Love was a successful record generally. It was the sixth biggest album on the planet in 2012 (beaten only by Adele’s 21, Taylor Swift’s Red, One Direction’s Up All Night and Take Me...
News by smg42 posted 11 months ago
fan of it?
By James Montgomery
Rolling Stone Magazine

Carey Hart is a motocross multihyphenate, a breakout rider turned TV star, tattoo impresario and team owner. He's also one half of a high-profile celebrity couple, having married Pink in 2006, and with the birth of their first daughter in 2011, he added another title to his resume: bad-ass dad.

These days, Hart's retired from competitive riding, but RCH Racing, his Fox Head sponsored team, is in the hunt for a title in the Monster Energy AMA Supercross series. And with the tour set to take over MetLife Stadium in New Jersey this weekend, he sat down with Rolling Stone to talk about fatherhood, going fast, and life with the baddest pop star on the planet.

We don't do a lot of dirt-track racing in New York City ... can you explain supercross to us?
It's pretty straightforward. The great thing about supercross is that, you don't have to know anything other than it's loud, it's aggressive and the fastest guy wins. It's really in-your-face, there's tons of pyro, and the 'monster-truck guy' voice is announcing everybody as they come out.
News by smg42 posted 11 months ago
fan of it?
American artist Pink has thrown her support behind Sydney community group Youth Off The Streets after being touched by the group during her Australian tour.

The acclaimed performer recently shot a commercial for Father Chris Riley’s organisation and has lent her song The Great Escape to a new campaign after being meeting with troubled youths during successive tours.

The singer appears in a new 30-second TV ad pleading for support for Australian youth.

“When I was on the Fun-house Tour back in 2009 I read a story in the Sunday papers about Youth Off The Streets,” Pink said.

“I totally related to it because I could have been one of them.
“I first met some of these kids on that tour and when I came back last year I met more of them at my Sydney concerts. It made me want to further support this great organisation and give these kids a fighting chance.” Pink has met repeatedly with the homeless during her visits to Australia.